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It isn’t news anymore to those involved with works that require the use of power tools like mag drill that, settling for anything that doesn’t have a brand name might turn out to be a piece of junk drill. It’s  then advisable that you invest your money wisely by choosing quality products from reputable brands among the leading ones in drill industry, like the Hougen mag drill.

Here in this article, I’m going to share with you the secret behind my love for Hougen mag drills and also give a comprehensive review based on expert’s research and personal review on some of the best Hougen mag drills I have been privileged to encounter.

From the hundreds of Hougen mag drills available, there are some that definitely worth having if you have lots of drilling work to do with you in need of high-performance rate. I’ll give to the best of my knowledge and personal review of some of the top products of Hougen mag drill you can opt for.

Before we go into the review, here is a quick summary of our results.


61dPKONTxQL._SX425_ FEIN-KBM-50Qx fein-smallest-and-lightweight fein-slugger-magforce
120V, 50/60 Hz – 8A,
960W 230V,
50/60 Hz – 4A,
50/60 Hz - 9A,
1035W 230V,
50/60 Hz - 4.5A,
50/60 Hz - 10A,
50/60 Hz - 10A,
7.2A (120V),
3.6A (230V)
450 Rpm
8A (115V),
4 (230V),
450 RPM
9A (115V),
250/450 RPM
9A (115V)
250/450 RPM
7/16" x 1-1/2"
7/16"- 1-1/2"
(12mm - 38mm)
22-13/16" H
x 7-11/16" W
x 14-11/16" L
(579mm H x 195mm W x 373mm L)
7/16"- 1-5/8"
(12mm - 41mm)
Magnet base:
3-1/8" Wide x 6-9/16" Long;
Magnet 1 Inch Plate
– Dead Lift 1680 pounds
3-1/8" W x 6-9/16" L
(79mm W x 167mm L)
1" Plate(25mm)
3/8" Plate(9.5mm)
Dead Lift
1750 lb. (794 kg)
3-1/8" W
x 6-9/16" L
(79mm W x 167mm L)
1-1/8" W x 1-3/8" L
(28.5mm H x 34.9mm W)
3/4 inch shank
3/4 inch shank"12,000-Series"
& Copperhead™ & Fusion™ cutters,
3/4" shank
& Copperhead™ & Fusion™ cutters,
3/4" shank
Speed: NO

The best 4 Hougen mag drill devices

1. Hougen HMD904 115-Volt Magnetic Drill



The Hougen HMD904 115-Volt mag drill is a compact, versatile and powerful lightweight drill that is perfect for fabrication. From the achievements I mentioned above, this drill is among the drills made with a positive slug ejection. The Hougen mag drill has a large -1/2 inch x 2-inch capacity; it is well equipped with feed handles which can be quickly changed from one side to another, a lift detector safety system that helps to prevent accidental operation and a pint of coolant and rear-mounted controls.

It is quite impossible for you to overlook this powerful tool with the great features it possesses. It has one stroke lock and unlocks handle which makes the device much easier to use for tight areas, and penetration through any piece of steel.

The mag drill has two stage magnet, and this engages its full power whenever the motor of the drill is turned on, and this apparently increases the magnet life. It has an alluring housing and slot drive arbor system. All these enhance the performance of the mag drill which makes it the best choice for anyone in search for a strong, durable and reliable drill that can effectively bore holes into steel and any metal.

Product specifications

  • Electrical system: 120V, 50/60 Hz – 8A, 960W 230V, 50/60 Hz – 4A, 920W
  • Motor: 7.2A (120V), 3.6A (230V) 450 Rpm
  • Diameter: 7/16 inch x 1-1/2 inch
  • Magnet base: 3-1/8 inches Wide x 6-9/16 inches Long; Magnet 1 Inch Plate – Dead Lift 1680 pounds
  • Rotabroach or copperhead: 3/4 inch shank


  • The mag drill is great with quality performance rate, and it is versatile in use
  • One of the things that determine the longevity of the drill is the magnet life, and this drill comes with two great magnets to enhance the magnet life.
  • The mag drill has slot drive arbor. This helps to make you work neatly because it boosts your level of accuracy.


