Best Portable Air Conditioner Without Hose

Best Portable Air Conditioner Without Hose

Searching for the best portable air conditioner without hose? You’ve found the perfect review. One of the most popular turn-offs of air conditioners is the inconvenient exhaust hose vent trailing out through an open door or window that no one likes to see. As a result of this, people look out for alternatives that do not require this specific accessory but are usually end up going through the hassle of seeking out a completely ventless air conditioner that is totally portable.

This is about to change because there are hose-free ACs that are able to keep you cool with the included advantage that it costs less to run and has no exhaust vent.
Often called a swamp cooler, this kind of cooling device does not make use of a refrigerant process to cool the air and because of the absence of refrigerant gas (or mechanical processes which other air conditioners use to cool the air), it doesn’t create hot air and therefore has no need for any venting hose like other air conditioners need to dispel the hot exhaust.

How does it work?

The magic is in its name because these air conditioners cool the air simply by evaporation of the moistureless costly to run, if I may chip that in. This is unlike using the costly and energy-sapping refrigeration processes that other air conditioners employ.

Demerits of a portable air conditioner without hose

While you may be awed at the reduced running cost of this dependable air conditioner, there is a flaw. Yes, it has the capability to reduce the hotness of your room. Yes, it has a significantly great ranking-performance when compared to the costly refrigerant air conditioners. Yes, it is built very durable and sturdy. However, if you reside in an area with high humidity, an air conditioner without hose may not be the best option. This is because there could be a summer night you would wish you bought the traditional air conditioners that use refrigerant process.

The best air conditioner without hose

These air conditioners perform perfectly in moderate humidity and I guarantee they can provide decent cooling even in humidity levels that are as high as 80 percent if the unit is right in front of an open window or door to let the exterior air in to be chilled as it is circulated throughout the room.

1. Whynter ARC-14S Air Conditioner

Particularly created to be powerful and mobile, this portable air conditioner without hose is easy to set up. It is the perfect solution for the hot areas in your house, office, your server room or any other intense-cooling demand areas.

This unit has an efficient self-evaporating technology that recycles and makes use of the moisture that is gathered up during the process cooling. It has an automatic restart function that auto-restarts it on the setting you previously put it on after a power outage. Makes a lot of sense to me.


  • This unit has a programmable twenty-four-hour timer that can be used to shut off or power it at conducive times. This unit has a different dehumidifying setting that allows it to be used to dehumidify your room as needed.
  • An effective air filter and easy to wash pre-filter are added on this unit to aid in keeping the cooled air fresh and clean. It has a refrigerant that is non-ozone-depleting.
  • The power consumption of this portable air conditioner without hose is 1250 Watts and it has 3 operational settings which are dehumidifier, air conditioner, and fan.


  • It can be hard when taking it apart for winter to disconnect the hoses away from the mount on the window. This doesn’t mean you can take it apart. I’m just saying you would have to roll up your sleeves to get it done.


2. Honeywell MN10CESWW Air Conditioner

This unit is durable as it was built-to-last. It has a washable filtration mode that protects & prolongs its life. It also has thermal overload protection on the compressor and on the motor to guarantee extra endurance and refreshing coolness for you and your family.

You would like the filtration system in this portable air conditioner without hose that prevents unwanted particles from entering the unit. This assists in reducing the impurities especially when you have curious children. It is really easy to clean as it just requires running it under a faucet.


  • This unit doesn’t just save your time, it also saves you from excessive heavy lifting.
    All the accessories have been included for a fast installation.
  • With the tyres, you can roll the AC to your desired cooling area, arrange the window kit, and put the AC on, just like that, immediate cooling without unnecessary stress.
  • It uses less energy and therefore helps you save money by cutting down on your electricity bill. With this, you can decrease the energy consumption of your entire house.


  • This unit has a low noise level upon installation. However, we couldn’t check the unit to ascertain its longevity. For this, we can’t tell if the noise level would increase after 3-4 years of use. For a year or two, it is great.


