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In this review:
I brought together a large number of Milwaukee mag drill machines and reviewed to get the most efficient.
I drilled down my result for the most budget-friendly.
Also, I drilled down a bit more to get the ones with zero or little bad sides.
I got the 4 best which make up this review.

So before we start, here is a quick summary of our result


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Weight: 72 lbs26.5 lbs70lbs26.5lbs
Voltage: 120 VAC120VAC120VAC120 VAC
Feedback: Yes
Capacity: 1-1/4″
1/2 in1/2 in2 inch
Base: Yes
Taper: No. 3MTWeldon¾"1/2 inch
Motor: 12.5
250 – 500 RPM
450 RPM350 RPM450 RPM
Speed: YES

Why Milwaukee?

Milwaukee is one of the leading brands in drill industry, and she is respected internationally for her innovative products, great quality with reputable and distinguished history. You can’t go wrong with any of the power tools produced by Milwaukee, and its mag drill is one to consider if you are to bore holes into any material irrespective of the toughness.

Milwaukee mag drill is a key element of any building project as it is strong and rugged to handle anything thrown at it. The slogan which says “Nothing but heavy duty” perfectly captured the drilling commitment to reliability and durability.

The Milwaukee mag drill is designed to improve your productivity while also considering the physical impact and the condition of the drilling machine. The goal of Milwaukee is to make available quality mag drill to the heavy duty need of professionals.

How do you feel like a professional when your counterpart is making headways, completing huge workload of drilling holes into strong and rugged materials because they are utilizing the right and perfect tool? This is exactly what Milwaukee mag drill is aimed at doing. Milwaukee is well known for the production of ultimate power tool that makes your work neat and increases your accuracy when working.

The magnetic drill is a powerful drill that can be used to bore holes into material such as metals and concrete which shows how rugged and durable the drills are. Milwaukee is not just the leading brand in the production of mag drill, but they are special and different in such that you will be assured of the fact that you get your product made from one of the leading brands in the world.
All over the world, you can’t overlook the achievements, and the name Milwaukee has to herself because when it comes to producing quality, durable, reliable, strong, and long-lasting drill, you can all find this in their product.

Milwaukee produces different power tools which serve different purposes, but my focus in this article is the powerful magnetic drills produced to meet the needs of both professionals and DIYers.



1. Milwaukee 4208-1 12.5 Amp Electromagnetic Drill Press with 1-1/4-Inch Motor and No. 3 Morse Taper


Without a doubt, there is no job or drilling project that is too large for Milwaukee 4208-1 12.5 Amp Electromagnetic Drill Press. This drilling machine makes the lists of the best mag drill for sale you will find online and in the market. The Milwaukee mag drill has 4203 adjustable position, a variable speed base and 4277 -1 1¼-in drill motor.

With the 12.5 AMP motor, it is built to handle the toughest drilling projects with the help of the 1-¼” threaded hole capacity. The drill runs on two speed motor of about 250 to 500 RPM, produces up to about 1600 pounds of drill point pressure via the 1-inch steel plate.

The drilling machine has a feedback speed control system that gives users the platform to maintain a certain speed during operation. This particular drilling machine has 3 Morse taper chuck which helps you to easily and quickly change the bit while eliminating slippage and breakage.

This industrial electromagnetic drill can be used anywhere even in tight places with all required to get a perfect performance has the base in place. The drill can easily pass through hard materials such as metal and steel which is why it is mostly used by industrial companies and those who love to get involved in DIY projects in their home or shop.

The Milwaukee mag drill is user-friendly and environmental friendly, and with the solid electronic switching, it is very easy to use for anyone coupled with the assistance of the guideline given in the manual that accompanies the drilling machine.

Product specifications
• Weight: 72 lbs
• Voltage: 120 Voltage AC
• Electronic feedback: Yes
• Drill capacity: 1-1/4″
• Adjustable base: Yes
• Taper: No. 3MT
• AMPs motor: 12.5
• Speed: 250 – 500 RPM

• The drilling machine is fast and durable with the help of Feedback speed control to maintain speed during operation
• The Milwaukee mag drill is adjustable which means it can be used in any place even in tight areas
• The drill has heavy duty drill press of two speed for easy fabrication of metals both small and large

• This mag drill has no major setback, so you have less to worry about as it works excellently at a high-performance rate.


2. Milwaukee 4270-21 9 Amp Electromagnetic Drill Press Kit


This is a powerful electromagnetic drill that is fully equipped to satisfy all your drilling needs. It is the best and perfect mag drill accompanied with a quality handle to carry the drill from one place to another. This is an ultimate power tool that is aimed at those in need of a tool to bore holes into tough materials like concrete and metals.

It is equipped with outstanding 1.1 horsepower induction motor and 9.0 AMP which makes the Milwaukee mag drill powerful enough to drill holes with 1-1/2-inch in diameter in tough metals even of 2-inch thickness. It uses twist drill bits to bore holes of high depth.

The Milwaukee mag drill is perfect for those whose work requires the use of drilling machine for DIY projects. The drilling machine has all the features you may look out for in a metal drill and indeed, it is one of the best mag drills for sale on Amazon.

