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We reviewed for the most powerful Fein mag drill tools.
We reviewed for the most effective and budget-friendly magnetic drills from Fein.
We reviewed for the easiest Fein manufactured mag drills in terms of usage.
Then we picked the 4 Fein mag drill tools that made the 3 lists.

Before we kick off with the review, here is a quick summary of our result.


61dPKONTxQL._SX425_ FEIN-KBM-50Qx fein-smallest-and-lightweight fein-slugger-magforce
Weight: 5 lbs5 lb.5 lbs29 lbs
Voltage: 120VAC120VAC110VAC
120 VAC
Cutter: 3/4" Weldon shankQuickIN 3/4" Weldon
3/4" Weldon
3/4" Weldon shank
usage: 1,300 Watts
1,200 Watts
1,100 Watts
1,200 Watts
Gear1: 120-240 rpm130-260 rpm;
130-520 RPM 450 RPM
Gear2: 260-520 rpm260-520 rpmnilnil
Speed: YES

Why Fein mag drill?

It is one of the best mag drilling machines for anyone who needs speed and accuracy with drilling tasks as this brand delivers the best results in the shortest time. Fein is one of the leading brands in drill industry and she is popularly known for the quality of the power tools that are manufactured. For over 140 years, Fein have been among the best as she never drops the standard of producing great and powerful tools.

Fein mag drill works accurately and it thus reduces power consumption. It has combined pilot and ejection pin that automatically ejects the slug of the drill after penetrating through the material. One of the fundamental requirement for successful drilling is a perfect position for the mag drill. With Fein mag drill, you can be assured of a perfect work since the drill comes with a quality base to ensure that the drill is rightly in place.

Fein produces two series of mag drill such as the JCM and JHM which each having different operations or features but they are of great quality with outstanding performance.

The JCM series of mag drills from Fein have a universal use, they have an optimized speed for carbide annular cutters, made of quality materials and optimum power with a long lifespan.  While the JHM mag drills from Fein offer basic functionality for slugger cutter work. The drill mag is constructed with users in mind who are in need of drills for tough work.

Your preferences are not limited when it comes to Fein drill. In confined areas, the feed hand wheel can be transferred from one side to the other. It has control panel that are very easy to identify for easy operation.

What are the best Fein mag drill I can choose from?

With lots of mag drills from Fein, it might be quite difficult for you to make the right choice which is why I’ve mystified the task for you to help you make the right decision.



This FEIN JCM 256U SLUGGER Mag drill is an ultimate device that is aimed at professionals with the goal to make drilling of holes into hard materials easier to do. This Fein mag drill offers great functionality for any type of operation. It is effective, well equipped, strong and well designed to handle any tough applications.

The drill has great speed stability which means it won’t wavers even when finding its way through hard materials. The swivel base of the Fein mag drill offers fine adjustment of the spindle for tool location for those who have to work in tight areas.

It has a dual motor which works in forward and reverse rotation, it has electronic speed settings to ensure it operates according to what you want and it also has magnetic holding force indicator and integrated coolant tank.

This robust and powerful magnetic drill is productive in heavy duty industrial fabrication work which makes it the perfect tool for those work deal with steel framework. It is well equipped with two-speed gearbox which you can easily set manually using the gear selection switch to either 120 to 240 RPM or 260 to 520 RPM.

Product specifications

  • Cutter: 3/4″ Weldon shank
  • Power consumption: 1,300 Watts
  • Gear: 1st gear: 120-240 rpm; 2nd gear: 260-520 rpm
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Voltage: 120VAC


  • The Fein mag drill comes with a safety strap to ensure the user is safe during use. This shows that the safety of users was considered by fein when producing the mag drill
  • To get a better result, you need a drill with a stable speed and you can effortlessly get this from the mag grill even in the toughest application
  • The fein jcm 256u slugger mag drill has great spindle adjustment to ensure that the alignment of the machine is right in place.


  • This industrial drill comes fairly expensive and it worth every penny you will be spending on when considering how versatile and effective the drill is.

2. Fein KBM 50Qx 2-1/16 Magnetic Drill


The Fein KBM 50Qx 2-1/16 Magnetic Drill offers an outstanding drilling performance that is faster and unrivaled by other drilling machines. The mag drill is capable to complete all tasks with great efficiency whether in your shop or factory. This Fein mag drill is lightweight devices and doesn’t occupy much space. From what I know of this mag drill, it is very convenient and would be very easy to use for anyone.

The Fein mag drill comes with control operation button that makes it easier to operate for anyone. It has the power button which is used to initiate the mag drill and this shows through the red Led to signify the drill is on and it also has a green Led light which is to indicate that the magnet is on.

The drill has cut mart tech system to enhance your performance with the drill. This is designed for you to get the best out of your machine and the cutters. You can overload the drill with the help of the panel that indicates the level at which your drill is operating. What exactly do I mean by this? The cut mart system has the green zone which is the perfect zone for your drill optimal performance, the yellow zone is to tell you that you need to ease the workload on the drill while the red zone tells you that you’ve overload the drill and you need to get it back to the green zone.

Operating this drill isn’t difficult to do as fein has done all to make the accessibility and control of the drill easier by giving a detailed and explanatory manual to help anyone using it. At times, we do not know the importance of a thing because we don’t have access to it.

