Are you tired of folding wet towels and robes or even clothing especially when the space in your bathroom is quite limited? The hooks for towels in bathroom I have outlined below helped keep my clothing dry especially the towels. Instead of folding or draping a towel over a surface and making it look untidy, these hooks for bathroom towels can be used instead. They are not just stylish but really useful for creating additional clothing storage space. Let’s check out the top best clothes hooks and even a rack which encourages organization and helps create more space for numerous items in your bathroom or closet!




HASKO Holder Hook


hasko hooks for towels in bathroom

This item is really worth it as it comes with a gift wrap so it was easy for me to give it out as a present. If your hooks for towels in bathroom on the suction cups do not stay on the wall for a long time or they just function for some days before it stops working this is perfect for you. It has one of the best vacuum suction systems for mounting.

If you live in a house where drilling the walls to fasten towel racks is not allowed or you just don’t fancy it, then this style of hooks for towels in bathroom is just for you. It does not require help to attach and it can be removed and taken wherever you want it to be then reattached.

The Suction cup works well on any non-porous smooth surface. There is little or no chance of not being satisfied by with the quality of the hook. However, do not that the suction will not work over any surface that is bumpy so if you plan on using it on such a surface, I suggest you don’t. You can see more designs of this hook here.


  • These Suction Cup Hooks are made of chrome plated stainless steel which also fights rust
  • No tools or drilling needed for attachment and With the suction cup, it is very easy to install towel holder. Just put it on a smooth surface, press it hard and turn.
  • It is very easy to use and If you are the kind that moves frequently, Simply loosen the suction cup and take the towel hook and place in a new location. That’s all, no stress
  • With its super suction system,this towel hook Holds up to 22 lbs.



  • The directions posited that all surfaces needed to be dry in order for the suction to work but this is not always true and you might need to wet everything thoroughly in order for the hook to stay put.



KES Swivel Hook

kes hooks in bathroom

This style of hooks for towels in bathroom is of high quality and made of non recycled material so you don’t need to worry about that. It is also blue so it will add a bit of color to your surroundings which is what attracted me when I got it and it comes with screws and anchors so if you are not good with that you might need some assistance placing it wherever you want to keep it. The screws are concealed which gives it a beautiful and elegant look and if you still do not like it, it comes with a 15-days return guarantee.


  • This brand of hooks for towels in bathroom is Constructed with zinc which ensures dependability
  • It will resist rust that might occur through everyday use
  • Its Concealed screws are great for your bathroom
  • All the hardware needed for installation is included
  • It comes with One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.


  • The set screw does not hold the hook to the wall easily and the seller might not accept returns if unnecessary



Gatco Latitude II, Matte Black Robe Hook

gatco hooks for bathroom

This premium luxury bathware is Backed by lifetime warranty and you can trust the product to always exceed your expectations and live up to their name. I like it because nothing ever slides off it. It does not require assembling and the Towel Rack is Ready for Immediate Use. This style of hooks for towels in bathroom is Stylish and it is Made from High Quality Metal, therefore Guaranteeing its Longevity.


  • This hook for towels looks expensive without the exorbitant cost.
  • You don’t have to worry about it not being strong enough as it is perfectly capable of carrying weighty towels and robes
  • it is a hand polished and crafted towel and robe hook of metalwork and concealed screws
  • It is good on different surfaces including tile and drywall
  • It comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY along with all necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions.


  • It might start pitting after a period of twelve months



Bamboo Steel Door Hooks

towels in bathroom hook -bamboo

This hooks for towels in bathroom is perfectly designed for the space over your bathroom door and is ideal because of the height. I got this because of the extra space it gives. It is available in 3 and 5 hook designs.

This hook Keeps Your Bathroom Neatly Organized With its practicality. If you are sick and tired of tidying up your bathroom as there is no space to store your towels and other things or your bathroom is way too small, then this hook for bathrooms towels is for you because of the number of hooks and the blend of wood and metal which is not really common. See more wood and metal combo designs.


