10 Good Businesses For Millennials Interested In Entrprenuership

10 Good Businesses For Millennials Interested In Entrprenuership

Hey millennials, in this age, it is important to plan your spendings. This would involve what you’d consume, how you’d look -always fabulous or just ok but great, your level of celebration -champagne and dom-perignon or just a bottle of coca-cola. If spending is worthy of planning, then income is definitely worth planning. Agree?

In this article, we have put together 20 businesses young entrepreneurs you can do for profits. So get your popcorns, sit down, and relax cos it gonna be a PROFITABLE hour!


10 Executive Businesses That Can Make Some Good Money.

1. Set up a Pet Sitting Company

You know that childhood fantasy you used to have about doing what you love and earning some money alongside, this cute item can bring you some good money if you do it well. Create a business on pet sitting today!

2. Set Up a House Sitting Company

More House owners are needing more house sitter now than in the past years. Now couples don’t only need baby sitters to babysit the kids while they are out partying, they need house sitters now to take care of the house while they are on vacation. This item might be demanding and a bit risky, I mean for the time you’d be in charge of the house, YOU’D BE IN CHARGE, you know, you are liable for whatever happens. Definitely not for the pessimists.

3. Set Up a Babysitting Company

Advertising your kid-care services for free market places can put you on the track of making some good money. Just do that then watch as people book you to watch their kids while they are away.

4. Blogging and Promoting It

Start and set up your blog and start creating an online presence that would in return make you some money. This could be via affiliate market or advertising. Basically, just start creating good, original, and captivating content for the world to use. This is what BBCh does. BBCh reviews products ranging from foodstuff to electric fans and from ebooks to physical services.

5. Selling Used Books

Sell books that are just lying around your house for money. This can be done on one of the several online stores where books are sold.

6. Managing Social Media

The new generation -often referred to as The Millennials, have a good understanding of the various social media platforms. You can turn your knowledge into money by offering a service to manage people’s business social media account.

7. Owning a fleet of cars running Uber or Lyft

It is totally free to sign up as an Uber driver or Lyft driver, and really rewarding too. You should consider provisioning some cars and getting drivers to run them.

8. Consulting

People consult people for virtually anything and everything. If there is anything you have quite a knowledge about food and nutrition, Business Development, Health and life, relationships, blog creation, fashion designing, beauty, and wellbeing, or even knitting, you should consider becoming a professional consultant.

10. Professional Organizing

Great! Become an event planner or a professional organizer. With the new penetration of social media into the life of people, this work has even become easier. Now you don’t have to worry much about being known and getting a fair share of the market. You run Facebook ads. A locally targeted FB ad costs as cheap as $20.

Bonus: Tour Guiding

You can offer tour guides by signing up on a tour website for free. The site would find you tourists who would pay you for your service. The website company gets to keep a percentage of your earning, though.

These are just some really great ideas.
You’re tired of wasting your precious time playing games and click away on Instagram, want to start making good use of your time and make some money. These tips are for you!

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