Hey BestBrandChecker! Vigwe here, and in this reviews I have discussed the need for a laptop owner to own a Backpack with laptop sleeve, and I have also reviewed the best out there. Sometimes you just need to carry your laptop around without stress. Ideally, for this, you need a backpack. But considering the risk involved in packing your laptops with other hard stuff, you may need a special type of backpack designed specifically for laptop owners, this is a Backpack with laptop sleeve. They are really important in this regard which is why people make sure to look around for the best.

While they are usually simple in structure, good laptop sleeves backpacks are made to hold a large number of heavy things like your books. Some other good ones feature reflective panels which make you, the carrier, easy to be seen at night especially if you are the kind that hikes or use your backpack for other outdoor activities. There are backpacks that can be customized, anti-theft and even completely waterproof to keep your belongings safe. I have thoroughly checked out these different makes and styles of laptop sleeves bags and here are my picks of the best top-rated backpack with laptop sleeve which would serve you incredibly and even give you so much more value!



Travel Computer Backpack

 Travel Computer Backpack for Women & Men Fits 15.6 Inch Laptop and Notebook - Grey- backpack with laptop sleevesee prices

I noticed that this backpack (+laptop sleeves) easily matches a suitcase attire and doesn’t look awkward when used with a suitcase. It is also easy to slide over the suitcase. The top loop handle is very strong so it is pretty secure when you need to pick it up and move it.
I figured out you would like the safety measure that has been put in this bag which is the chest strap. The chest strap is adjustable and it also keeps the shoulder straps stable and allows you move your hands freely. Realy makes this backpack with laptop sleeve a good pick

The bag also has a hidden back theft proof compartment that allows you to keep valuables safe. This is one great thing that makes this bag a total win.
Also, one separate part allows you to haul a 13-17 inch laptop and it has a variety of inner pockets. The side pockets are elastic and can carry what you need. Did I mention that this backpack’s fabric is made from Water Resistant Polyester?
And of course, one year warranty is available. Awesome!

● Durability: After checking out this backpack, I have discovered that It is water repellent, resists tear and has good zippers.
● It is really Spacious: You would that this TCB backpack with laptop sleeve has a large compartment and the sleeves are padded for heavy laptops. I discovered the Front part has many pockets for all of your equipment. The Front U-zip pocket enables you quick access to what you need. It has two side parts for umbrella or water bottles.
● Because of the built-in USB charger, this backpack enables you to charge your phone even while walking.
● I noticed that the padded shoulder straps on this backpack with laptop sleeve features a sleek design that offers you plenty back support. Its Strong foam padded handle aids with secure holding when picking it up


● It is not waterproof, It is just water resistant.
● The zipper gets stuck along with the inner folding sometimes


Black Sosoon Business Bags

Black Sosoon Business backpack with laptop sleevesee prices

What I liked about this backpack when I first saw it is that unexpected for a backpack with laptop sleeve, the Sosoon Business laptop bag has an External USB Interface with a built-in charging cable which helps you charge your devices anywhere you are. The polyester material discourages scratches. it is fair enough for light rain but don’t stay long under water because it can absorb if you do.

● The main zipper makes it very hard for a thief to steal from you when you are not paying attention
● It has a Quick-access Pocket which is on the shoulder to keep your different cards like passport and ID card safely. It comes with a trolley string and a clip in front
● This nice Sosoon backpack with laptop sleeve is good for people of all ages, especially for business or leisure trips, and college students and it weighs just 1.9 Pounds
● It comes with a 1-YEAR WARRANTY.


● You might have a problem with the anti-theft zippers if you have not used them before
● The charging port really doesn’t charge your devices as quickly as connecting them directly to your power bank does.


Grey Mancro Laptop Bag

Grey Mancro Laptop backpack with laptop sleevesee prices

Mancro backpack with laptop sleeve is Made of durable nylon which is really pleasant to feel which is why I included it. it features a reinforced bottom which is Light and perfect for whatever activity you intend to use it for. If you like the fact that It has an External USB with built-in charging cable which is Designed for a Micro-USB Port then get it.


● The Two side pockets are sealed and provide a very strong and secure carry than most kinds of pockets.
● If you would love a soft backpack with laptop sleeve which can hold laptops of sizes as long as 17 inches and more with still enough space left, then this is for you.
● It has metal zippers and also a lock, which is theft proof, and protects your belongings inside from theft
● The Fabric is Water Resistant And it comes with a Lifetime Warranty.


● Even though the USB feature is highlighted, you still have to have a charged battery source to use it.


ibagbar Water Resistant Laptop Bag

ibagbar Water Resistant Backpack with laptop sleevesee prices

This backpack protected my laptop from a coffee spill. It is water-resistant. It has zippers that will hardly break or get damaged quickly and will last for a long time. You can Bring this really cool backpack with laptop sleeve anywhere with you because it fits any weather and it’s Water resistant action will protect your belongings from rain pours.


