On this 90 degree angle drill review:
1. I reviewed for the 5 best angle drill manufacturers, these are Hitachi, Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, and Ingersoll
2. I reviewed the best models of angle drills from these brands. Based on Durability, Competence, and Affordability.
3. The below are my results.

5 best 90 degree angle drill kits

Hitachi DN12DYK 12-Volt Ni-Cad 3/8-Inch Cordless Right Angle Drill/Driver Kit


The Hitachi DN12DYK 12-Volt Ni-Cad Cordless Right Angle Drill is one drill that fits into the narrowest of places with its slim design. It has a 3-inch head and the smallest drill head amongst all the 90 degree angle drills class. Its variable speed control triggers its speed which ranges from 0-800rpm and maximum torque at its highest rpm.

On purchase, the kit consists the drill, a set of two (2) batteries, a 50-minute charger all packed in an injection molded plastic case. Like many tools in this class, the Hitachi DN12DYK comes with a lifetime Lithium-ion warranty.


The Hitachi DN12DYK angle drill 12 V motor delivers unmatched drilling performance. Its reverse feature allows removal of the angle drilling bit should it get stuck while working. Also, the keyless chuck allows for easy changing of the bits. Another great feature is that it allows you to adjust the working speed depending on the surface be it wood or metal. Therefore, performance is effectively maximized.

Makita AD02W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8″ Right Angle Drill Kit


The Makita AD02W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8″ Right Angle Drill Kit is one of the best additions one can make to their tool set. When it comes to tools, size and weight matter. The Makita AD02W 90 degree angle drill has a weight less than 3lbs. the weight includes the battery and all other factory fittings. Another feature of the AD02W angle drill you would love is the power and speed it delivers in driving into wood and metal plates and objects. The angle head is just 3-1/2” and it has a keyless chuck which makes it the most compact in the angle drill category. In the Makita’s bid to increase end user’s comfortability, the angle drill also has an easy-to-operate switch.

Makita, known for its kick-ass tools and the Lithium-ion battery technology, specifically designed this AD02W angle drill to be an addition to the pack. The Makita AD02W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8″ 90 degree Drill is efficient in its power delivery.

Makita AD02W operates on a motor that delivers 100 in.lbs. of Max Torque. When no load is applied to the angle drill, its records a speed of 800 RPM. It also has an L.E.D. light fixed to it for illuminating dark surfaces.


  • The AD02W comes in a compact 3-1/2″ angle head which is suitable for use in closed environments.
  • The Makita-built motor has an easy to operate paddle switch. The handle switch makes the sped control easier and also has a reverse switch.
  • The AD02W build has considered comfort in its design, hence you need not worry about inconveniences
  • The AD20W comes with two (2) 12v max Li-ion batteries, it also comes with a rapid charger that charges the batteries as fast as 30mins and a case for easy carrying.

DEWALT DCD740C1 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Compact Right Angle Drill Kit, 1.5 Ah


The DEWALT DCD740C1 20V MAX Li-Ion Compact 90 degree angle drill Kit features a 1.5Ah battery. The drill is equipped with high end technologies that make it the perfect companion for craftsmen. The DCD740C1 has a compact size that enhances its usage in compact places.

The DEWALT DCD740C1 20V MAX Li-Ion angle drill kit contains the angle drill, a li-ion battery (maximum voltage of 20V, capacity 1.5Ah). Also, it has a belt-hook, a box which serves as a carrying case and a fast charger that charges the drill in 30 minutes. The item weighs about 3.8lbs, and it is backed with a three-year limited warranty service, a 1year charge-free service, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • This angle drill is specifically designed for projects that may involve longer work-time in tight places.
  • It allows for a 2-inch hex bit to be inserted firmly into the chuck, providing quality performance and allowing for steady control without compromising on size.
  • The ergonomic and slim handle allows for easier and less stressful drill grip for an extended period of time. This increases productivity and also promotes user comfort.

