Best 10000 to 5000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

Best 10000 to 5000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review

Of all BTU grades of ACs, the most popular is the grade-5000 BTU portable air conditioner. This grade consists of high-performance ACs whose British Thermal Units is between 5000 BTU and 10,000 BTU. With this level of diversity, it might be cumbersome to pick a good grade-5000 BTU AC. If you need a good 5000+ BTU air conditioner, do bear in mind that the portable models are the best options to go for. Pay keen attention while reading this review cos you are about to learn why.

The grade-5000 BTU portable air conditioner can give you more flexibility when compared to other through the wall or even window air conditioners. This is because portable air conditioners, generally, are usually compact and come with wheels. The condensation in portable ACs is also made very easy to manage. It is either gathered in a bucket or transferred through a hole or even redistributed through the air. These attributes could make it more confusing when choosing a good 5000+ portable AC. Not to worry, we would guide you.

How to choose a good grade-5000 btu portable air conditioner:

There are 4 things that you need to look out for when you want to pick a portable air conditioner and they are;  BTUs, special features, plug type, and the water removal system.

BTUs -British Thermal Units:

These are units of power. Basically, the bigger the space you want to cool off, the more British Thermal Units you need.

Plug Type:

There are two different categories of plug type -voltage and amperage. Many rooms have circuits which are rated for about 15 amps of electric power, and various AC units are built with the standardized 250 Volt/15 amp or 125 Volt/15 amp plugs which can be installed in most homes.

If you want a larger AC unit that has higher than 15 amps and more than 125 volts, you will need to call in your electrician to help upgrade your circuitry. If you are just replacing an existing AC, just choose a unit with the same kind of plug to be able to determine the ideal amount of voltage and amperage.

Water Removal System:

Many AC units usually self-evaporate so the condensation is redistributed right back into the air. In AC units that have a condensate pump, the water gathers in a tank and is pumped outside with a hose. For some other AC’s, water will gather in a tank which has to be drained manually every two – six hours depending on the humidity and its size. Managing this might be stressful for some people, hence, you should consider the water removal system for your convenience.

Special Features:

Lots of portable air conditioners also dehumidify which means that not only do they cool your room, but they can also take out excess moisture from your air. Different models of portable air conditioners can both cool off and heat up. But not all come with this feature. You might want to consider that too. I mean, what’s the point of buying a particular 5000-10000 BUT portable AC if it doesn’t have the basic features even a regular quiet window air conditioner has. Got the point?


One might wonder if there are bad or say “poorly built” portable AC. Or wonder if they are all better than the regular heavy AC. For this, I decided to look out for the best grade-5000 portable Air conditioners.

Best 10000 – 5000 portable air conditioner round-up

Portable air conditioners are usually very mobile and can be easily transported from room to room. Some models come with condensation buckets or even trays that you will need to empty frequently for the unit to work properly. If the AC is self-evaporating, the bucket would just need to be emptied. In this situation, the compressor would go off to stop the condensation, then an indicator light would come on to remind you to empty out the bucket. If the AC does not come with a condensate pump or even a self-evaporating system, then the bucket will just have to be emptied out every two – six hours depending on humidity.

The best ones have been reviewed below:

1. Honeywell MF08CESWW Air Conditioner

This grade 5000 btu portable air conditioner has everything you would desire for a a good ac.-Honeywell Air Conditioner

This 8,000 BTU Air Conditioner combines three in one technology into one lightweight body, and can cool and dehumidify spaces that are up to three hundred and fifty square feet. I noticed that it has an automatic-evaporation system and an efficient dehumidifying feature, including a standard 3-speed fan-only feature.

This works even more than a 5000 btu portable air conditioner. It works in any kind of room and it is a freestanding, stylish and convenient air conditioner which is able to give you dehumidification, fresh ventilation and quality cooling.


  • The efficient remote control lets you operate each function from right across your room. The window vent can even be removed whenever the indoor unit is not in use.
  • Unlike other fixed air conditioners, this unit does not require permanent installation and its smooth caster wheels glide swiftly and easily, thereby giving you quick mobility from one room to another room.
  • What’s more, its self-evaporation system lets it operate for hours continuously without needing manual draining. It comes with everything you need, including an exhaust hose as well as a window venting kit which is easy to install.


  • For the power delivered by the portable air conditioner, you would be needing a very strong extension cord if you must plug it to an extension cord. From what I have observed, you are better off plugging this AC directly to the power outlet.


