Best Casement Air Conditioner Review -top casement window air conditioner units

Best Casement Air Conditioner Review -top casement window air conditioner units

A casement window air conditioner is a standalone, self-contained conditioner that can exhaust the heat and the humidity from your room to the outdoors. Casement air conditioners usually have louvers on their rear and sides which help bring in the fresh air. The air moves through coils that are cooled down by a compressor with the use of a refrigerant, while the inbuilt fan distributes the cool air right back into your room.

Picking a good one might be tough for someone who isn’t well experienced with Air conditioners. For this, I have mapped out a guide to aid your selection process.

How to pick a window air conditioner.

There are four relevant things to bear in mind and they are BTUs, window size, window type, and plug type.

Window Type

There are basically three (3) window types – the vertical slider windows which can slide down and up, horizontal slider windows that can slide right and left, and the casement windows that can swing out. The box type casement air conditioner can go through your vertical slider window, while the tall, slimmer units usually go through a horizontal slider window. Air conditioner usually comes along with a window installation kit as well as accordions to cover the extra space on one or even both sides of the air conditioner. If you possess a really long window then you may need to buy extra wood, Plexiglas or another kind of filler to block the extra space after the air conditioner has been mounted.

Window Size

You will need to know your window depth, width and height. It is advisable to measure twice to avoid mistakes. A casement window air conditioner has to be supported either from its bottom with the use of a bracket to the outer wall or its sides with the use of a window kit or even both. If you are putting up the casement air conditioner with the use of a window kit, it’s necessary that you account for about 3 to 4 inches for its accordions to be able to fit into the area between your window and the unit.


British Thermal Units

BTUs are referred to as units of power. The bigger the place you want to cool, the more BTU you need. It is very important to get the right size as purchasing a higher BTU unit than your room size needs is really a waste of your money.

Plug Type

There are two parts of plug types: the voltage and the amperage. Many rooms have circuits that are rated for about fifteen amps of electricity. Many units have the common 125Volt/15Amp plugs used in most homes. If you are getting a bigger unit with more than fifteen amps and even more than 125V then you will need an electrician to help upgrade your circuitry.

Installing a casement window air conditioner

Every casement air conditioner usually comes along with a window installation kit that many people can put up without expert aid by sliding the air conditioner into their window. Air conditioners with large BTU capacity like 5,000 to 10,000 BTU and above are usually too dangerous to put up in one piece and the reason is that they are much heavier. They usually come with a slide-out chassis.

This chassis is a framework which supports the insides of the air conditioner. A chassis is made to slide away from the rear of the unit (the sleeve). You take out the chassis then put the sleeve into your window. You then secure the bracket holding the sleeve to the outside wall. After the rear of the air conditioner is secure, you then slide the chassis right back into the sleeve.

The best casement window air conditioner -these are the top performing casement window air conditioner units

1. GE AEM05LX Air Conditioner

GE AEM05LX Air Conditioner -One of the best casement air conditioner you can get. You would like that the casement window air conditioner is easy to install, fits a structural window and quite affordable.

This is an incredible casement air conditioner has an energy saver mode and a diversity of a three-speed fan. It is also Energy Star Qualified. It comes with Ez Mount installation as well as a twenty-four hour on and off timer.

I noticed that in the energy saver mode, the fan and the compressor can shut off temporarily especially when your room is cool enough which then saves you some money. These awesome features are available because the casement window air conditioner is built with an electronic digital thermostat.

It also has a remote control with three cooling and three fan-only speeds. It comes with an EZ window installation kit as well as a fixed chassis.


  • It is 115 Volts and has a cooling capacity of 5200. It has three cooling speeds.
  • We can guarantee performance and durability on this model.
  • It has UL Certification. Its width is 20.9375 inches and its height is 12.75 inches. The depth is 15.72 inches.

This casement air conditioner has a one-year manufacturer warranty description and does not require batteries to function.


  • Its remote does not have the option for fan only or energy saver and the light on the unit is tiny and may not be seen easily.
  • All the lights usually time out after some seconds and there is no feature to change that without hitting a button to activate it.


2. Koldfront WAC25001W Air Conditioner

Koldfront WAC25001W Air Conditioner -If you desire a casement air conditioner that would last for a long time, this is your guy. Through my experience, I have had the opportunity to check tons of casement window air conditioner and I can boldly tell you this is one of the best.

