Best Quite Fan Review

Best Quite Fan Review

If you need a quiet top-notch fan, tower or pedestal fans are both good choices for getting really cool during hot months, but which is the best for you? Before you make any purchase, there are different things to consider like the available space, the purpose of the fan and your style or taste constraints.

Available Space

The available space where your fan will be placed is an important factor when choosing what type of fan you want to purchase. For a room that is a bit clustered or lacks space, tower fans are the wisest options because their slender structure allows them to fit in confined corners, while providing enough air flow. Pedestal fans however have large blades, which are generally capable of cooling down larger rooms.

Purpose of the fan

What do you need the fan for? I mean, some people need a powerful fan for a great cold air circulation, while other people who are worried about allergies but need a fan wouldn’t even dare think of a powerful type. If you simply need to cool down your space or you are seeking to improve air circulation, there are many pedestal fans and even tower fans that are able to serve this purpose. But if you want to purify the air as a result of the dust or your pet hair, a tower fan with these special built-in features can serve you better.


Tower fans can assist you to accentuate the existing decor, but pedestal fans… not quite. They are a lot less beautiful when compared to tower fans. If style is just not a problem and you are just searching for a quiet fan, then a pedestal fan could be a go for you. If you care about style, then you might want to go for a tower fan. With lots of sophisticated models, tower fans really upgrade your aesthetics and can cool off hot spaces without being obtrusive.

Why Pedestal Fans

Wider Airflow

With a pedestal fan, the blades are much wider. You get what you see with pedestal fans and you are aware of where the airflow comes from.

They are more powerful

As a result of the bigger blades, pedestal fans are usually more powerful than tower fans and this makes them more beneficial in bigger spaces. Of Course different models may behave differently but this should give you an overall idea of the airflow.

They work well in offices

In your office, you are not likely to be bothered about the decor as you are at home so pedestal fans are a smarter choice. Offices are generally bigger than the rooms at your home so you will want a fan that has more power and airflow.

Why Tower fans

Can fit in confined spaces

A pedestal fan tends to perform better in one kind of space or area and if you want a fan for your small to medium areas, you can just place a tower fan in a corner of any of your rooms and still enjoy about the same kind of air circulation which a pedestal fan can provide.

Various Settings

There are many settings and a variety of speeds. These give you a chance to pick the mode that is most convenient for you.

Multi Features

Tower fans are quite more versatile as regards the features and there are so many that you should be able to find on tower fans that you would definitely not get on pedestal fans. For instance, if you want a nightlight or even an Ioniser on a fan then you are likely to only find those things on a tower fan.

1. Holmes Rotating Fan

This 12 Inch quiet fan gives you a blizzard quality and high powered performance fan for your home. The outstanding rotating grill can help to circulate air throughout your entire room.

The sleek fan profile which I like, takes up less space when compared to other power fans but is still able to maintain the performance and provide relief from the scorching weather.

The compact and stylish design allows you to put it in any area in your house. The fan has three powerful speed settings, two breeze modes, and a big carry handle which aids portability.

The timer can be adjusted which also lets you program the fan for about 8 hours. It also comes with a three year limited warranty.



  • It has an efficient remote control with three speed-settings, and a rotating grill for extra wide space coverage.
  • It has a breeze and sleep mode, an
    auto shut-off timer, a convenient handle and even a cord storage.
  • The rotating grill increases the airflow by 40 percent and the large blade diameter as well as the shrouded housing are made to give you chilling relief in big living areas.
  • The adjustable settings of this quiet fan gives you the ultimate convenience while allowing you to use the three speed settings and two breeze settings for adequately controlled airflow, comfort and optimal cooling.


  • It may be a bit bigger than expected which isn’t a cause for concern.


2. Vornado 783 Air Circulator Fan

This quiet fan uses its signature energy effective vortex action which powerfully pushes air right up to about 100 feet to give you quality entire-room air circulation.

I noticed that the height of the fan can quickly be adjusted from twenty eight inches to forty inches and the airflow can be directed to exactly where you want it with the completely adjustable head.

It is equipped with a nice 3-speed control and it is engineered to be easy to maintain and simple to use. With this fan, your comfort is constant as the Vornado circulator engineers a special airflow pattern which is called the Vortex Action which circulates all the air in your room.


  • With this fan, you can take control of your airflow. Its 3 speed settings and efficient multi-directional airflow give you adjustable control which can meet any of your air circulation needs.
  • This quiet fan has a unique twist of the air tensity grill which develops a spiraling effect that lets your air travel evenly throughout the entire room.
  • By closing the pitch blades right into a deep cylindrical duct, your air is molded into a powerful column that thunders through hot zones.


  • The motor may rattle when at low speed after some years of usage.


