If you need to cool your home in a way that is energy efficient, there are many options. However, if you need an option that is efficient, stylish and space saving you need a table or tower fan that blows cold air. The main reason why tower fans are preferable is that of the design. They are usually tall and slim and can be hidden in any room. You can put them in between your couches or even next to your desk! They are attractive and elegant, capable of enhancing the balance of your room without disturbing the aesthetics of your decor. They are made to blend in, and even without the bulkiness can perform pretty well.

They also take up little space than other kinds of fans so if your apartment is quite small and you need a fan that blows cold air, you need a tower fan. As for table fans, they are basically as the name implies and can be placed on any kind of table because of their little size and they are also portable so if you are going on a road trip, camping or you need it for your desk, I know the right one for you. Now let’s check out the top rated table and tower fans out there.



OPOLAR Table Fan

OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Table Desk Personal Fan (Metal Design, Quiet Operation 3.9' USB Cable, High Compatibility), Black fan that blows cold air.

This is not just a fan that blows cold air.I noticed that this fan enables you to connect your computer because it comes with a USB port! It is quite strong and can last for a long time. Its cover is removable via three screws which makes it easy to clean it when you need to. It has a toggle switch with a one-speed setting which makes sure that the fan is silent and it gives you an optimal cool wind experience. Because of its small size, it can be used in different places and it is great for your game room, library, study, dorm, home, and can even serve as a personal fan for your office.


  • It is powered by a USB cable of 3.9 ft which is compatible with portable chargers, laptops, computers and other devices that have USB outputs.
  • This fan that blows cold air has quite a small footprint so you don’t have to worry about taking up space on your table.
  • It is a strong metal fan that can give you a soft breeze to keep you relaxed and cool.
  • Unlike some appliances which require you to remove a lot of screws just to clean, this one has just three screws that aid quick cleaning.
  • It is made with a toggle switch and it’s 1-speed setting makes sure that the fan does not constitute a nuisance by making noise.
  • It has a six-inch frame and a four Inch blade that is designed to save space on your table.
  • Its frame is made of metal while it’s blade is aluminum and is coated to fight corrosion and also made for durability.
  • This fan that blows cold air comes with a 7-day customer care service and one-year product defect replacement.


  • The fan does not have speed buttons to turn it low, medium or high and just has one setting so cannot be controlled.
  • It gets a little loud after being used for a while.



Honeywell White Tower Fan

Honeywell HYF023W Comfort Control Tower Fan, Wide Area Cooling, White fan that blows cold air.

If you particularly prefer fans that are really quiet, I recommend this one because it moves the air around it and you cannot even hear it when it is turned on low. It comes almost ready to go and you just need to assemble the stand/base. This is one fan that blows cold air as it is quite tall so it can cool you from head to calf if you use it while sitting down in your desk chair or couch. It moves efficiently and is a friend you need around on hot days because of the cool relief it brings. It has an LED display to help you see your controls and it comes with not just one but three-speed settings.


  • This fan that blows cold air has an automatic off timer which can be set to one, two, four and eight hours.
  • It comes with a recessed handle so if you need to carry it around your house, from room to room it makes it quite easy.
  • Its push-button control is very easy to use and does not have any kind of complicated design.
  • It is extremely quiet and even hard to hear over an ordinary conversation.
  • It comes detached from the base so you can attach it by yourself and be acquainted with it in case of problems.
  • It is very easy to attach the stand and you do not need any extra or professional help to put it together.
  • Its electronic controls are made quite visible with the LED display which is easy to read.
  • This fan that blows cold air is quite tall and it is capable of cooling you from head to toe if you are sitting on a couch.
  • It has three oscillation and speed control so you can choose any setting you want.
  • The sound level specification when at high speed is 52 dB.


  • After a while, it might not give out any relief unless you stand or sit in front of it at high settings.
  • It does not have a remote so even with the LED display you have to be close to it.
  • The spin option becomes weak after some time and you have to wait for a while just to receive a slight cold relief.



Costway Tower Fan

Costway 40" LCD Tower Fan Digital Control Oscillating Cooling Fan 3 Speed w/ Remote Control fan that blows cold air.