This is a 25,000 BTU combination of both heating and cooling system. This means that you do not need a heater because this unit can work in 1,500 sq. ft. area, refreshing the air during the hot months and soothing heat during winter.

The air conditioner mode comes with 25,000 BTUs of power while the electric heating power mode runs on a whole 16,000 BTUs. With its electronic thermostat plus digital display, you can even set this unit to your desired temperature and still control the other convenient features.

Features such as the energy saving mode, the fan speed, and the twenty-four-hour timer. This is definitely an interesting model.


  • This casement window air conditioner comes with a full 2-year in-house warranty to allow you let your hair down.
  • You can operate its temperature setting as well as the fan speed from anywhere in your room with the efficient remote control.
  • To save energy, the sleep mode will change its temperature from time to time before going back to its set temperature after six hours in the energy saving mode.


  • It needs a deep electrical box and the reason is the socket is quite deep.


3. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 Air Conditioner

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 Air Conditioner -Another worlds best casement air conditioner. Frigidaire is reputed for durability and performance and this casement window air conditioner is not any different.

This is a 5,000 BTU and 115V air conditioner. It is a mini-compact unit that can dehumidify up to about 1.1 pints/hour and can quickly cool down a room of about 150 sq. ft. It also has 2 cool speeds as well as 2 fan speeds. The filter is an efficient antibacterial mesh that has a side, slide-out feature.

From my experience, it cleans your air by removing harmful bacteria, giving you cool air in comfort. It is quiet and works well without keeping you awake.

The mechanical rotary features allow you to adjust the cooling and the fan speeds and the two way, top, full-width air direction lets you direct air to where you need it.



  • It is easy to install with the quick-mount kit that comes with side panels. This allows the unit to properly fit your window.
  • It can accommodate your windows with a minimum height of thirteen inches and a width of twenty-three inches to thirty-six inches.
  • The really long, 6.5 ft., 3-prong power cord can make getting an extension cord irrelevant and this unit uses a normal 115V power outlet.


  • If you get it for a room that is bigger than the normal dimensions as regards the BTU rating, it will take a while to cool it up.


4. hOmeLabs Air Conditioner

hOmeLabs Air Conditioner -This casement air conditioner would give you the cool feel you desire. Designed for the best performance, durability, and efficiency. If you want a casement window air conditioner you would totally love, go this guy!

Now you can really keep yourself cool and fresh with this 5000 BTU Window air conditioner unit which is equipped with efficient, mechanical, easy-to-use rotary controls, seven different temperature settings (which you would love), dual cooling and even fan settings, then the convenience of a reusable filter which can be washed.

This AC is an ideal way to stay fresh while beating the heat. It is very easy to install with zero hassle. You just need to be sure of what you need and your window type.

To make it even easier for you, this unit comes a full start-up kit that has a support bracket as well as side panel leaf covers and a window seal foam. It also has a really helpful user guide that helps installation.


  • It has additional features for a nice and enjoyable cooling day like backflow drainage which stops water from just dripping inside your house or even soaking the motor.
  • It comes with easy-to-use, rotary controls, seven mechanical temperature settings, and dual cooling settings.
  • It has an antibacterial filter that is reusable and because of this makes use of a slide-out air filter which is able to reduce bacteria as well as room odors just to keep you breathing nicely.


  • This air conditioner can warm up a bit when it operates for about three hours or more.


5. Koldfront CAC8000W Air Conditioner

Koldfront CAC8000W Air Conditioner -This tall casement air conditioner is designed for horizontal sliding windows. It is sturdy and strongly built. I particularly love this casement window air conditioner because it fit perfectly into a standard window size.

This air conditioner supplies areas as big as 300 to 350 square ft with 8000 BTU of cool power, which makes it an important addition to your bedrooms, sitting rooms, and even your studies.

You can simply install it in almost any area while keeping the heat outside and enjoying a cool breeze. From my experience, this air conditioner is made for horizontal casements. That is, left to right sliding windows only, and therefore will not be fit for windows that are opened by sliding up and down.


  • You can use this unit’s remote control to manage the features and even the operation settings from about 16 feet away. It is eco-friendly and energy saving.
  • This unit gives you many energy-saving features, like the check filter alert as well as the thermostat-controlled setting.
  • This unit’s sleep mode will make sure that you are resting well while helping you save on expensive energy bills. This feature will manage the temperature from time to time by 2 degrees F before going back to the preset temperature after (6) hours.


