I don’t know about you but for me, the dining is one of the most important spaces in a house, second to the bedroom of course. It is basically the place where bonding gets real and love is genuinely spread. That is why inviting someone to din at one’s house means so much.

It can be quite challenging in a situation where you live in a small space yet need to make the most of the space. Or you have enough space but you don’t quite have too many people in the house often, making a big dining table not always a good fit.

For this case, you would need your dining to be expandable so you can have optimum usability all seasons while enjoying your space. This is a good reason to desire one of these trendy dining tables for small spaces that expand. It can be the drop leaf table, the 2sizes expandable table, the 3sizes expandable tables. etc.

Whichever it is, the good thing is that if purchased from a reliable source they always come with a guide to aid the setting up and expansion process. This could be a downloadable PDF or an eay-to-read manual in the package.




understanding the different levels of a good dining table for small space that expand.

Pocomoke Extendable Dining Table

An expandable dining table is an ideal choice for any size of dining space, narrow or huge, because it can be made small to take up less space and can be expanded to a bigger table to take more people. With these expandable dining tables, you do not need to drag tables to and fro other rooms when you need to have more people at the dining table, all you need to do is expand the table! And you certainly do not need to worry about your dining table taking up all your spaces when you don’t have much people around, all you need to do is shrivel the table! Dining tables for small spaces that expand come in different shapes; rectangular, square, round and the best ones have been outlined below.




Katrice Extendable Dining Table

Italian can never lag behind when it comes to class and style. Just like the Italian wine gets better as they age, this dining table for small space that expand is a piece that has been in design for a very long time. It is designed to give that antique look to give a sense of old world to the beholder.
Italian furniture is always epic and never gets out of style. Here is an architectural and artistic treasure that has been in design since Renaissance times. It is produced by the Italian province of Treviso. These guys are reputed for owning authentic Pieces of furniture that become more beautiful and richer as the aged through the years. This Katrice Dining Table for small spaces that expand is not different. It features a rich dark macchiato finish that shows the glory of the top-notch wood. With a soft surface texture to give a sense of an old antique furniture only found in museums. It has a seating capacity of 4 when collapsed and more when fully expanded. The expansion is designed as a removable leaf. It measures 54” L x 18” W x 30.25” H. When extended, it measure 72″ L. [shop]







Rutledge Pedestal Dining Table with Butterfly Leaf

A perfect rustic dining table for small space that expand. Good for homes with very little space for dining table. Designed to seat 4 people when collapse. Comes with butterfly leaves of 15" to enable expansion with their is a need to seat more people at the dining table.This Rutledge Pedestal expandable Dining Table is the perfect pick if you would love a solid yet portable dining table for small spaces that expand. Its rustic charm finishing is just epic.

On a regular size, it seats up to four people, and it features broad butterfly leaves so you can expand to cover more space more.

You would definitely love the trestle pedestal base build, and it’s solid crafted Oak veneer hardwood frame. It has a length of 57″, a width of 42″, and a height of 30″. Its leaf gives you an additional 15″ to enjoy the company of more people at your dining table. [shop]

Leander Extendable Dining Table

Leander Extendable Dining Table for small space that expand is just perfect if your dining is not so big but you want to be able to seat a good number of people if need be.
Behold a beautiful expandable dining table from Leander. For a home where appearance is not joked with and autistic of the interior decor is always 100%, this glossy dining table for small space that expands cannot be more right.

Suitable for small spaces and very perfect for seating a good number of visitors, you would love that the Leander Extendable Dining Table is designed to be scratch resistant so you can confidently place glasses and wine bottles on it without fear of it getting dented.

When fully collapsed it seats 4 people, this makes it the right size for a small family with a narrow dining space. The Leander Extendable Dining Table measures 48” L x 48” W x 39.75” H, and when extended, it measures 66″ L. [Out-Of-Stock -shop look alike]

Parfondeval Dining Tables

Great dining tables for small spaces that expand are identified by two things; they must be collapsible to fit small spaces and expansible to contain more people.One great reason you would love this Parfondeval dining table for small space that expands is that while in its collapse size it is very perfect for the everyday meal, it is also very purposeful for family or friends gatherings. It features multiple expansion levels crafted to cover enough space for the biggest dining table gathering. It has a seating capacity of 8 people and is made of solid beautiful Poplar veneer wood. The carefully crafted base is another solid reason to love this piece. [shop]

Saguenay Extendable Dining Table
This is one dining table for small spaces that expand you would love for its design. It features a rustic antique base with a brightly colored top. This contrast is what you need if you are looking to improve the aura of your home. You would also love that it is easy to expand and when it is expanded, it take about eight people. That's about double of what it takes when not collapsed.

