In this Panasonic cordless phone models review:
1. We reviewed the best cordless phones from the reputable electronics company, Panasonic.
2. From our selections, we reviewed for the ones with the most vital features and functionalities for your use.
3. Then, we picked the ones offered at affordable prices, then found our best Panasonic KX-TGE474S







The Panasonic KX-TGE474S link 2 cell Bluetooth cordless phone with answering machine

Panasonic cordless phone KX-TGE474S link 2 cell Bluetooth with answering machineThe Panasonic cordless phone KX-TGE474S Bluetooth cordless phone features bluetooth connectivity, long battery life, dual keypad, full duplex speakerphone, power back-up operation, headset jack, baby monitor, silent mode, Noise Reduction and Intelligent Eco mode and its sleek modern design make it a powerhouse for your family or small business office, not to mention its ability to expand up to six individual handsets. The Panasonic cordless phone KX-TGE474S link 2 cells Bluetooth cordless phone with answering machine has a straightforward interface and an extensive storage capacity for voice mail, phonebook/contact entries and recent call logs.

The handsets are comfortable and all functions work as they should. Also, the phone’s buffer is adequate. However, there’s a little bit of about 0.5-second lag when dialing a number. I.e, the digits delay about 0.5-second before appearing. This may not be considered a flaw as no digits are missed and you would only notice this if you try to monitor.

Another reason is that the sound quality of this Panasonic cordless phone model KX-TGE474S is superior to an iPhone when using the handset and roughly equal to the iPhone when using the speaker function of the handsets. Also, unlike some cordless phones, you can transfer and update up to 3,000 names and numbers from your cell/smartphones to the built-in directory via Bluetooth. This makes this Panasonic cordless phone ideal for those who continually add contacts to their smartphone.

• Large 1.8-inch high-contrast white backlit LC
• Automatic noise cancellation
• Store up to 3000 contacts
• Easy to set up
• Has block-caller feature.
• Has talking caller ID in English and Spanish.
• Just as expected of a cordless phone, this Panasonic cordless phone goes hay wire if you are too far away from base phone. i.e if you go beyond the stipulated distant. The good thing here however, is that the call doesn’t terminate. You can still hear the conversation but clarity is not assured. All you need to do is to get back within the parameter.


2.Panasonic GigaRange KX-TG5571M 5.8 GHz DSS Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System and Talking Caller ID (Metallic Grey)

Panasonic Cordless Phone GigaRange KX-TG5571M 5.8 GHz DSS Expandable with Answering System and Talking Caller ID (Metallic Grey)

The Panasonic cordless phone GigaRange KX-TG5571M 5.8 GHz DSS Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System and Talking Caller ID (Metallic Grey)is equipped with 5.8GHz/ Ans machine w/ caller ID -5.8GHz, Expandable digital cordless with answering machine- expandable up to 8 handsets total. This expandable Panasonic cordless phone boasts of a 50 caller ID memory and a 4- way conference capability. A feature peculiar to this cordless phone is Digital Duplex speakerphone on base and handset. Compared to The Panasonic KX-TGE474S link 2 cells Bluetooth cordless phone with answering machine, this Giga Range cordless phone with answering system is relatively Expensive.

• Easy to assemble
• Great clarity
• Works well at a good distance
• Caller ID works well
• Voice caller ID doesn’t seem to pronounce well, though it is name pronounced is understandable.
• Relatively expensive

3. Panasonic KX-TGE433B Cordless Phone with Answering Machine- 3 Handsets

Panasonic Cordless Phone KX-TGE433B with Answering Machine- 3 Handsets

The Panasonic cordless phone KX-TGE433B expandable DECT 6.0 Phone featuring an answering system and 3 cordless phone is a smart, reliable office/ home solution designed to support everyday call/ business management simpler, easier and more convenient for everybody. With this phone, no landline is required. It features a text-to-speech which tells you who’s calling from across another room without you having to get up to go to the base unit of this Panasonic cordless phone. It also supports an easy call block, voice paging, speakerphone, power backup system. Add these features to the advanced TAD (i.e telephone answering device) functions that also comes with this phone, you would understand this phone is no doubt one of the most functional and reliable systems you can get.

• The Panasonic cordless phone KX-TGE433B is very affordable
• Perfect LCD display
• Large keypad
• Has talking caller ID

Panasonic GigaRange KX-TG5571M has a better battery life.



Panasonic KX-TGF352N Corded / Cordless 2 Handset Landline Telephone

Everyday call and business management are made easy and quick through this elegant smart system. It features a smart base unit that provides 3 speed-dial buttons and a reliable battery emergency backup in case the power runs out. Its also features a bright 3.4 in. tilt-up LCD and has illuminated keypads for a maximize readability. You would also love that this Panasonic cordless phone features an all-digital answering system that records up to 17 long minutes of messages.

An additional feature that I have noted includes a dedicated call block buttons positioned at the base. With these call block buttons, this corded/cordless 2 handset landline telephone can be used as a baby monitor and its handset can register and block up to 250 unregistered numbers. This telephone allows for 12-13 hours of talk time. Compared to other Panasonic cordless phone landlines Reviewed earlier, The Panasonic KX-TGF352N Corded / Cordless 2 Handset Landline Telephone has a powerful back up battery system when the handset power goes out, this feature makes it the people’s choice, it is also Range extender compatible, this has been the issue with cordless handset telephones, but in this model, Panasonic made sure that your call doesn’t terminate as a result of range.


  • With a dedicated Call Block button on the base unit and handsets, this Panasonic cordless phone is easier than ever to block telemarketers, customer care reps and others.
  • Possess powerful backup battery system which comes on when the handset power goes out.
  • This corded/cordless Panasonic handset Landline telephone is relatively affordable



  • The corded telephone is relatively short, so you may be restricted to few centimeters around the base unit but it doesn’t affect the function of the phone you just need to be within the phone base unit.
  • This Panasonic cordless phone does not feature rechargeable batteries for this corded unit yet, however, the phone still works very well anytime it’s in use.


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