2. Global Air Air Conditioner

Global Air 5000 btu portable air conditioner. Perfect breeze for the hottest summer. Designed string and sturdy and perfect for the largest bedroom.

This air conditioner has a 4-way air direction which assists in circulating the air properly throughout your room. I particularly like the digital controls which let you set the unit exactly where you need it. Its remote control which is easy to use makes taking charge of the temperature of the room even easier unlike some 5000 btu portable air conditioners.

This unit has a very easy to peruse LED display and also gives you the choice to make use of active carbon filters. It has 10000 BTUs of efficient cooling power that can keep cool a room that is up to 300 square feet.  Its two speed fan and cooling four way air direction aid in spreading your air evenly.


  • Its digital controls give you correct temperature adjustments while the remote control allows you control it from across your room.
  • The automatic-evaporative system doesn’t need a water tank because the condensing water is redistributed to upgrade its effectiveness through the cooling condenser.
  • It has an over-cold protection feature with 3 minutes restart delay setting when compared to some 5000 btu portable air conditioners. The breeze blows upward and it has an anti-frozen feature too.


  • You have to plug this unit directly into a power outlet as it cannot function with an extension cord.


3. Costway Air Conditioner

Costway 5000 btu portable air conditioner. you would like that this ac is design to serve big spaces perfectly. It features the AC features you can imagine. From water outlet. to mobility wheel, everything is made perfect in this AC.

This 8,000-Btu air conditioner is perfect for spot cooling. It can cool a small room that is up to about two hundred square feet. It comes with 4 casters that aid easy mobility to the areas that need to be chilled and it also comes with a remote for easy temperature control, fan timer, and speed adjustments, and I noticed the remote works from a distance away.

It has a fast installation window kit when compared to a regular 5000 btu portable air conditioner that helps to exhaust the air conditioner through any vertical or horizontal window. This air conditioner has a 2 way down and up air deflection system that distributes air properly and removes hot spots in your room thereby giving you enough airflow to cool down your space.


  • It was created with a variety of protective functions like the 24 hour programmable timer, the automatic condensate function, the super-efficient temperature sensor, and the water full warning control.
  • This air conditioner unit is able to give you options like fan, cooling, dehumidification and sleep mode unlike some 5000 btu portable air conditioners which is great for any house, apartment, school dormitory or even office use.


  • This air conditioner does not come with an automatic thermostat control function.


4. Ivation Air Conditioner

One factor worthy of note is that portable AC fans are not only good for their portability but also for their ubiquitous nature. This Ivation 5000 btu portable air conditioner is not different. It is designed to give the perfect coolness in the largest space.

Standard air conditioners may get the job done well, but they are large, bulky and can even block out your fine windows. With this air conditioner, you can enjoy the same kind of fast-cooling action wherever and whenever the heat hits you. It is an 8,000 BTU model which efficiently manages your ambient temperature more than a 5000 btu portable air conditioner would in 300 square feet rooms, eliminating heat and humidity for your comfort.

Made for ultimate portability, this machine stands quietly in the corner or along your wall. Just expand the window adapter which is included, fix the hose properly then experience the quick, cold, and soothing comfort with the press of the remote.


  • Whether you roll or drag it quickly or even grab it conveniently by the handle, this compact unit can go anywhere you want it to go. You can count on its powerful, quick-acting mechanism.
  • It comes with an installation kit which features 1 exhaust hose, various expandable window adapters, as well as all the accessories that you require to get it up and functioning in no time. It also has a really powerful dehumidifying feature that can give you quick relief in sticky or damp areas which is capable of removing up to sixty-one pints of unneeded moisture per day.
  • It has five functional modes that allow you pick from fan, cool, dry or auto which automatically adjusts itself according to the programmed temperature or even sleep which is an economy mode. Not all grade 5000 btu portable air conditioners have this feature.


  • There is no screen over the exhaust vent to prevent birds, critters or bugs from entering the vent.


5. DELLA Air Conditioner

Della AC are reputed for perfection and performance. This 5000 btu model is not any different. you would love that it features a moveable up and down vent and a very responsive remote control. This 5000 portable air conditioner is very worthy of having.

This unit helps you to reduce energy bill costs by allowing you to set it to work just when you want it, or even make it efficiently cool off your space right before you get to the office or home using its twenty-four-hour programmable timer which timer lets you set the air conditioner to work automatically.