Milwaukee 2415-21 M12 12-Volt 3/8-Inch Cordless Right Angle Drill/Driver Kit


With a head size of just 3-3/4 inches, the M12TM 90 degree angle drill is compact enough for drilling in tight spaces. Though it is very lightweight, it delivers an amazing 100 in-lbs of torque. You would love that it features a spindle lock chuck that allows for the best grip. It also features electronic clutch, with 12 different torque settings and an inbuilt LED light for a great operation in dark corners.


  • The M12 Battery pack runs more tasks per charge and it is fit for more work overload than the other competitors.
  • The onboard Makita built fuel gauge monitor the charge precisely for you to easily tell how the battery is doing. So there’s less downtime on the job.
  • The kit includes an M12 REDLITHIUM battery, 30-minute charger and carrying case. 5y7ear too warranty, 2year battery warranty.

Ingersoll Rand W5330 20V 3/8″ Cordless Right Angle Tool


The Ingersoll Rand W5330 3/8″ 20V 90 degree angle drill (Impact tool) is a very powerful and really durable tool. It has come to stay as the most ergonomic in the class. Most impact tools cannot handle tasks the Ingersoll Rand angle drill handles. It delivers a high torque of 180ft/lbs maximum.

The Ingersoll impact tool is a very slim and portable tool with a total weight of just 5 lbs, including battery. With this lightweight, you can deliver just about any task of any magnitude quicker and with little or no stress. There are corners even a common angle drill cannot reach and this pose as a big limitation. The Ingersoll Rand W5330 angle drill is designed to eliminate such limitation and inconveniences with the 2.2’’ head. Unlike most cordless drills, the Ingersoll Rand is able to hit 1900rpm, this makes its fixing of multiple bolts superfast.


The W5330 90 degree drill (impact tool) can withstand stuff, and by ‘stuff’ I mean, stuff that would break a regular angle drill. The streamlined tough aluminum hammer cover case and effective water resistance casing prepare it for the worst incident ever. I can boldly say this tool is a durable tool to own.

The W5330-K1 20V angle drill kit comes with the drill, a durable battery, a fast charger and a storage case.

What is a 90 degree angle drill?

This drill, also called a right angle drill as many professionals may know, is not a common tool a few years ago. However, the trend is changing as many households and workmen now know the potentials locked in this powerful hand tool. It is a must-have tool for any handyman or artisan in the toolbox.

An angle drill is a tool used for drilling holes in wood and metals. One begins to wonder if it is used for drilling holes then what makes it so special. The special feature of an angle drill is that it is effective for use in corners and spaces where the human hand cannot conveniently work.


Advantages of an angle drill 

Space Constraint
The design of an angle drill is such that it accesses spaces that cannot be reached. The spaces between the cavity walls, the ceiling spaces, the space between the beams etc. it comes handy in for a plumber for fixing screws for pipework in such spaces with tight constraints.

The access to tight or impossible spaces is the major use of the 90 degree angle drill. Most people who own one get it because of this reason. If you need to access a space your hands cannot reach or you find working in such spaces herculean, then go get a right angle drill.


Flexibility in function
A good number of the 90 degree drills you find on the market are multi-use tools. By this, they allow for the removal of their drive head. Therefore, it is an ideal alternative for the conventional drill. However, it may come at a higher cost but the cost is justified because it is a very useful tool.

This is a plus to this tool as it serves as a conventional drill and as a right-angled drill. Hence, you get a two in one tool.


Ease of use
Unlike other traditional drills, the 90 degree angle drill allows the user more control when in use. There are a number of the drills that come with a grip and trigger that twists as the situation arises. This function increases the possibilities of the drill during use.

Comfortability is also very important in the use of any tool. The drill handle’s design is a masterpiece at comfortability enhancement. Also unlike other conventional drills, the angle drill is operated with both hands.


Although we didn’t discuss all, other outstanding features of the an angle drill are the extensions and gears. The tool is commonly found with construction industry related professionals. It helps to make work easier which is the goal of every machine. The design also ensures effective power management. The beauty of the 90 degree angle drill is that its accessories can be used in a conventional drill and vice-versa.

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