It can be used for jobs in odd angles with great performance rate as it can bore holes up to 4-1/4 inch deep easily without much stress. It is a lightweight drill, yet compact which makes it the perfect fit for your household work.

Milwaukee 4270-21 9 Amp Electromagnetic Drill Press Kit is set up to be compatible with 3/4-inch Weldon shank cutters, or 3 –jaw chuck which is available for use with the twist drill bits. It has two strong coil magnet that helps to boost the lifespan of the drill and provides 2300 pounds of deadlift force on 1-inch thick steel. It has two simple button control panel that is located at the back of the drill away for the feed handle to avoid obstruction during operation.

Product specifications
• Weight: 26.5 pounds
• Voltage: 120 Voltage AC
• Electronic feedback: Yes
• Drill capacity: 1/2 in
• Adjustable base: No
• Chucks or Taper: Weldon
• AMPs motor: 9
• Speed: 450 RPM

• The Milwaukee 4270-21 9 Amp Electromagnetic Drill Press Kit comes with a quality design that makes it very suitable for household use and can be used in any area including tight spaces. It is easy to carry with the use of the carry handle to make work easier for users
• You would also love the turn-off features which ensures that an operator is safe in cases whereby something went wrong and the user gets stuck

• The mag drill doesn’t have a significant setback which makes it most people’s choice for drilling work.


3. Milwaukee 4206-1 12.5 Amp Electromagnetic Drill Press with 3/4-Inch Motor and Chuck


Having the right and perfect resources for your project will enhance your performance rate and speaking of projects that require drilling, there is need to have in place quality drilling machine, and another important one to consider is the Milwaukee mag drill 4204-1 12.5 Amp electromagnetic drill press.

This drilling machine is all you need to bore holes into ferrous materials that are thicker than half an inch. Just imagine all that you can do with the use of this power tools as it makes drilling much easier compared to using drills like slugger mag drills that are not as strong and durable as Milwaukee drills.

The good about this mag drill is that it is made by one of the leading brands in the industry, Milwaukee. She is known for its proficiency in producing quality and durable power tools in which this mag drill in the review is included.

The Milwaukee mag drill 4204-1 12.5 Amp electromagnetic drill press is aimed at professionals and users who need to bore holes in hard materials quickly and accurately. This is ideal for those who work regularly on hard materials such as building project because the mag drill is well known for its rugged durability and power.

Apart from the fact that you have a great level of experience and you are a professional in your field, one fundamental thing that will enhance your performance rate is the mag drill as it is a worthwhile investment for anyone with work that requires drilling.

Product Specifications
• Weight: 70 pounds
• Voltage: 120 Voltage AC
• Electronic feedback: Yes
• Drill capacity: 1/2 in
• Adjustable base: yes
• Chucks or Taper: ¾ inch
• AMPs motor: 12.5
• Speed: 350 RPM

• The Milwaukee 4206-1 12.5 Amp motor offers any user ample power when using the drill
• It has a feedback control system to keep any user safe
• It has adjustable base which means you have the platform to adjust the drill to the point or position that fit and makes work easier for you
• It is quite possible that you experience power loss while using the drill and as a result of this, this drill has in place a line lockout feature that stop tools from operating immediately electricity is restored which is a measure to keep the drill safe and sound

• This doesn’t have a major setback. It doesn’t come cheap, however, the price is worth exactly what it offers.


4. Milwaukee 4270-20 9 Amp Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press


I’m quite sure there are professionals out there that loves remote jobs that require drilling and DIYers like myself that love to drill holes into some materials to get some things fixed or in place, the Milwaukee 4270-20 9 Amp Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press is a perfect option.

Come to think of this, why should you spend more time drilling holes with the use of drills like slugger mag drill that can consume most of your time and energy when working on hundreds of metals, when you can easily get such done with no or less stress.

The Milwaukee 4270-20 9 Amp Compact Electromagnetic Drill Press is exceptionally light which means it can be transported from one place to another quickly. The mag drill has 9 Amp motor with 1.1 horsepower, it has well reliable feed handle that can be placed in two different positions, a simple 2- button control panel, and all these make it a powerful tool yet easy to use.

This mag drill is efficient in drilling deep and large diameter holes through thick and strong steel with the help of the two coil electromagnet. This two magnet boosts the lifespan of the drill as their operation determine the longevity of the mag drill.

Apart from the effectiveness of using this drill because of the level of productivity, one other thing to consider is your safety, and that has been solved. Milwaukee has users in mind by making available a safety strap which helps to keep users safe from potential equipment hazard.

Product Specifications
• Weight: 26.5 pounds
• Voltage: 120 Voltage AC
• Electronic feedback: Yes
• Drill capacity: 2 inch
• Adjustable base: yes
• Chucks or Taper: 1/2 inch
• AMPs motor: 9
• Speed: 450 RPM

• This mag drill can drill holes of about 2 inch in diameter through steel.
• The mag drill comes with safety strap, and it’s one of the safety measures in place from Milwaukee. Doesn’t it sound great that Milwaukee has the safety of any user in mind? I love Milwaukee for this.
• The drill is straightforward and easy to use for anyone even if you are a beginner with the drill as you have a manual to guide you through on how to use it.

• As at the moment of writing this review, it has no shortage of its operation.

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