You won’t find this ian all grade 5000 btu portable air conditioners out there. I specifically like the fact that once it comes on, you can even set it to turn off automatically whenever you want. It operates quietly. Unlike other air conditioners, the noise of this air conditioner has an extremely low decibel rating that will not intrude on your work or any other activity. It has 8,000 BTUs of fresh cooling power and is strong enough to keep the room cool consistently.


  • It has a fully-functional panel control with LED display, as well as a simple-choice control panel. It includes a mode picking button, down and up temperature adjustments, as well as fan speed selection.
  • You can take advantage of the casters which enable quick and easy movement.
  • The energy saving feature will help you cut costs by aiding in setting the air conditioner to operate only when you want it to unlike some grade 5000 btu portable air conditioners.


  • It does not come with an exhaust hose which you will have to get by yourself.


6. Costway Air Conditioner

Costway 5000 btu portable air conditioner. Built to last. Feature a very effective up and down vent movement and a firm rolling tires for easy movement.

This 8,000-BTU air conditioner is great for spot cooling, especially in large rooms. It comes with four casters that allow for easy transportation to the areas that need to be chilled. This AC unit also has a remote control that helps you to control the temperature, fan speed, and timer from right across your room and it’s more efficient than an average 5000 btu portable air conditioners.

You would need a fast-install window kit which is included to exhaust the AC through your horizontal or vertical windows. This unit has an up and down air deflection system designed to distribute air perfectly to remove hotness, thereby providing enough airflow to cool off your room.


  • This air conditioner gives you dehumidify, cooling, fan and sleep modes, which is great for home and even office use.
  • The easy to roll caster wheels enable easy movement across different kinds of floor surfaces. Its compact design is great for confined spaces, like apartments, dormitories, and many more.
  • It is made with a variety of protection features like a 24-hour programmable timer, an effective temperature sensor, as well as a water-full control which warns you when it’s full, unlike some 5000 btu portable air conditioners.


  • It does not come with an exhaust hose so will need to buy one to operate it.


7. Haier HPP08XCR Air Conditioner

One good pick from the portable ac review is this Haier 5000 btu portable Air conditioner for very obvious reasons. Haier ia a company reputed for sturdy and great products. This ac is not any different.

This unit has electronic controls as well as a fully functional remote control. It also has a digital time and temperature display as well as control with a twenty-four hour on and off timer. I noticed that it has three fan and cooling speeds. It also has a permanent mesh which is very useful for keeping out unwanted elements.

It has a side-out filter which is quite easy to wash. It also has a dehumidify mode and can cool really large rooms. It has been rated at 8,000 BTU which is great for this grade 5000 btu air conditioner review. This AC allows you to pick a temperature of about 62 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • This air conditioner has 3 fan modes and speeds. You can pick your preferred combination of settings using the control panel or even the included digital remote.
  • You can keep the air quality in your room intact with the indicator light which tells you when you need to clean out the internal filter. The attached wheels help provide easy portability as seen in other grade-5000 btu portable air conditioners.
  • Installation is a simple thing to do. You just need to install the airtight bracket included in your existing frame then link the clip-on drainage hose which works well with both sliding and hung windows.


  • You may need to wait for about twenty-four hours before you begin using the air conditioner. It appears the oil inside the compressor needs time to settle down after shipping.


8. Midea Air Conditioner

Midea 5000 btu portable air conditioner. The best when is comes to design and usefulness.

With a fully functional remote which helps you change the settings from across the room without you needing to get up, this is a compact air conditioner that has an easy drop-out and drop-in installation, quick mobility on steady wheels, and an efficient digital display.

The easy timer and ‘sleep well’ features make it really easy to auto preset the preferences overnight or even at any time up to twenty-four hours in advance. I like the awesome ‘Follow Me’ feature which makes sure that it targets wherever you are and make it cool. It is fast and easy, and installation requires no tool. It is able to fit both sliding and hung windows.


  • It automatically adjusts its overnight temperature to ensure maximum sleep comfort. You can even program it to turn on or off base on your presence at home.
  • The unit is able to tell your distance from the unit then automatically adjusts itself to the needed cooling strength. It has a big LED display as well as an easy to use control panel which comes with a clean filter warning.
  • It features an indicator light that tells you when you need to change the filter and even automatically lets you know when the filter needs to be cleaned.


  • It works really we but if you need to lift it, it is quite heavy so you need to be strong or have some helping hand.

Even though a 5000 btu portable air conditioner can be moved easily, the hot air needs a place to vent to the outdoors and this is possible with a hose which is attached to the AC which then lets it out through a ceiling, sliding door, window or wall.