Perfect for large family dinners and close friends wine chat alike, this cottage-chic dining table for small spaces that expand is designed to allow the easiest expansion you would see in expandable dining tables. [shop]

With its dark color base contrasting with its top bright color, it is everything any beautifully designed home would desire.

You would love that it is made from a Poplar solids veneers, one of the most respected materials in the interior furniture world.

Collapsed, it has a seating capacity of 4 persons and measures 42” L x 42” W x 30” H. When expanded, it measures 52″ L.


Pocomoke Extendable Dining Table


the Vector dining table for small spaces that expand is a good selection if you love wooden furniture and you are also a fan of glass furniture. This dining table is a blend of both. It is built with wood but is finished with a scratch and UV resistant coating that makes it look like glass.This beautiful dining table would make any homeowner proud. Particularly, I love the long sleek nature that makes it the perfect fit when looking for dining tables for small spaces that expand.

You would surely love it glass-like scratch and UV resistant finish. It is designed with solid wood and features an epic base design of two pillars joined by three bars.

The solidly built Poland origin dining table has a seating capacity of 6 when fully collapse and even more seating capacity when fully extended.

It measures 71” Length x 39.5” Width x 30” Height. When fully extended, it measures a length of 94.5″. [shop]









Cadogan Extendable Dining Table

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Winsome Square Space Saver

Winsome Space Saver with 2 Stools, Square dining tables for small spaces that expand

This dining tables for small spaces that expand rarely have this beautiful combination of sturdy and composite wood with a nice teak finish. I found that it comes with two stools! Some do not even come with chairs at all so this is a plus. It also comes with wheels so you do not have to drag it about and spoil your floor. Problem solved, right? It can save a lot of space in your kitchen and you can even use it as a work table for your laptop and notebooks. You can assemble it very easily all by yourself in about twenty-five minutes, all you need to do is lay out everything as directed in the manual, then follow it step by step for a wonderful finish.


● This dining tables for small spaces that expand unit can be moved around easily because it comes with five wheels.

● It has two stools that you tuck away inside the cart when you are not using it.

● It has two drawers where you can keep your cutlery and other kitchen utensils.

● It even has a paper towel holder so you do not keep misplacing them.

● Its drop leaf top is perfectly constructed for ease of use and comfort.

● It is made of solid composite wood which makes it very sturdy.

● You can use it in your kitchen or even outside for an outdoor meal.



● The color you see might not match the color of the set which you get.

● If you use all of the stoppers for the drawers, it may lock the drawers in making them move together.



Coaster Home 130015 Walnut and Black Dining Room Set

Coaster Home Furnishings 130015 Casual Dining Room 3 Piece Set, Walnut and Black dining tables for small spaces that expand

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to create space in your apartment, this dining tables for small spaces that expand piece helps you do just that. This casual and simple styled dining and kitchen set has a nice two-tone finish and fits beautifully into your kitchen nooks and dining rooms. It has two shelves which are constructed of the piece and even a fold-out table that can add more space. From my findings, it has two wonderful matching side chairs which makes breakfast cozy and practical. It does not hurt that it is very easy to assemble, looks like a very expensive table for a fraction of the price and can even be used in your office!



● This dining tables for small spaces that expand unit has a two-tone brown and black finish which gives it a practical and stylish look.

● It has two shelves at the table ends with two comfortable and sturdy chairs.

● You do not need to pay extra to get a professional to assemble it for you as it is very easy to do so.

● It looks very pretty and fits wonderfully in your small breakfast nook.

● It is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and can fit about four people.



● It can take a lot of time to assemble if you are not used to it.

● The instructions are not detailed and leave you to figure some things out.



East-West DLVA3-OAK-Kitchen Nook Table Set.

East West Furniture DLVA3-OAK-C 3-Piece Kitchen Nook Dining Table Set, Oak Finish dining tables for small spaces that expand

This drop leaf kitchen and dining table set is a compact dimension which is best for limited dining spaces. Constructed from Asian solid wood, this beautiful round table and chairs is finished with a smooth and gorgeous Oak color. The kitchen set can complement all rooms superbly even classic kitchens and dining rooms. I noticed it has two drop leaf tables, not just one! It is held by a single pedestal and gives you increased versatility because when you combine the two drop leaf tables its total size offers you additional space and you can use it easily for guests and for your family. It is a great addition to your home and can be used outside too.