● It has a Unique Design
With one separate laptop compartment which I discovered can fit 12″- 17″ inches. The Main part can fit clothes and a plethora of other things. The Front part can be used for keeping little things.
● The Anti-Theft part at the back is for your valuable things, like phone, wallet, credit card and money which no one can get access since you’re the only one who can reach it on your back.
● The right shoulder has a metal D ring on the strap which you can attach your other accessories like water bottles or pouch.
● You would love that the Ibagbar backpack with laptop sleeve is designed with a Side slot for charging cables so you can charge your gadgets anywhere you are and it has side pockets.
● Its Multi-panel design provides an extra padding for comfort and plenty back support when carrying. It also a comes with a hand strap.
● The zipper pocket increases safety and also allows you to lock it if you want. It also has a USB charging port so you can easily charge any of your gadgets.
● It comes with 30 days Money Back Guarantee. If you for any reason don’t like your brand new Laptop Bag simply return it for a refund. It also comes with a one year Seller Warranty.


● The shoulder straps do not have enough padding so heavier the bag, the more uncomfortable it becomes.



AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops up to 17-inches

AmazonBasics for Laptops up to 17-inches backpack with laptop sleevesee prices

This backpack has a Large multi-faceted backpack with a padded strap for laptops and it was able to hold my 17″ computer. It has water bottle pockets at the sides great for organization

● This backpack gives you enough space to hold items. It easily fits your belongings without stress
● The multi-compartment has a padded sleeve to reduce the discomfort caused by heavy things
● It has water bottle side pockets and the Weight is 1.98 pounds


● The laptop pouch is not well protected.



Targus Drifter II bag for 17-Inch Laptop,

Targus Drifter II Backpack for 17-Inch backpack with laptop sleevesee peices

This backpack does not come with simple backpack straps at all they are way better from what I have discovered. It is made of highly durable materials and this backpack gives you the liberty to pack up without the stress of backpack fatigue. The shoulder straps have shock absorbers which give you the liberty to move comfortably so you can move forward with your day.

● Designed to fit up to 17 inches laptops, the Targus Drifter backpack with laptop sleeve would take what you want it to take comfortably and is great for style conscious persons
● It Features multiple parts for ample storage and this smart backpack gives you enough room for all the things you need to carry
● It has panels on the backside of the pack which provides a comfortable carrying experience and alleviates the discomfort of strenuous work. In addition, a secret zipper on the back of the pack is the perfect hiding spot little things like wallets
● With several compartments available, there is ample space available and it has shock absorbers
● This Targus Drifter made backpack with laptop sleeve also features multiple zippered compartments.
It is made of durable nylon materials and it is water-resistant
● The Strong molded plastic handle is supported by metal cabling.
● It comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty


● The shoulder straps, though is made of a reliable material, do not reflect the same quality construction as the rest of the package



AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack – Gray interior

AmazonBasics DSLR and backpack with laptop sleevesee prices

The AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack is specifically made for professional photographers and it was made for equipment similar to cameras and lighting. You would love that this AmazonBasic DSLR backpack with laptop sleeve comes with a customizable interior to protect 2 cameras, 17-inch laptop, and other things

● When you travel with your computer, there is no need to bring an additional bag. The padded interior features a separate interior space that is able to hold 17-inch laptops.
● It protects 3-4 lenses and additional smaller accessories
● The padded interior and mobile dividers allow for plenty storage space
● Side straps hold bulky accessories
● The customizable interior of the AmazonBasics backpack can be adjusted to fit more item
● It is backed by a one-year AmazonBasics warranty

● There is no standing water bottle holder and the Camera straps are also a little flaky.


Amazonbasics Travel Laptop Backpack

Amazonbasics Travel Laptop backpack with laptop sleevesee prices

The AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack is perfect for anyone on the move which is why I recommend it and it keeps your work equipment portable. It can be Used for business trips or even shopping. The Amazonbasics Travel backpack with laptop sleeve offers a lot of compartments for keeping your items secure.

● It is a Lightweight yet it lasts long
● It has a Separate padded laptop compartment with adjustable strap
● It Fits most 17-inch laptops
● Pockets for organizing smaller items like cell phones|
● The Padded shoulder straps are contoured and it comes with Water-bottle pockets and a detachable key ring
● The compartment provides a strap that can be adjusted to accommodate different laptop sizes, and its zipper is on the side


● The puller is far ahead, the pocket above is too small, and you can not hang the backpack.

Big backpack with laptop sleeves are necessities that can be used by everyone ranging from hikers to technicians and are for carrying heavy loads or carrying any sort of equipment because it is quite hard to carry heavy weights for long periods of time in the hands as it makes it easier to carry it on the back.

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