If your work has to do with drilling holes, then getting this drill is the best deal of the year. This has all required drilling holes into any materials regardless of their toughness level without losing balance. You love DIY work and you want an outcome that looks just like the work of a professional, then you should get this drill as well.

Product specifications

  • Voltage: 120VAC
  • Cutter: QuickIN (3/4 in Weldon
  • Power consumption: 1,200 Watts
  • Gear: 1st gear: 130-260 rpm; 2nd gear: 260-520 rpm
  • Weight: 5 lb.


  • The drill has great capacity to bore holes up to about 2 1/16 of an inch
  • The fein mag drill has variable speed for different application
  • This has 3 standard chuck


  • This has no bad reviews as at the moment of writing this article but it might look too expensive for some. This is not a setback as you all know that quality materials don’t come cheap.

3. FEIN JMC USA 90 Smallest and Lightest Low Profile Right Angle Magnetic Base Drill


This new slugger mag drill by Fein is among the best mag drill for sale on Amazon with good customer rating because it combines reliability and power, setting a standard in power and versatility. The FEIN JMC USA 90 Smallest and Lightest Low Profile Right Angle Magnetic Base Drill has 1,100-watt motor that is endowed with high-speed stability both in the clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation.

Its movement makes it very easy to use for anyone irrespective of the area of work. It doesn’t consume space and it allows a 3/8 in. ratchet to fit perfectly into either side of the drill, therefore, making it the ideal deal for fitting into the tightest spaces.

Whosoever is using The FEIN JMC USA 90 Smallest and Lightest Low Profile Right Angle Magnetic Base Drill will sure enjoy the drilling experience because such person has all it takes to get any drilling work done easily without much stress. It isn’t time-consuming as this get much workload done in little time because of its high powered speed.

It is an available compact mag drill for sale in most drill stores because of the satisfaction derived from it. Functionality, ergonomic design, tilt sensor, low weight, environmental, user-friendliness and the ease of handling are all factors that make it really cool. This drill can be used in all position and with the new magnet design, it is very safe to use on thinner materials.

This falls into the category of the drilling machine you will desire to have when you find out how it operates. It works excellently and can be used not only for industrial work but also by those who love DIY projects. It is safe to use as Fein has carefully considered the safety of users when producing the power drill.

Product specifications

  • Voltage: 110VAC
  • Cutter/ Annular holder: 3/4 in Weldon
  • Power consumption: 1,100 Watts
  • Gear: 1st gear: 130-520 RPM
  • Weight: 5 lbs


  • The drill is thoughtfully designed with user’s performance and safety in mind which means Fein aren’t just after producing drill.
  • It is the lightest and smallest mag drill I’ve seen so far and this is versatile in operation
  • The mag drill comes with touch guard and safety strap. This is a safety measure put in place by Fein to keep any user safe apart from making use of personal protective gear.
  • Anyone who uses this drill will enjoy a robust drilling experience as you have more fun while working.


  • Without a doubt, Fein has been among the leading brands for over 140 years and this mag drill falls among the best drill they’ve produced. This has made this mag drill fairly expensive. However, this isn’t a setback because quality products don’t come cheap.

4. Fein Slugger Magforce Magnetic Drill Press – 1 5/8in. Dia. Drill Capacity, Model# 06920 Magforce


This is one incredible mag drill by Fein as it features a powerful feed and can effectively drill holes into any materials. The mag drill is well equipped with the drilling capacity of 1 5/8 in. it is a lightweight drill, yet powerful to handle everyday use. It is a powerful drill with 10.2 Amp motor and 1200 watt power.

The drill incorporates solid state circuitry that helps to adjust and monitor the self-feed action of the drilling machine in order to continuously maintain optimal performance throughout the entire period of using the drill.

This actually helps any user to be more productive with drilling holes through thin and thick materials. Fein ensures that you maintain a compact profile with the drill by enclosing the feed motor, drive and gear system. The drill comes along with a coolant tank, safety strap, 2 centering pins, chip hook, wrench and carrying case.

Product specifications

  • Voltage: 120 Voltage AC
  • Cutter: 3/4in. Weldon shank 2in
  • Power consumption: 1,200 Watts
  • Gear: 1st gear: 450 RPM
  • Weight: 29 lbs


  • This is a powerful mag drill that is designed to handle the rigor of any work. This can be used daily as you just have to ensure that you don’t move beyond the green zone to keep the drill in good condition
  • The drill is user-friendly as it comes with a safety strap to keep users safe from any hazardous occurrence.
  • It gives every user a wonderful drilling experience they deserve


  • There is no major setback to this mag drill except for the fact that it comes fairly expensive but affordable for those in need of a quality drill to make work easier.

Do you feel discouraged with your low productivity because you are using a low-quality drilling machine with no reputable brand name? Do you feel your performance is affected by the drilling machine you are using? Do you think you can work excellently with a better outcome if you are equipped with the best resources? Does your work require the use of drill device and you are yet confused on what decision to make? Do you love DIY projects that demand the use of drilling machine?

On the off chance that you can give a positive answer to any of the questions above, I will suggest you get a mag drill. Does this mean every mag drill can perfectly fit into your drilling needs? No. There are different mag drill out there in the market and after a comprehensive research and judgment from my personal view, I will suggest you opt for one of the best magnetic drills ever, Fein mag drill.

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