● This dining tables for small spaces that expand piece is a three-piece Dublin round table that can seat about three people comfortably.

● With its two drop leaf sides, you have ample space for whatever you want.

● It has two upholstered comfortable seats with slatted back chairs with a cool Oak finish.

● Its high-quality chairs are made from hundred percent sturdy Asian Hardwood.

● The table is 42 inches long and wide and 29 inches tall while the chairs are 17 inches wide and long by 37 inches height.

● It has 2 drop leaves which are both nine inches wide and useful for limited spaces.



● The color you get might not be the same as the one you see in the picture.

● The recessed spindles at the back of the chairs might not give you comfy back support.



Handi-Craft Compact Dining Set

Handi-Craft 3 Piece Compact Dining Set w/Table and Matching Chairs dining tables for small spaces that expand

Dining tables for small spaces that expand by Handi-craft give you a three-piece small dining and kitchen set which blends with the décor of your home. Now you can treat yourself grandly with a brand new compact kitchen set that comes with two chairs which means you do not have to wait for a set of chairs to arrive or even spend more money to get more chairs. You can just take it out and begin using it immediately without any fuss. It is perfect for parties, your dorm room, an apartment, hour office or even your home and I marvel at the fact that its universal versatility helps you save the extra cost of getting extra tables!



● The frame of this dining tables for small spaces that expand unit is built with dark rich brown metal tubes for durability.

● The tubes are powder coated to give it a stylish finished look to make your home beautiful.

● It is designed to look great in every environment and is remarkably versatile.

● Unlike many drop leaf top compact tables out there, this one is easy to maintain and clean.

● It does not just accommodate every room, it has a contemporary look guaranteed to make it blend beautifully.

● It resists fade so you do not have to worry about what cleaning will do to it.

● It is very hard to stain this product as it is stain resistant and easy to clean.



● It is quite small for a drop leaf table so if you do not intend to use it for a large gathering, it is still suitable.

● The strews can be quite difficult to fix if you are not patient.

● The instructions are not quite detailed which might pose a problem in the assembling.



Harewood Dining Set With Upholstered Seats

Harewood 3 Piece Dining Set, Constructed of Sturdy Rubber Wood with Microsuede Upholstered Seats dining tables for small spaces that expand

With this dining tables for small spaces that expand piece, you can give your kitchen and dining area a feel of a stylish high-class hotel restaurant with Its Harewood 3 piece contemporary dining set. It is ideal for small areas and comprises of a beautiful table and two gorgeous chairs which are upholstered with quality microsuede which makes you very comfortable and even with the beauty, it is still very strong and has hard-wearing seats. Now you can make all your meals a romantic scene with your own cozy table for two. And With its three-piece ensemble, it lets you dine in comfort style even with limited floor space. it is great for a small studio apartment or even a down-sized home and this table and two chairs work well in your breakfast nook!



● This dining tables for small spaces that expand unit lets you have an intimate dining system anywhere at all with its sturdiness and beauty.

● It has a square-top table which is thirty inches across for ample space.

● This set has a dining table and two contemporary upholstered chairs.

● It is made of a very strong rubberwood for durability and long-lasting time.

● The comfy seats are upholstered with a warm stylish brown microsuede.

● The table is thirty inches long and thirty inches wide and twenty-nine inches high.


● It can be quite shaky after some years of usage but still works perfectly.

● It takes quite a lot of time to assemble which can be annoying.



Zinus Provence Dining Table

Zinus Provence Drop Leaf Wood Dining Table / Turned Legs / Light-grey and Natural dining tables for small spaces that expand

This set has beautiful light-grey painted legs and wonderful neutral wood tone for the surface. The legs can be turned giving it a remarkably stylish and classy look. Its Zinus drop leaf table is very flexible and gives you no trouble at all to set up and use and put it back down and with Its aesthetically pleasing attribute, it will add not just flexibility but character to your dining room or kitchen. It is very easy to assemble in a matter of minutes and has an extremely strong wood design for durability and even long-lasting use. I am sure you would like the fact that it comes with a one year warranty so if you do not like something or you are not satisfied, you will be attended to.



● Not all dining tables for small spaces that expand pieces have two-tone painted wood and this one is also made from beautiful pine wood.

● The wood is very strong which makes sure that this table is quite sturdy.

● It does not come with just one drop leaf top but with a two drop leaf tops.

● Its well crafted and stylish turned legs give it a classy and contemporary look.