  • You can only plug this unit into a powerfully made extension cord or power adapter.


6. Frigidaire FFRS1022R Air Conditioner

Frigidaire FFRS1022R Air Conditioner -This easy to use casement air conditioner is everything one would desire in an air conditioner. If you would want to install a casement window air conditioner that would give you one of the best performance would get in AC, then you can go for this.

This is a 10,000 BTU and 115 voltage slider and casement window air conditioner and it is an ideal solution for cooling down a very large room that is up to four hundred and fifty square feet. This unit designed for use on casement or horizontal sliding windows so I must inform you that -is not suitable for double-hung windows.

The easy-to-use electronic controls can allow you to pick options with just the press of a button. The efficient remote control lets you accurately control its temperature and the fan speed from right across your room.

The multi-speed fan settings have 3 different fan speeds to give you more cooling flexibility as well as a four-way air direction setting which allows you to control the air to exactly where you need it.


  • The mesh filter is washable with slide out access on its side which reduces room odors, bacteria, and other unpleasant airborne particles for a comfortable and healthy environment. The operation can keep you cool and comfortable without noise.
  • This casement window air conditioner comes with an installation kit but it is not made for standard windows but for casement-windows or even sliding-windows.
  • This 10,000 BTU unit can cool down a room that is up to about 450 square feet with dehumidification that is up to 3.4 pints/hour and uses a 115-volt outlet.


  • The air conditioner is really solid and quite heavy so you will need help to lift it.


7. PerfectAire 3PASC10000 Air Conditioner

PerfectAire 3PASC10000 Air Conditioner -This awesome casement air conditioner easily gives you everything you would desire of a perfect casement window air conditioner. Functional buttons, perfectly responsive remote and cool ac breeze.

Whatever your window type, whether horizontal sliding, casement or crank, this 10,000 BTU casement window air conditioner has you covered completely. It can chill spaces up to about 450 square ft.

I particularly like the way it easily fits architectural windows without sacrificing style or having to resort to expensive custom designs. You can pick your comfort zone with its adjustable temperature settings which are guided by the electronic controls.

It has three fan speeds as well as a total-range air direction charge control. Whether you want to walk through the room or sit in a place, you can make use of included remote which functions just like a mobile thermostat.


  • It has an adjustable temperature setting which ranges from 62 degrees Fahrenheit – 86 degrees Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius – 30 degrees Celsius) and cools spaces between 400-450 square feet.
  • This casement air conditioner has a window mounting kit which is expandable and can accommodate crank out or horizontal sliding casement windows.
  • This casement window air conditioner has three -speeds in both fan and cool modes as well as a remote control with mobile thermostat technology for entire room coverage. It is also front-mounted and has a tilt-out air filter which can be easily accessed for cleaning.


  • The shipping package might be a bit banged up but will not affect the air conditioner.


8. Koldfront WAC12002WCO Air Conditioner

Koldfront WAC12002WCO Air Conditioner -After review a good number of casement air conditioner units, I can tell you categorically that this is one of the world's best casement window air conditioner.

With this casement air conditioner, you can keep the heat at bay while enjoying a non-stop cool breeze. This compact unit was made to supply areas of about 550 square feet with 12,000 BTUs of efficient power, therefore making it a vital addition to your libraries, bedrooms and living rooms.

You can easily install this air conditioner in virtually any space that you need. I noticed that it was engineered to fit windows from 23 inches to 36 inches wide. The minimum height is 15.5 inches. You can use the air conditioner’s included remote control to change the features and the operation settings from about 16 feet away.


  • This casement air conditioner is Energy Star Compliant and meets the strict requirements which are set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to guarantee an eco-friendly operation.
  • This unit offers many energy-saving functions like checking the filter alert as well as a thermostat-controlled operation.
  • This unit’s sleep mode will make sure you are resting comfortably. In addition, it helps you save on expensive energy bills. This feature will change the temperature strategically by 2 °F then return to the preset temperature after (6) hours.


  • It is advisable to get an electrician to ensure safety as this unit is quite powerful.

Casement window air conditioners need very minimal installation which you can handle yourself. This makes the upfront cost low. They are great choices and are really energy efficient especially if you need to cool a few large rooms. Their efficiency has made them very popular and common in homes. This has ensured the availability of many different kinds of casement air conditioners to choose from.