If you just need an air compressor to run some light & quick tasks, then you can make do with an air compressor of a few gallon capacities. However, if you are a technician who values uninterrupted performance, quick turn-around-time, and unlimited efficiency then you definitely need a high capacity air compressor like a 20 gallon air compressor. Even a regular who doesn’t like using electrically powered hand tools would also need one of these high capacity air compressors.

Let’s say you are interested in crafts or you are a professional carpenter who tries to keep the cost within budget while delivering on time, you will need, at least, a nail gun and often times, a spray paint to make things faster. Thinking about using a nail gun and a spray paint, by default, would have you thinking about getting an air compressor to power them, and if you are the type that craves for an uninterrupted performance, you should be thinking about a 20 gallon capacity air compressor as it has the ideal capacity to take you for a long while.

20 gallon air compressors serve a wide range of purposes, from enabling power tools to enabling suction/compressor tools to help you complete your projects very quickly.

These 20-gallon-capacity air compressors generally are available in different brands. This large variety makes it pretty cumbersome to pick one. This is because these brands also come in different models, some with better performance and some with less quality. You can imagine how tough it would be to pick one when you really need to pick the best.

In this article, I have talked about the best 20 gallon air compressors that are perfect for your needs, and to make your selection process easier, I have reviewed these air compressors and I have picked the best you should consider. Here are our results.



WEN 2202 air Compressor -20 gallon

WEN 2202 20 GALLON air Compressor --WEN 2202 20-Gallon Oil-Lubricated Portable Vertical Air Compressor

Have you ever used an upright 20 gallon air compressor power for your various pneumatic tools? This WEN 2202 air compressor is vertical, oil lubricated and a great companion for your job site, workshop or garage.

All you have to do is plug in your staplers, nailers, spray guns and any pneumatic tool for a dependable and also versatile set up that caters to your painting and woodworking needs. You will like the fact that this 20 gallon air compressor has two legs that are rubber footed and its stability is maximized by two wheels which prevent the compressor from falling during operation.

Its still tank is reinforced and it 15A motor both work actively to give you the max pressure of 135 PSI. SEE ON AMAZON


  • I really like the automatic shut down function which turns off the compressor once it gets to its max PSI for reliable compressing.
  • This air compressor is single-stage and has air rates of 90 PSI at 3.8 CFM and 40 PSI at 5.0 CFM.
  • This 20 gallon air compressor as 2 pressure gauges. One monitors the internal pressure and the other regulates the air flow rate of the tank.
  • It has an onboard handle which makes storage and transportation very easy.
  • Its quick coupler outlet is 1/4-inch NPT which enables fast hose changes.
  • It is backed by a 2-year warranty.
  • It has a quick drain valve that is easy to reach.


  • It is not the most silent in this review. However, it is still a great air compressor.



Industrial-Air IL1682066 20-Gallon Air Compressor

Industrial Air 20-Gallon Air Compressor --Industrial Air IL1682066.MN 20-Gallon Belt Driven Air Compressor with V-Twin Cylinder

If your operation is heavy duty like a livestock operation, mechanic shop or service truck, this 20 gallon air compressor is designed exclusively for your needs. This air compressor features extra components and I noticed that it is built to last under extremely tough conditions.

They are perfect for any kind of operations from farming to professional use. It’s performance and power is very reliable as its twin cylinder pump is made from cast iron and has a valve plate and also an aluminum head which aids quicker heat dissipation. SEE ON AMAZON


  • This 20 gallon air compressor has a motor with dual voltage induction which is capable of driving efficient pump performance which aids stress-free operation.
  • This tank has pneumatic tires which are pre-attached.
  • It has an efficient pressure gauge, quick set regulator and an off/on switch button.
  • It comes with a two-year limited warranty.
  • It has onboard controls which offer quick access to the tool and tank pressure gauges, regulator, an air outlet, and switch.
  • This air compressor comes with synthetic compressor oil.
  • The Front handles enable stress-free transportation to different sites.
  • Its Dual voltage 120-volt motor can be converted to 240-Volt application
  • This 20 gallon air compressor has a crankcase which is one piece iron crankcase
  • It has an oil fill which is easily accessible and a sight glass with is oil level and a balanced flywheel


  • You need to be extra-careful with this guy if not the main belt pulley might be misaligned



DeWalt DXCMPA1982054 air Compressor -20 gallon

DeWalt 20 gallon air Compressor --DeWalt DXCMPA1982054 20-Gallon Portable Air Compressor

This Dewalt air compressor with a capacity of 20-gallon is really great for tough job site projects as DEWALT has both gas and electric powered commercial air Compressors. From my experience, this compressor contractor unit is a good pick because it is portable, has a high volume, and has a capacity that can complete really high demands to get your job done.

This DeWalt 20 gallon air compressor is also made from Cast iron, it has a twin cylinder and an oil lubricated pump which is built along with an efficient flow regulator. This compressor’s motor is dual voltage and its max pressure is 155 PSI. It is portable, comes with synthetic oil and one year warranty for all its parts and a two-year warranty on its pump. SEE ON AMAZON


  • It is made from cast iron, has a twin cylinder pump with an aluminum head and also the valve plate makes sure that heat dissipates faster.
  • It has an effective flow regulator which supplies more torque for work like removing seriously stubborn bolts and nuts.
  • This 20 gallon air compressor induction motor features a dual voltage which smoothes over the operation.
  • It has onboard controls that allow easy access to the regulator, air outlet, switch and pressure gauges.
  • Its Pneumatic wheels have a small footprint for efficient mobility.
  • Its handle allows quick transportation to different sites.



NorthStar Air Compressor -20 gallon

NorthStar 20 gallon Air Compressor--- NorthStar Belt Drive Single-Stage Portable Air Compressor - 2 HP, 20-Gallon, Vertical, 5.0 CFM

This Northstar air compressor with 20 gallon capacity is built with a very durable cast iron twin pump and a cast iron head that enables quick heat dissipation and discourages the transfer of heat among cylinders. You would like the fact that the Belt drive pump is oil-lubricated and it runs silently and gives long pump life.

It’s 20 gallon tank is vertical and ASME certified. This compressor can be used for commercial shops and it has enough power to operate an impact wrench, nailer, sandblaster, airbrush, air ratchet, nibbler, spray gun and others. It has flat free tires and also a portability kit.


  • Its Maximum PSI is 135 and it can run 90 PSI at 5.0 CFM and 40 PSI at 6.0.
  • This 20 gallon air compressor has a Duty Cycle of 100%.
  • Its drain System is Manual and the tank type is vertical.
  • It is not stationary and its mobility is top notch.
  • It has an induction motor with dual voltage.
  • It has a single stage pump with 2-cylinder cast iron.
  • It is wired for 115V operation and has a 6ft. cord and also a plug and can be rewired to 230V.


  • It is not the strongest in this review. However, it is still decent.




High capacity air Compressors like the 20 gallon air compressor are great for DIY Auto Repairs. Mechanic bills are quite large and if you need to just change your fuel filter, perform a tune-up or install a PCB valve you can receive little instruction and use your air compressor. If you are tired of spending so much time and exerting yourself on removing too tight bolts or even rusted ones you can use an air ratchet attached to your air compressor. Air Compressors can also be used with air blowers too and practically any tool that requires air so pick out one and live a stress-free life.


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