  • As at the moment of writing this review, this product has no negative word ascribed to it which makes it one of the formidable power tools in the market.


2. Hougen HMD904S 115-Volt Swivel Base Magnetic Drill


This is the second Hougen product I’m reviewing in this article, and you wonder why this makes the list of my top choice? It has all that is needed to compete and beat off another mag drill you can find online and in the market.

Do you love drilling tasks as I do? This is one of the most convenient mag drills. It is a tool that can be used daily without any fear of getting it damaged easily. It is well equipped with 120 voltage motor with good performance rate when operating closer to 450 RPM.

I’m so glad I’ve encountered this drill, and I could confidently say it is the best Hougen mag drill. It has lighting options such as green and red which get you well informed about the status of the drill. It is the rugged drill that can conveniently bore holes into any hard objects like concrete and metals.

We all deserve great performance rate when making use of our power tool, and with the Rotabroach cutters of this mag drill, you are be assured of optimal performance. The drill has switch indicator for safety purposes that helps to alert the user whenever the lift sensor is active.  It can be used for a very long duration and maintain a perfect condition with the help of the pint coolant system which ensures the drill in in the good state.

It is very easy to handle for anyone via the single locking and unlocking facility system. The Hougen mag drill comes in a compact design and lightweight body which makes it suitable for boring holes of about 12mm to 38 mm. It has swivel, and the area is 1-1/8 inch wide x 1-3/8 inch long to give a quality drilling up to 2 inches deep. It is among the best mag drill for sale on amazon.

Product specifications

  • Electrical system: 115V, 50/60 Hz – 9A, 1035W 230V, 50/60 Hz – 4.5A, 1035W
  • Motor: 8A (115V), 4 (230V), 450 RPM
  • Diameter: 7/16″- 1-1/2″ (12mm – 38mm)
  • Magnet base: 3-1/8″ W x 6-9/16″ L (79mm W x 167mm L) 1″ Plate(25mm) 3/8″ Plate(9.5mm) Dead Lift
  • 1750 lb. (794 kg)
  • Rotabroach or copperhead: 3/4 inch shank


  • The mag drill has rear-mounted controls which make the machine very easy to use for anyone without any need of personal skill or proficiency
  • It comes with a year warranty which means you can return to get a new if you are not satisfied with its operation. And talk about warranty backup, Hougen keeps her words.
  • The swivel base makes the drill more versatile as it can walk through any surface easily without wavering
  • The feed handles can change from one place to another to enhance the performance of the user
  • It is a portable machine, and it also has a carrying bag to make it easier to move around


  • This doesn’t have a negative review at the moment of writing this.


3. Hougen HMD927 MAG DRILL – 2 SPD/PWR FEED/COOLANT – 115V (0927102)



If you are in the search for a product that is reliable and capable of handling any tough work, then you can also consider Hougen HMD927 MAG DRILL. This is a drilling machine you can trust to perfectly bore a hole into any touch surface like concrete and metal. It can be used for any project, and it is ideal for individuals who love DIY projects. This will sure be among the mad drill for sale you are likely going to find online and in the market. It has two different speed power feed with great performance level and weight ratio.

The mag drill has powerful high torque motor and gears with two different speed of 250 and 450 RPM; it has a light pilot system which is perfect for both low light and no light conditions. It has large 1-5/8″ x 2″ capacity with a smart tech that optimizes the feed rate of the mag drill to boost the tool life.

This drilling machine comes with selectable manual/power feed mode which means you are always in control of the tool. The ultimate drill has positive slug ejection with the integration of coolant bottle, two-stage magnet to ensure the longevity of the magnet, lift detector safety system to keep the operators safe from any harm. The mag drill is built in the USA just like the slugger mag drill which is also one of the best to consider but quite far from Hougen regarding quality and performance.

