SEARS TABLE SAW REVIEW- Laser Trac 21807-Best Craftsman 10 inches

SEARS TABLE SAW REVIEW- Laser Trac 21807-Best Craftsman 10 inches

In a modern table saw, like the sears table saw, the depth of the cut is varied by moving the blade up and down: the higher the blade protrudes above the table, the deeper the cut that is made in the material. In some early table saws, the blade and arbor were fixed, and the table was moved up and down to expose more or less of the blade. The angle of cut is controlled by adjusting the angle of the blade.

CRAFTSMAN offers a series of 10-inch table saws that feature adjustable angle blades so you can find what works best for you. Each is a portable table saw that can be taken to the job, where you need your table saw most. We reviewed for the best from these series and guess what? …

The Craftsman 10″ Table Saw with Laser Trac 21807 is the best 10-inch table saw with the greatest performance.




craftsman 10inches Sears Table Saw

If you are new to woodworking or looking for a sears table saw to help you with any form of a wooden task, then Craftsman 10″ Table Saw with Laser Trac 21807 would be the perfect saw for you. It has a very good rip capacity, it can comfortably handle full-size sheet materials and the outfeed extension makes it a lot safer for longer workpieces. I really loved the fact that it comes with a basic dust bag collection system that fits the underside of the saw and really works. Unlike some table saws that come with dust bags but you still have wood-dust everywhere after a 5 mins task.

During my checks, I found out this sears table saw comes with a very sturdy steel base and this steel base is very similar to the type of stand that is found on a lot of bigger contractor style table saws I have seen. It does have the additional feature of wheels on the left side allowing you to easily lift and move the table saw around your workshop or job site.

Also, I have noted that the Craftsman 21807 sears table Saw is a very good tool for ripping multiple sheets of plywood, it is fit for slotting boards and building flawless perfect boxes as it handles the tasks perfectly. A solid but easy-to-use table saw is a big deal to any shop as it provides strong support for countless projects, which is why it’s a big advantage that the Craftsman 21807 comes with the Laser Trac® guidance system. Another good thing to note is that it uses the smooth gliding t-slot miter gauge and 10-inch carbide tipped blade to slice perfect angles. With this t-slot miter gauge and 10 inch carbide tipped blade, you can easily run a stress-free task.


This table saw can be detached from its base for easy portability, i.e to help you move it every time duty calls. It features the ability to be removed from the base with 4 clips (2 on each side) of the table saw, making it easier to transport and store.

Considering its dependability, its durability, and its readiness to get a job done quickly, adding this saw to your power tools arsenal would be a great move as it can tackle any task with smooth cuts, that can never be matched.

The Craftsman 10″ Table Saw with Laser Trac 21807 handles heavy pieces with ease, the sears table saw can be used at home and it gives you the feel of using a professional sears craftsman table saw without spending much money in the comfort of your home, the sears table with laser Trac measures 22-inches long by 18-inches wide and Height of 35-inches.

The sears table saw has an extendable out-feed help that provides you extra management so you may concentrate on easy feeding. And in case you’ve acquired a large cut to make, the extendable assist tables and fast transferring fence will let you rip sheets as much as 24 inches large in a single easy, quick movement. It doesn’t matter what sort of work you’ve to do, this table saw is ready to lend a hand.


  1. The included Laser Trac feature on the sears table saw works as a form of a guidance system that enables you to make clean and even cuts each time you work with the sears craftsman table saw.
  2. Its T-slot miter gauge is nice for making smooth angled cuts, and its 10-inch blade, which comes with carbide tips for additional strength, helps you make fully straight cuts. A push stick on the front makes this sears table saw simpler to make use of than those that feature hand-wheels.
  3. An included dust bag does an adequate job of accumulating any sawdust produced by your boards, but you will need to empty this bag once it’s full, however, this Sears Table Saw stand has strong wheels that allow you to move the sear saws around when needed.
  4. It weighs 63.8 pounds and its power source is corded-electric and additionally requires that you just preserve two AAA batteries.



It’s lightweight. Seriously, the heaviest part of this saw is the motor.
It comes with a dust bag which keeps heavier bits of woodchips from hitting the floor.
It spins saw blades fairly satisfactorily.
The base has wheels, so you can wheel it around like a wheelbarrow.



This device features quite a number of delicate parts. The extendable table, the meters etc. Even though they are built very sturdy, when this device is not properly maintained, a part of it may break off and make this develop technical faults.



Width 34.5 inches
Depth 58 inches
Height 35 inches
Table Height From Floor 34.75 inches
Maximum Dado Width 0.5 inches
Maximum Dado Diameter 6 inches
Table Dimensions (Length & Width) 25 in x 19 5/8 inches
Table Dimensions with Extensions 25 in x 19 5/8 inches
Base Dimensions (Length & Width) 22 in x 18 inches
Maximum Cut Depth @ 45° 2.5 inches
Maximum Cut Depth @ 90° 3 inches


Product Overview:  
Item Weight: 63.8 lbs
Portability: Very Portable
Warranty: One year
Table Saw Style: Good Bench Top Table Saw
Wheeled: Strong Wheels
Package Contents Miter Gauge, Blade Wrench, Push Block, Rip Fence
Fence Type Locking


Color/Finish Sliver/grey


Materials and Finishes:  
Extension Material component Aluminum


Safety Enhancements:  
Overload Protection Yes


Cord Length 6 feet
Cord Management style Cord retention safty system
Cord Type/grade 14gauge


Blade Diameter measure 10 inches


Amps 15
Motor Voltage 120
Arbor Speed (revolutions per minute) 5000


Guides & Instructions manual:  
Owner’s Manual guide Yes


Blade Use:  
Arbor Size 5/8 inches


General Features:  
Table Material component Die cast aluminum


Cutting Tool:  
Maximum Cut Depth 3
Right Rip Capacity 24 in.
Left Rip Capacity 24 in.
Rip Scale Yes



A table saw which is a woodworking tool, consisting of a circular saw blade, mounted on an arbor, that is driven by an electric motor (either directly, by a belt, or by gears). The blade of the saw protrudes through the surface of a table, which provides support for the material, usually wood, being cut.