  • Stainless Steel 5 hook design can be installed high enough in your house to Keep your towels off the floor
  • This style of hooks for towels in bathroom Adds Elegance as well as Function to Your bathroom and it weighs 1 Pounds
  • It is corrosion resistant as The Rust Proof creation prevents rusting.
  • It Fits three average sized towels
  • It is quite narrow so you don’t require much space for it


  • One side sometimes nudges the towel off the other side because of its size



mDesign Bar Rack with Hooks

mdesign hooks for bathrooms

This over shower door towel bar rack from mDesign is a really simple and easy way to add extra towel storage in the bathroom or closet. Simply hang it over your shower or even the bathroom door for instant storage of bath or hand towels!

This style of hooks for towels in bathroom features one towel bar and two hooks which I used to hang hookahs. This is a product made to last for a long time and be Rest assured that no matter how wet your towels will be it will last

  • This hook for bathroom towels is Great for creating extra storage for small bathrooms without sacrificing floor space
  • The installation is stress-free
  • It is Made of steel with rustproof satin coating and ceramic finials and just 1.9 Pounds so it is not heavy
  • If you don’t like to attach things to the wall this is perfect for you as it is Very strong and it hangs on the shower door perfectly.
  • The bronze color also Matches other hardware


  • The finish is a bit slippery.
  • If your interior doors aren’t as wide as the top “hooks” allow it makes the device rattle



Delta Faucet Robe Hook

delta hooks for towels

With this hook, Classical design meets modern technology and if you like classics, this style of hooks for towels in bathroom comes with a beautiful design which will surely make your bathroom stylish with its shower head option. The Installation Instructions and hardware is included so you can’t go wrong with it or make a wrong move during the placement. It can also be done without assistance so you don’t have to bother about the extra cost of hiring a handy person. I like this hook because for the quality, it is still lightweight and does not rust easily. See more designs like this.


  • It is available in Chrome, Nickel, Champagne and Venetian Bronze.
  • This robe hook helps organization with a polished chrome look
  • The Zinc cast creation ensures strength and discourages rust
  • It is backed by a limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • it weighs just 2 pounds


  • It stuck out too far from the wall when I tried it



Bathsense Rack for Towel

bathsense hooks for bathroom

The Bathsense Over the Door Towel Rack with 4 Hooks is the Missing Piece to your Bathroom or closet. It was for mine anyway. Weighing Just 1.2 Lbs, this style of hooks for towels in bathroom is Perfect for Creating Extra Space in the Bathroom and is Equipped with all the Necessary installation requirements you could possibly need. With 1 Towel Bar and 4 Hooks, the Towel Bar has a Place for you to Hang Up your Bath Towel and other things.


  • It Arrives with No Assembly Required.
  • The Towel Bar Fits all Standard Doors so You Don’t have to Worry about it Not Fitting your door.
  • It is Equipped with 1 Towel Bar and 4 Hooks and the Towel Bar has ample Room for All of your Bathroom Necessities.
  • This towel hook Adds a Touch of Vintage Glamour to the Master Bathroom and Guest Bathroom
  • The Oil Rubbed Bronze Towel Bar is Made from a High-Quality Metal, therefore Guaranteeing its Long-Lasting Durability.


  • The solder job or construction makes it a bit difficult to lie flat on the door



ELLO&ALLO Bars for Towel

ello and allo hooks for towels in bathroom

Featuring 4 swing arms, if you have a small bathroom like mine, this style of hooks for towels in bathroom is just the perfect choice for you! Just in this hook, you can store 4 different towels. As a result of its 360° degree rotation, this smart wall storage organizer allows your towels to air dry perfectly well without the one touching the other, ensuring this way that your towels will stay clean which means you can use it with someone else or just as a family.


  • This hook for towels in bathroom is very strong and it can hold many towels at the same time without bending
  • This towel rack saves a lot of space and is quite elegant
  • This 4-Arm Bronze Towel bar supports multiple uses and it can rotate 360 degrees
  • It comes with a Beautiful oil rubbed bronze towel holder finish and it is built to resist daily corrosions and tarnishing
  • It is very easy to install the wall mounted towel bar with the included mounting hardware and it weighs1.6 Pounds


  • The towel rods are a bit long and you cannot remove the end caps to cut it down and put the end caps back on.


These hooks for towels in bathroom cannot just be used for towels and robes. If you are the kind of person who forgets about your jewelry, scarves and other accessories when you can’t see them, Instead of tucking them away for good, bring them out and hang them on the hooks and make it part of your room’s decor. Just tie each item around the hanger and put it on display so you can flaunt them anytime. Pick one from the above that suits your needs and enjoy!