3. LG LP0817WSR Air Conditioner

Whether you need to move it from one room to the other, one house to the other or from your house to your workplace, this portable air conditioner without hose is the smart climate-control remedy if you are an on-the-go kind of person.

With its sleek modern design, this freestanding unit can blend in with different room decorations. I adore the automatic swing air vent that makes sure that you enjoy every slice of cool air by transferring it more effectively so that no warm spot will be left out.

The automatic evaporation mode lets you use it continuously and with the timer, you can even control the temperature in your absence.


  • This is an easy to move air conditioner with automatic evaporation system and the components include a warranty, remote control, installation kit, mesh filters and manual.
  • It comes with an incredible six feet long power cord and also comes with a window installation kit. It has indicators that communicate the state of the device to you.
  • The inclined air discharge at the top with automatic swing louvers assists in eliminating hot spots and it doesn’t require assembly, just installation.


  • It can take about 20 minutes or an hour to install depending on your installation skills.


4. Frigidaire Air Conditioner

Let’s call this unit an upgraded version from the regular air conditioners out there. The entire look and features have been re-imagined. It is 12, 000 BTU super cool, automatically connected smart cylinder. I like the LED lighting which is very useful for the controls, the contemporary mesh grill, and the new sleek design.

This outstanding portable air conditioner without hose can blend effortlessly into any room. Apart from that, you can cool down your room from anywhere you are, anytime you want using your smartphone device because it uses the Frigidaire application which gives you the option to remotely turn on or shut down the unit, changes the temperature or even control modes as we as the fan speeds.


  • With seamless scheduling, you can now conveniently map out a custom schedule for this AC anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day.
  • It is ideal for cooling down a room that is up to about 550 square feet and you can simply program the AC day and night.
  • This is a Wi-Fi ready air conditioner that connects to the Frigidaire smart application for easy mobile operation.


  • The styrofoam bottom might be a little shaken up but it doesn’t affect the unit.
  • The wheels may not run very smoothly on carpeted floors.


5. Shinco SPAZ Air Conditioner

This portable AC gives great value with its innovative structure and features. It is a compact 10,000 BTU air conditioner that is designed for spaces as big as 300 Sq. Ft. With its compact design, the A/C is easily moved around.

One amazing about this unit is the outstanding internal components that provide maximum performance compared to its diminutive size. The Compressor of this portable air conditioner without hose can also be programmed with the protective function which allows it to automatically restart just after a three minute time delay.


  • It has a wide angle for air output as well as an automatic swing feature. It can self-diagnose and features an on and off timer function.
  • It saves energy and it is environment-friendly. It features an L type evaporator structure allowing a more compact and effective body. These ultimately let the A/C be moved around easily on the caster wheels.
  • The internals are made to function quietly, which lets you use it even when you need to sleep and still get a powerful supply of refreshing air.


  • It can be hard to drain because of the drain placement.


6. Haier HPC12XCR Air Conditioner

You can keep your environment cool even during hot summer seasons with this portable electronic unit. Its room venting feature has 3 cool settings, an off and on switch and a twenty-four hour timer. I noticed that it has a dehumidifying setting which helps in removing humidity from your room especially in the rainy season.

This portable air conditioner without hose also has a very fast to install window kit that comes with an exhaust hose which can be put in a vertical or horizontal window setting and it immediately cools down about 350-450 square feet.



  • It has electronic controls alongside a fully functional remote with digital time and temperature display as well as a twenty-four hour timer.
  • It has three fan and cooling speeds as well as a dehumidifying mode and cools rooms of about 350-450 feet.
  • It has a window exhaust kit alongside an exhaust hose of length 5.0 ft. It weighs 55 pounds and doesn’t require assembly or batteries.


  • You have to drain it frequently or it might leak water. The bottom drain can be hard to access if you don’t place it on something.


