Best vertical air conditioner review

Best vertical air conditioner reviewVertical air conditioners are good cooling choices for your rooms and houses that do not have access to primary air conditioning. They are quick to install, give you instant cooling, and even come with lots of great features that are easy to operate. While they seem all good and efficient, there some key checks you... Read More »

Best smallest vertical window air conditioner

Best smallest vertical window air conditionerMany house households usually have a small vertical window air conditioner or even an in-room unit. The number of people who do is increasing everyday.  This is because they are ideal solutions to the stifling heat and the humidity of the hot summer weather. Many window air conditioners can operate quietly and effectively when cooling... Read More »

Best slider window air conditioner

Best slider window air conditionerYou do not have to bear the stifling summer heat when there are energy efficient, slider window air conditioners available out there. Since the 26th of October in the year 2015, every single energy star rated vertical window air conditioner has been mandated to reach a set standard which is energy star 4.0. This sets... Read More »