If you have children and you still want a tower fan that blows cold air, this one is perfect for you because it was designed without blades which is ideal for protecting your loved ones from any kind of harm which is what attracted me to it in the first place. It is perfect for houses which has children and even old people and you can depend on this fan to give you both functionality and style while optimizing your home or work environment effectively. This is one fan that blows cold air while giving the liberty to choose from 3 levels of airspeed and it is also able to oscillate! I like the seven-hour timer that helps you keep cool while you sleep. Getting this fan is a wise choice to make as it is ideal for dispelling heat and makes your environment comfortable.


  • This fan has a user-friendly timer which is also energy saving and can be set from 1- 7.5 hours.
  • This is a fan with three Speed settings and it can oscillate to make every corner of your room cool.
  • This fan can be set to three modes. Sleep, nature and normal which aids you feel comfortable.
  • This fan that blows cold air has a carry handle which is very easy to use to enable you to move it around your room or through the whole house.
  • It is very light which makes it easy to carry and it was made to save space in your living room or office.
  • It has an LCD display which is easy to read and control.
  • Its electronic controls are touch button and can be used by anyone at all.
  • It comes with a remote control that helps you control it from wherever you are, as far as you are within range of the fan.
  • It is built without blades which is ideal for keeping your loved ones safe from harm and it is really safe for children.
  • This fan that blows cold air is very powerful for its size and the noise is low too.
  • It can be put in fan mode or natural breeze mode and the timer works flawlessly.
  • The medium speed mode is still powerful enough to work for your whole room.


  • It is pretty noisy and I think it’s because of the kind of power it packs.
  • It does not look very strong and cannot withstand harsh conditions.
  • This fan that blows cold air might vibrate a little after a long usage.



Lasko Silver Wind Curve Fan

Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer, fan that blows cold air.42-Inch, Silver (2551)

If you need a good fan that blows cold air and also comes fully assembled so you do not have to get any screw work done, this fan is for you. It has a fresh air Ionizer, and its tower design is high reaching for efficient delivery so you don’t have to worry about that. Its three-speed controls are very quiet and it is quite energy efficient. One unique thing I noticed about this fan and my experience about Lasko fans in general is that it comes with a blue plug that features an added safety device that is designed to cut the electric current off from the fan if the fuse which is inside the plug detects a hazardous electric issue or even in the power supply line during power outages or surges. This innovation is the key attribute that makes this fan one of the most durable fans in the industry.


  • It comes with an inbuilt Ionizer that adds millions of ions to the air to create that fresh air feeling just like you get when outside. This is one point that makes it a good fan that blows cold air.
  • Its tower design is space saving and it has an optional oscillation that spreads fresh air through your room quietly and quickly.
  • It is most effective when it is used four feet from furniture and walls to enable it to have a wider reach.
  • It comes with a remote control which can be used to change all the settings on the fan.
  • The controls are easy to use and the remote can be used to set the timer, control the oscillation, and also select the three speeds.
  • Its profile design is wind curved which ensures that the fan will blend beautifully with your home decor and also keep your home very comfortable.
  • It comes with an inbuilt carry handle that helps with mobility throughout your house.
  • Its remote control storage is on board and it allows you to keep the remote close by to avoid looking for it when you need it.
  • This fan that blows cold air comes with a blue plug that cuts off the current if there is any problem with the power supply or motor.
  • Its front grille louvers are adjustable to enable you to control the direction where the air goes.
  • It has a seven-hour energy-saving timer.


  • It has a slight odor that may occur when you turn on a heater for the first time that is caused by a coating, which is temporary by the way that preserves it for shipping. The smell is not harmful and you can run it in a bathroom to remove it.
  • After a while of sugar, the blast becomes quite weak.
  • Though this is a great fan that blows cold air, the louvers are adjustable, hence, they can be broken if you are not careful.




As you can see from the above “fan that blows cold air” review, tower fans and even table fans are designed for efficient and quiet operation in your office or home. They are quiet, able to oscillate to keep you cool at a wide angle, they save energy and their length makes it easier for you to feel comfortable and even keep it anywhere you want to because of their small size. They can blend with your decor and their discreet design is elegant and modern.



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