7. Whynter ARC-12S Air Conditioner

This unit has the patented automatic drain technology that uses and even recycles the moisture gathered during the cooling process to make even more cool air. This unit can help cool a 400 square feet space depending on the humidity and ambient temperature.

This portable air conditioner without hose is lead and CFC free and gives a constantly high performance. I like the fact that you can move it anywhere you want and stay cool even while keeping up with the environmental standards and decreasing your energy consumption.

This portable air conditioner can be set up easily in almost any location and is commonly used in computer or server rooms, workshops, bedrooms, garages, and classrooms.


  • It has 3 operational modes which are dehumidifier, air conditioner, and fan. The dehumidifying capacity is ninety-one Pts/day.
  • It has both upper and even lower direct drain choices for your continuous use without too much condensate accumulation. The casters enable easy mobility and it has adjustable thermostat control that ranges from 61 – 89 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It can self evaporate and exhausts almost all the condensate under some ambient conditions. It also has a digital remote control and a leakage detection and intervention plug.


  • After some years of use, it can begin to sweat near the control panel.


8. SPT WA-1420E Air Conditioner

This unit has an automatic restart feature that can even store your setting in case of any power outages. This enables it to restart at the previous setting when power resumes. The energy efficiency ratio is just 8.9 and it consumes significantly less energy than many others in its class.

I noticed that it can self-evaporate and it comes with an automatic-drain system which exhausts most of the condensate so the need to drain water manually from it is reduced. This portable air conditioner without hose also uses a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant and was developed with all RoHS compliant components which are free of any harmful chemicals.


  • It has three operational modes and can cool and dehumidify your room
    without heating it up like some others.
  • The inbuilt fan enables air circulation and it has a user-friendly control panel and even remote as well as a programmable timer.
  • Both the remote and the control panel have labeled buttons and even LED display that shows the current status. You can pick the low, high or medium fan settings.


  • You may need to purchase the protection plan for the compressor.


9. LG Electronics LP1414GXR Air Conditioner

This air conditioner comes with an LCD remote control and it is the smart solution for heat problems. I noticed that not only can you move it from one room in your house to the other, but you can easily take it with you if you have to change your apartment or even take it to work if you want.

The oscillating air vent of this portable air conditioner without hose circulates the provided air efficiently which means that no hot area will be left untouched. Additionally, with its programmable twenty-four-hour on and off timer, you can even control its temperature when you’re not around.



  • It uses a normal 115-voltage electrical outlet and can cool a room of about 600 square feet with dehumidification that is about 3.4 pints/hour.
  • The LED display panel has 3 fan speeds as well as three cooling speeds. The front air discharge has automatic swing louvers alongside a washable mesh filter.
  • It has an easy to roll caster wheel that allows easy movement across many floor surfaces. It also has a
    window installation kit.


  • The plastic pieces in the interior where the exhaust hose links are quite shaky.


10. EdgeStar AP8000W Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioner without hose has a fifty-pint dehumidifier feature despite the fact that it is small. From my experience, it is easy to store whenever you need to keep it away. It can quickly give you cool, refreshing air for about 250 square feet.

With significantly reduced power consumption rates, this unit allows you to run it continuously at no extra cost. You can even cut down costs when you set the unit to function just when you need it then have it cool down your space right before you get there by using its twenty-four-hour programmable timer.


  • The efficient timer lets you set this unit to full cycle automatically, or immediately it is on, you can also set it to turn off by itself.
  • It has a window kit that is easy-to-use and comes with all the needed materials so you do not need to purchase any extra thing.
  • It has a remote control, efficient casters, and functional filters that make everything easy to use right out of the box.


  • The control panel lighting may be a bit bright for people who are sensitive about it.

With the information laid out above, you are free to choose a portable air conditioner without hose that works for you. Compared to the typical 2,000 watts other air conditioners need to run, a portable AC saves energy and is more wallet-friendly.