Product specifications

  • Electrical system: 115V, 50/60 Hz – 10A, 1150W
  • Motor: 9A (115V), 250/450 RPM
  • Diameter: 22-13/16″ H x 7-11/16″ W x 14-11/16″ L (579mm H x 195mm W x 373mm L)
  • Magnet base: 3-1/8″ W x 6-9/16″ L (79mm W x 167mm L)
  • Rotabroach or copperhead: “12,000-Series” & Copperhead™ & Fusion™ cutters, 3/4″ shank


  • It is designed to produce perfect holes quickly and effectively
  • Guess who is actually in control of this drill… You are in control with the help of the selectable manual mode system
  • It has good a locking system which means that your tool will rightly and firmly stay in the right position as long as you want


  • Hougen products work excellently to the point that this ultimate drill doesn’t have a negative review.





I couldn’t help it but have to include the Hougen HMD905 MAG DRILL in my top choice list because it is a compact drill with the great amount of power to offer compared to slugger mag drill and some product you will find online. You will be faced with arrays of choices to make if you are in search of a quality drilling machine to handle your projects.

The mag drill has large 1-5/8″ x 2″ capacity, two speed gear option of 250 and 450 RPM, powerful high torque motor, rear-mounted controls, feed handles that easily changes position, integrated coolant bottle, two-stage magnet system which increases about 30% in power after the initiation of the drill start button, positive slug injection, and lift detector safety system.

Personally, I love the Hougen HMD905 MAG DRILL for its performance rate, and it is best considered for those whose work requires boring of holes through hard materials such as concrete and metal. However, I noticed it is fairly expensive when I looked it up online.

Product specifications

  • Electrical system: 115V, 50/60 Hz – 10A, 1150W
  • Motor: 9A (115V) 250/450 RPM
  • Diameter: 7/16″- 1-5/8″ (12mm – 41mm)
  • Magnet base: 1-1/8″ W x 1-3/8″ L (28.5mm H x 34.9mm W)
  • Rotabroach or copperhead: “12,000-Series” & Copperhead™ & Fusion™ cutters, 3/4″ shank


  • This Hougen mag drill can be used anywhere even in tight spaces
  • It works effectively, and it is strong to handle the rigor of any projects
  • It is perfect for those who love to do things themselves without the help of anyone
  • It has it takes to penetrate hard materials or surfaces


  • None at the moment of writing this article

Hougen us the first premier company to produce excellent mag drill, and they are still leading in the industry. You know what it takes to keep leading for 50 years? it simply shows that they are good at what they do which is why I’ve taken my time to bring you my personal experience with some of their products which will help you to make the right decision for those in search for a drilling machine.



For those who have been using mag drill, don’t you think it is right for you to know how such a powerful tool came into existence? Everything in this world has a place it originates from, and when you talk about mag drill, you just have to give accolade to HOUGEN.

Hougen happens to be the original manufacturer of mag drills, and she is still among the leading brand in the industry. She is known for the productions of quality mag drill that makes boring of holes more comfortable to do while working on site or in your shop.

Most of the mag drills manufactured by Hougen, were designed with users in mind. They have ensured the ability to efficiently handle the fabrication environments and any job nature. Hougen mag drill is rugged, reliable, sturdy, and designed for those in need for a drill that will enhance and boost their performance rate and skill level.

Those who demand great performance and reliability from their power tools choose Hougen. You can’t compare other products with Hougen mag drill because they produce the best in the market. Another reason why I love Hougen is that this brand actually live up to their core value which says ‘’service, reliability and integrity’’, they go extra miles to ensure operator are satisfied with using their products.

Some of the achievements of Hougen which is why you need to bargain with them is being the first company to produce mag drill with positive slug injection, invented spot-weld cutter in the year 1959, invented first mag drill with safety switch, first mag drill to drill 3 inch deep, mag drill with the coolant system.


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