Blood sugar monitor devices are just not for patients and doctors. Individuals use them when they are on diets like the ketogenic diet which is a diet which cuts down carbohydrates and helps with weight loss.  For those with diabetes, a lot of changes and precautions need to be put in place and this involves constant monitoring of the sugar level. In this review, we point out the top-notch blood sugar monitors to make it easier for people to purchase. It is, therefore, necessary to be aware of the importance of monitoring your blood-glucose levels regularly to avoid serious health problems.




People generally consider the following things when selecting a blood sugar checker and it will be helpful even on this list of top blood sugar checker devices:

The cost – Nobody needs a testing kit that will break the bank just to have so when choosing blood sugar monitors, affordable prices are extremely important and the monitors that will be reviewed today are definitely affordable.

Easy Usage – The same way some medical devices are far better than others, that’s also the same way that some blood sugar checkers are far easier to use than others. Some are easy to read, some don’t require much blood while some make it easier to get blood on the strips. You need a reliable testing kit that does not make you rack your brains endlessly about its usage. It should be easy to use not as hard as climbing Mount Everest.

Specific Abilities – There are some blood sugar monitors with the ability to upload your blood sugar data to your computer or phone which in turn makes it easy to email the test results to your doctor. If that is not amazing, I do not know what is.

Now let’s check out the top rated blood sugar testing kits that have the above qualifications and even more.




Active1st Bayer Contour NEXT Diabetic Testing Starter Kit 100 Strips 100 Lancets

 Active1st Bayer Contour NEXT Diabetic Testing Starter Kit 100 Strips 100 Lancets blood sugar monitor

The Active1st Baser Contour Diabetic Testing Starter Kit is one of the most effective blood sugar monitor. Not every testing kit has the Bayer Contour NEXT Meter. It also has a sizeable amount of test Strips and Lancets and the Instructions/Owners Log Booklet is available, and easy to decipher to help you every step of the way.

All components have an expiration date of as far as18-28 months; the Active 1st Bayer Contour blood sugar monitoring kit is very efficient and easy to use due to its advanced features. Active1st Bayer Contour NEXT Diabetic Testing Starter Kit comes with

100 Test Strips, 100 Lancets, Lancing Device.


This kit has EVERYTHING you need to test your blood sugar levels.

It Includes:

  • Easy to use
  • Control Solution
  • Gives Accurate result
  • Owners Logbook
  • Affordable at just $$ on Amazon


The test result could differ when not done accurately.

One Touch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

One Touch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System blood sugar monitor

‘One touch’ denotes that just a touch brings a drop of blood. You don’t need to drain yourself of the life-giving fluid just to test your blood sugar. The Ultra 2 comes with a large screen with backlight. It is ALWAYS covered by Traditional Medicare with most supplemental health plans. It’s also easy to use.

Let’s check out the features which make this blood sugar monitor a top notch.

  • The One Touch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System is an easy and simple way to track how food affects our blood sugar. From my check you get the result in about 5 seconds. No waiting required unlike many sugar monitor I have checked.
  • It is gentle and soft: The OneTouch super Ultra2 Meter requires just a little touch of blood. You can test it on your forearm, palm or finger.
  • It is Simple: Two-way scrolling buttons and a backlight make it easy to read and operate.
  • OneTouch Ultra2 Meter comes complete with a unique educational Simple Start Diabetes+Food DVD and booklet that can help you manage your diabetes around meals.
  • The OneTouch Ultra2 Meter uses OneTouch Ultra Test Strips with Fast Draw Design, which is sold separately.


The One Touch Ultra 2 meter provides a fast and simple way for people to see the effects of food on their blood glucose results. Flagging results before and after meals have been proven to be simple among people.

The meter also has a large, easy-to-read display so you don’t have to strain your eyes and provides results in 5 seconds. Before and after meal flags, the Large screen also has a backlight, It keeps 7-day, 14-day, and 30-Day Averages and uses OneTouch Ultra test strips.

Even more interesting, the blood sugar monitor has a Carrying case so you don’t have to bother about mobility.


 The blood sugar monitoring kits have no control solution, however, It comes with its own meter and Delica lancing device.





FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Meter

FreeStyle Freedom Lite Blood Glucose Meter blood sugar monitor
This blood sugar monitor testing kit does not require coding, the Freestyle Freedom Lite is fast and swift, taking only an average 5 secs to run a test and return a result. It is also one of Abbott Diabetes Care lightest meters available in the FreeStyle range. The Freestyle Freedom Lite has been designed for people who do not have time to waste. It also uses a tiny sample sizes which requires just a little blood. Using a tiny sample size of just 0.3 μL, the big buttons make the usage of the Freestyle Freedom Lite very stressfree.

The Freestyle Freedom Lite can return:

Level on 7-day averages
Level on 14-day averages
Level on 30-day averages

It can also store a total of 400 test results within the device’s meter memory.

The Freestyle Freedom Lite also uses Freedom test strips. These tripes are available on prescription. It is the World’s Smallest Sample Size so if you care about portability this is the one for you. It also has a small and discreet Meter.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of this testing kit:

  • Easy and Simple Testing – FreeStyle Freedom Lite blood glucose monitor has been designed for people who want easy and simple glucose monitoring. (i) It features a big numeric display (ii) large buttons (iii) and also, a large meter size which makes test results it easy to be seen and read.
  • No coding – one less step to a stress-free test
  • ZipWik tabs – designed for immediate wicking action
  • Large easy to read display
  • little blood sample needed – 0.3 µl
  • FreeStyle Auto-Assist compatible – download up to 400 test results. You can also print or email as reports


FreeStyle Lite comes with test strips that are compatible with FreeStyle Lite meter and it has Larger buttons.

It can store 7, 14 and 30-day averages with 400 results in meter memory.

Compatible with Abbott’s FreeStyle Auto-Assist Software too.

To keep it simple and easy to remember, the blood sample size is 0.3 microliter, Memory up to 400 results and the battery is a 3V li-ion (One CR 2032) battery so it will surely last for a long time.



Depending on how often you want to be doing your test with the blood sugar monitor you will need to extra stripes aside the ones the test kitting came with which can be easily accessed in a good medical store



PTS Diagnostics A1C Now+ Multi-Test Blood Glucose Monitor (Plus 10)

PTS Diagnostics A1C Now+ Multi-Test Blood Glucose Monitor (Plus 10) blood sugar monitor
The A1CNow+ Self blood suguar monitor comes with 10 test strips for measuring the percentage of glycated hemoglobin (%A1C) levels in the capillary (fingerstick) or venous whole blood samples. It detects hemoglobin A1C (10 strips) with gives results in 5 minutes. 

Even better, No fasting is required and No doctor’s prescription is required.  The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) approved it for home and professional use so you don’t have to worry. For the battery, 1 Lithium-ion battery is required.

A1cNow+ Blood Glucose System with 10 Tests provides healthcare professionals with a fast and easy way of obtaining accurate A1C results with just a fingerstick. This innovative technology enables clinicians to communicate face to face with patients about their diabetes control in minutes, not days

The blood sugar monitor  Kit contains;  A1CNow+ Monitor, 10 – Single-Use Cartridges, 10 – Sample Dilution Kits. 


  • It is 99% effective and as efficient as the Lab
  • Its results are available in 5 minutes
  • It requires a small (5µL) blood sample
  • It is Portable and can be used in multiple exam rooms
  • It is easy to use as minimal training is required
  • It is available in multiple test count configurations
  • No maintenance is required for this blood sugar monitor
  • Available with IFCC (mmol/mol)