If you need a convertible touchscreen laptop with features that will make your toes curl in delight, look no further than the HP pavilion x360 gold. It is convenient as you can carry out a number of necessary tasks easily and quickly, typing and swiping with efficiency and easy in order to create and organize your files, use applications, and input information into the laptop.

Selecting, zooming, dragging, and resizing images or windows can be carried out with dexterity using simple touch controls. Though a Hp pavilion x360 gold touchscreen laptop just requires one input device — your fingertip — it can perform well with the installed keyboard and the trackpad when you need to do data crunching or tedious document work. When you need to quickly access information on your mobile device, the touchscreen gives you a swift route between two points and their merits are recognized worldwide by the mobile labor force.

HP PAVILION X360 GOLD Envy 2-in-1 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop -EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW  HP PAVILION X360 GOLD Envy 2-in-1 Convertible

Tablets and phones which are the main devices of a mobile worker are now almost completely touchscreen. Coupled with the versatility the convertible Hp pavilion x360 gold laptop brings, it is almost as if you do not need an iPad or a tablet anymore. In contrast to other touchscreen laptops, a convertible feature allows you to turn your laptop 360 degrees to form an iPad, make a tent to show some things to a customer, browse quickly without a metal flap limiting you and flip it without turning around to show something to a colleague opposite you. The Hp pavilion x360 gold has all the above features and even more. Let’s check it out.




Envy 2-in-1 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop

HP PAVILION X360 GOLD Envy 2-in-1 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop

The efficient design of the Envy Hp pavilion x360 gold is quite beautiful and elegant. It leaves behind all other expensive laptops in the dust with its top-notch features and affordable price. I love the fact that you can convert it into a tablet if you want and when you are watching movies it is the easiest thing in the world to flip it, relax with a cup of something delicious and enjoy! It is great for traveling because now you don’t need to bother about a large keyboard taking up your limited space. The system of the Hp pavilion x360 gold is swift and it does not have so much installed spam ware. The keys on the keyboard are soft so you do not have to punch so hard to get work done.


  • The keys are also quiet so there is no annoying tap or clicking sound when you type and because of the touchscreen, you can just do anything you want with your finger. No need for a mouse or even keys for navigation.
  • The Intel Core (i7) of this HP pavilion x360 gold comes with twelve GBs- DDR4 RAM.
  • Now you can run many applications even while browsing the internet with multiple tabs open while watching Netflix. Amazing right? It does all this and more without skipping a single beat.
  • It does not heat up at all even with the load and it still remains quiet. The battery can recharge really fast if you run out so just plug it for about an hour and it will charge right up without any issues.
  • The Hp pavilion x360 gold has Olufsen and Bang speakers which are very effective. They can get fairly loud and the sound is clear and crisp. It has good high and medium sounds and it is just perfect for watching movies with friends, playing games or music.
  • The screen is sharp and the brightness is average but can be adjusted. The touchscreen is as good as your smartphone!
  • This Hp pavilion x360 gold laptop has a sixth generation Intel two-core processor of i7-6500U that can be boosted to 2.7 GHz.
  • Graphics are rated 520 with about 8239MB Graphics Memory. It has a 12GB DDR3L System Memory and a hard drive of 5400 rpm.
  • It has an HP TrueVision (HD) front-facing webcam with Installed two array digital microphones.
  • It is a 15.6 Inches diagonal laptop with HD backlit touchscreen display of 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  • The Hp pavilion x360 gold has a backlit keyboard with a numerics, HP Imagepad, and Multi-Touch LAN.
  • It comes with a headphone and microphone combination jack.
  • Now you might be thinking that it will be quite a hassle to flip this baby between a tablet and a laptop but it is not all. You can switch between the two seamlessly and swiftly.



  • I think that the battery could be better. You can get five hours when your screen is brightly lit and six hours when it is 75% lit and the battery saver is on.
  • It is quiet but the only noise comes from the hard drive which can be replaced.
  • The speakers have great high and medium sounds but the lows are not quite the same.
  • The screen can bleed light at the left corner (bottom) of the screen which is a common problem with HP laptops.
  • The screen is just 1080p resolution which is quite sharp but can reflect if you use it outdoors.



The Hp pavilion x360 gold with its touchscreen ability can boost your productivity and even simplify a lot of controls on your hybrid device. Combined with a convertible feature you can shift to traditional notebooks and connect to peripherals and displays. With Its Intel core processor and efficient battery, it has the capability to get work done. Not every operating system is optimized to give you the touch-friendly experience. On the Hp pavilion x360 gold, Its windows 10 Pro explicitly designed for touch does not just build on foundations laid in the past but improves it. Other business apps will soon follow suit, emphasizing on touchscreen as the mechanism of choice. Choosing it today puts you in a better position to make good use of the future’s productivity tools. Whether it is used as a laptop for your personal productivity, it is used in the tablet or tent mode to collaborate and demonstrate easily, the Hp pavilion x360 gold convertible laptop can serve as a platform for you if you are looking to explore the many merits of using a touchscreen/convertible approach to work.


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