● It allows you to assemble it in minutes without any kind of stress.


● The color of the legs might be different from what is shown in the ads.

● It does not come with chairs so you have to get them separately.

● The legs can become quite shaky after some years of use.



Vegas Oval Dining Table Set

Vegas 7 Piece Round To Oval Extension Dining Table Set for 6 (Oval Back Chairs) dining tables for small spaces that expand

This is a beautifully distinctive, European designed dining and kitchen furniture collection, constructed to offer you an ideal balance of modern styling with a perfect blend of practicality and versatility which is commonly required of modern homes. It is not every day you come across a drop leaf table 7 piece set with 6 oval backed chairs which were what attracted me to it. It is quite chic and modern, very sturdy and still looks like it is double Its price tag. You do not have to set up the chairs at all and for the table, you just need to join the legs and your set is ready for use.


● This dining tables for small spaces that expand unit was constructed with strong European Beech frames tasteful American walnut veneers.

● It was made in in Europe with high-quality hardware and effective slides system.

● Apart from the regular table which it comes with it has an eighteen-inch self-storing drop leaf.

● It requires you to assemble it which will make you familiar with how it works so you can be extra comfortable.

● It has an off-white table finish and the top is made of sturdy weathered oak.

● The soft upholstery material is hundred percent Polyester fabric with a nice pebble grey color.



● The Colour of this dining tables for small spaces that expand might be different from what is shown in the ads.

● It may be smaller than expected as it is quite compact and probably suitable for children.



Winsome Lynden Dining Table And Ladder Back Chairs

Winsome Lynden 3-Piece Dining Table with 2-Ladder Back Chairs dining tables for small spaces that expand

This dining tables for small spaces that expand set is efficient and functional, saves a lot of space for wherever you want to keep it, whether in your kitchen, dining or even in your reading area.
Because of the large drop leaf table, it has a pull-out leg which supports the table and is able to take up to six people in your home so if you have limited space and still need a table for extra guests, this is perfect for you.
Some drop leaf table does not even come with chairs and the fact that this one comes with chairs is applaudable. Durable, laser backed chairs at that for a fraction of the cost. This drop leaf table has almost the same length as the regular table! Isn’t that amazing? This means that when you prop up the drop leaf part, it gives you about two times the normal size.


● This dining tables for small spaces that expand set has a drop leaf table along with two black ladder back chairs for your comfort.

● The drop leaf table is highly functional and great for space saving in your kitchen.

● The normal table surface is 29.92 inches square and for extra space, it has an additional 17.95 width.

● You can slide out the leg to prop the drop leaf table up for more space.

● It has 2 ladder back chairs and a size of 16.60 inches wide and the weight limit- 220 Lbs.

● Both the table and the chairs are made from solid wood with Antique Walnut Finish.



● The instructions are quite unclear so you have to read carefully to understand.

● One screw hole might not be lined up well which can be awkward sometimes.

● Because of the slightly askew screw hole, it might be quite shaky.




Hickory Berringer Dining Room Table

Cottage Style Hickory Stain Berringer Dining Room Drop Leaf Table dining tables for small spaces that expand

This dining tables for small spaces that expand set has a tasteful country style from the Berringer dining collection and can take you back to the days when aesthetically crafted furniture was constructed by hand to upgrade the look of your home. It has a classy rustic look which I realized is as a result of the finish being hand-applied which flawlessly covers the strong workmanship of this outstanding dining furniture creating a warm, pleasant atmosphere for your dining experience. With the country beauty of this stylish furniture, this “Berringer” dining collection is so sure to upgrade your home’s beauty.



● This dining tables for small spaces that expand has a hickory stain beautiful finish which gives it a very classy look for your home.

● It has an extremely rich country style which gives your a fashionably rustic look.

● The finish was hand applied which means that you get more value for less the price.

● It was made with carefully selected high-quality veneers which makes it liable to last long.

● The hardwood is very solid which makes this table quite sturdy.


● This set only has a table, it does not come with chairs as shown in the ads so you have to get chairs for it when you get it.

● It can be quite small as it just seats two people comfortably.

● One of the legs sticks out a bit but really not noticeable.


With dining tables for small spaces that expand, you do not need to store your table in an already confined space and go through the stress of dragging it out for use, then dragging it back again when you’re done. It can be quite tiresome and exhausting. Why go through all that stress when you can just get a drop leaf table and enjoy yourself? You get extra counter space that can be put down after use to create space for your room. What are you waiting for? Browse through the above and get dining tables for small spaces that expand today.