Let’s admit it, large screen TVs have overtaken curvy screens and semi-flat televisions because of their far advanced features. They are light, can be placed on your stand or mounted for space, they are perfect for surround sound experience, ideal for a large family or a gathering of friends, can be connected to the Internet, connected to your phones, iPads, laptops and other devices and some of them can even be controlled with your voice! Amazing right? And these are just some of the many features that the large screen tv sets we reviewed possess. We took some long hours to review the best large screen tv sets and our finds were really impressive. Everything is outlined below, join the ride and be impressed.




Samsung UN75MU9000 Ultra HD TV

Samsung Electronics UN75MU9000 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model) large screen tv
With this large screen television, prepare to be amazed at all the breathtaking scenes it provides with Its premium UHD. This tv will plunge you deep in colour with one billion extra shades than other common UHD. Now you can see the various contrast among light and dark with its exceptional high dynamic range and immerse yourself into Its drama that allows you follow every single detail. With Its smooth MR 240 action, it is very easy to subsume yourself in all scenes and from my experience it doesn’t even get blurry when the action is shown very fast!



  • This large screen tv allows you to see the utmost contrast among the darkest blacks and lightest whites, in enhanced depth and colour.
  • It has a 360-degree design and the neat rear finish looks beautiful back to front whether it is on a stand or wall mounted.
  • Its remote an auto detect and also control all your linked components without manual programming.
  • It can connect your devices to a separate box, not the rear of your TV which makes it easy for you to switch without turning it.
  • This large screen TV has a complete Wi-Fi connection which allows you to link and stream from a wireless network.


  • It doesn’t have an automatic volume control which can be annoying during a commercial blare.
  • It has to use the same network and not every device is compatible.
  • This large screen tv has just one connect device which might not even be compatible with all your components.



LG 75SJ8570 Smart LED Tv

LG Electronics 75SJ8570 75-Inch 4K Smart LED TV (2017 Model) large screen tv

If you need a large screen tv that can grant you one billion vibrant colours uncommon in other televisions, this one is quite perfect for you. Enough detail was paid to this television as it is able to give you quality pictures with precise gradations and can also provide an experience that is almost theatre like so you do not have to spend extra money going there when you can just sit back, relax and have fun. This LG large screen tv also has a premium Harman audio system, Dolby vision and active HDR which that can completely fill your room with exceptional quality sound and male your entertainment crystal clear respectively. I realized that you can also use Its webOS to stream whatever content you wish to watch from wherever you want to watch it.


  • This large screen tv can give you about a hundred IP channels for free.
  • It can offer you quality dynamic range and can also offer a scene by scene optimization with Its Dolby vision.
  • This large screen tv has webOS that lets you stream all your desired content for optimal viewing pleasure.
  • Its Bluetooth and wireless connectivity allows you to set up your theater without pressure
  • This is the only (live) television that lets you customize your channel lineup by yourself and even save it to watch later.
  • It has a plus application can help you access many internet channels for free.



  • It does not come with 3D so if you want one, you might have to get a different one.
  • This large screen tv is quite heavy so you might need help to carry it.



Samsung UN75MU6300 4K LED TV

Samsung Electronics UN75MU6300 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model) large screen tv

This television redefines your viewing experience with its ability to produce a colorful HDR picture. It has four times more pixels than even a full high definition TV. With Its 4K drive, it gives you pure and vibrant colours with a wider spectrum and also a realistic experience. What’s more, this TV has Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to link your wireless and stream all you want.

I noticed that it has a user-interface that gives you a quick access to your streaming content of choice without hanging constantly which means you can keep as many applications open as you want without issues.


  • This large screen tv comes with WiFi that makes it easy for you to connect to the Internet and stream to it.
  • It has a complete array of outputs and inputs with three HDMI ports.
  • It can show vivid colors and still show you many more shades among them.
  • This large screen tv has two USB ports, one ethernet port, one component input, one composite input, one RF input, one Digital audio output, and an RS232C serial interface.
  • Its 4K HDR makes it possible for extremely bright and dark objects to be shown in high resolution.
  • It can give you 4 times as many pixels as an HD TV meaning that Its experience is more detailed.
  • This large screen tv gives you a fantastic viewing experience which shows your chosen media with better clarity.



  • It becomes slow and can freeze slightly if you have plenty applications open at the same time.
  • When you are playing games, it can show substandard gradients.
  • The screws for the base of the TV are quite difficult o fix so you might need help.



Samsung UN65MU8000 Ultra HD LED TV

Samsung Electronics UN65MU8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2017 Model) large screen tv

Every movie, concert or music video deserves an outstanding picture and this tv allows you to experience realistic and rich color with about one billion extra shades of color than the normal UHD televisions. It also allows you to relish the upgraded depth of HDR and with its extreme contrast among the extreme darkness and light, you can not miss any detail. I am sure you would love the fact that it allows you to link your devices to a different box, not the rear of the tv which maintains that classy, modern and refined look.



  • It has a remote that automatically controls and detects your linked components and devices without programming.
  • It has a smart hub that lets you search for and enjoy your sports, tv shows, movies and games online.
  • This large screen tv has an MR 240 that can make quick action realistic from the sleek frame to the rear.
  • Its back looks contemporarily stylish from back to front, on a stand or even wall mounted.
  • It comes with a different box that lets you link your devices instead of linking it to the rear of your tv.
  • It has an excellent life-like contrast that lets you see every shade within in outstanding depth.




  • You cannot use different networks and some devices are not compatible.
  • This TV comes with sponsored content which can be quite distracting.
  • It is better to watch in a dim room as it is 500 not 1000 nits as claimed.




Large screen TVs have better contrast and resolution than other TVs and help you enjoy your experience without stress. They can be watched by a large number of people and because the screens do not reflect light like other kinds do, it makes it easier for you to watch and enjoy. They allow you to enjoy the ultimate surround sound experience and can be connected to the internet for streaming and even your devices. Large screen TVs have come to make your life better, make way for them.


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