3. Lasko 2554 Tower Fan

This quiet fan was created with sophisticated accents and a refined profile. It is a serious space saver and will cool and refresh any room.

I like the fact that the wind curve profile structure ensures that the fan keeps your house more comfortable and cool, it will also blend artfully into any decor if you decide to make some changes to your home.

The onboard carry handle and convenient inbuilt remote control storage lets you easily take your tower fan wherever you want it and still keep the remote close to avoid losing it.


  • It comes with the blue plug which is on all Lasko fans which is an additional safety device, made to cut off electric current going to the fan whenever the fuse inside it detects a potentially harmful electrical fault.
  • The inbuilt ionizer includes millions of negative ions right into your air which creates a refreshing feeling just like the great outdoors. It also assists in combating air pollution in your house by trapping fine air contaminants like dust, pollen and mold. This is ideal for people with asthma, allergies or breathing sensitivities.
  • This quiet fan has a space-saving tower structure with oscillation which is optional and spreads air throughout your room quickly and quietly.


  • The fan may begin to make a slight clicking sound after some years of usage.


4. Rowenta VU26600 Fan

This twelve inch table fan is one of the most powerful and most quiet desk fan out there. I adore the ultimate silence that this quiet fan gives at each speed.

This oscillating table fan links about 35 decibels of whisper-quiet running with its high-quality performance which is great for your home or office.

It has a powerful airflow, five speed settings, as well as Turbo Boost for increased power and the Silent Night mode for significantly soundless operation.

The remote control is compact, convenient and sleek with built-in storage.



  • It has an ergonomic transport handle which ensures quick transport and added convenience. The High-end style is black with a metallic-silver finish, giving it a sleek, contemporary appeal.
  • The oscillating fan can run quietly at only 35 decibels and can deliver outstanding airflow which is up to 1695 feet 3 per minute which is perfect for cooling off in the summer or just normal air circulation the whole year round.
  • With the control panel you can pick from 5 speed settings like turbo boost or extra-quiet or the silent night mode.
  • This quiet fan has a slot in the top carrying handle which serves as a remote control storage. This ensures easy access to immediate refreshing airflow.


  • The notch used for plugging the cord through the base may be too large.



This quiet fan never stops moving because it is powered by USB. It is less than 40 decibels which ensures a quiet atmosphere for your work or sleep. The airflow is powerful which cools you and your surroundings down in moments.

I noticed that they made use of a brushless motor to keep down the noise, which makes it quieter than other fans out there. Not only that, it is very easy to clean and has a detachable metal frame.

It is compatible with car chargers, phone chargers, computers, 5V solar charger, laptops, powerbank, notebook and 5V wall USB charger. The strong metal frame can be adjusted up to 360 degrees down and up.


  • It has two speed settings alongside a toggle switch. It also has a steel base with non skid, adjustable grips. The first speed is 950 RPM and the second is 1520 RPM.
  • This fan consumes about 2.5 watts of power per hour and even saves around 95 percent power than other traditional fans. The USB cable length is 3.9 feet. It is sturdy and lightweight and is made with a durable metal and feet that doesn’t skip or vibrate.
  • This quiet fan reaches the standard size that a five volt USB power source can carry. With the sophisticated dynamic technology, this fan can create so much air and still run very quietly. It doesn’t require batteries and comes with a one year warranty.


  • The carton packaging might be a little squeezed when it arrives.


6. Honeywell HYF290B Tower Fan

This quiet fan allows you to personalize your sound and even the cooling power which is what I like about it. You can pick from eight levels according to your preference, comfort and convenient sound level.

The slim contemporary structure of this quiet whole room fan, alongside the QuietSet technology which allows you to control your sound and chilling choices, make it the ideal year-round choice for any home at all.

It is quiet and has the following hour automatic shut off timer – 1, 2, 4 & 8. It also has electronic touch button controls, a dimming option – five lighting selections – On 0%, 100%, 75%, 25%, 50% off.



  • This quiet fan has a remote control you can use if you do not want to get up to adjust the settings, can be easily set up and does not require any tools to assemble.
    You can also keep the remote at the rear of the fan to avoid misplacement.
  • With the timer on this fan, you can set it then forget it because the automatic shut off timer lets you set your fan to turn off in one, two, four, or eight hours by itself.
  • If you do not like bright lights when you sleep, the control panel has 5 light feature selections and you choose the right one for you. The sleek shape paired with its competitive QuietSet technology allows you control your sound and even your cooling selections.


  • This unit is really quiet but can make a slight humming sound if it comes in contact with wooden floors.

As we have laid out above, if you need a quiet fan, tower fans have a wide range for  you to choose from as other fans do not give you the same kind of freedom like the tower fan and if you want to better control your airflow, with pedestal fans you can control the airflow direction much better than you would with tower fans.