Best slider window air conditioner

Best slider window air conditioner

You do not have to bear the stifling summer heat when there are energy efficient, slider window air conditioners available out there. Since the 26th of October in the year 2015, every single energy star rated vertical window air conditioner has been mandated to reach a set standard which is energy star 4.0.

This sets your maximum electricity use at ten percent less than other older units following the guidelines of previous years. When you use them to cool your room just when needed, these air conditioners are even less costly to run than other central units. Below are the things that will aid you in picking the right unit for you.

Energy efficiency:
The efficiency of your air conditioner is usually measured with something called EER which means energy efficiency ratio. It is just the ratio of its BTU which simply means British thermal units/hour to its electricity input, usually in watts. You should keep in mind that the higher its EER rating, that means that the air conditioner will be more efficient.

Each addition of 1.0 on its EER scale usually represents a ten percent addition in the energy efficiency so when purchasing a new unit, information concerning the EER is found right on the available energy guide label of the air conditioner. You should get a window air conditioner with an EER of about twelve as well as the energy star label.

Any unit that earns the star has reached the strict efficiency rules set by the department of energy. Air conditioners with energy star 4.0 use ten percent less energy than other models. They also have timers that give you better control of the temperature, letting you make use of the least amount of power required to cool off your space.

The cooling ability required for a slider window air conditioner usually depends on the actual size of your room. Air conditioners have cooling abilities from about five thousand BTU/hour to fourteen thousand BTU/hour. It is a common mistake for people to purchase an air conditioner that is simply too big because they think that it will give them better cooling.

The issue with that, however, is that an oversized unit is unnecessary and wastes your precious energy too. Air conditioners can remove not just heat but also humidity right from your air but if your unit is too big, it will definitely cool off your room quickly, but then, it will just take out a little of the humidity which then leaves your room with a moist and clammy feeling to it. A unit which is proper for your room will remove humidity efficiently even as it cools it off.

Power Requirements:
You need to ensure that your apartment’s electrical system can carry the vertical window air conditioner needs. Room units usually run on 115-volt circuits or on 230-volts. The normal thing is simply a connection for a one hundred and fifteen-volt branch circuit but units for big rooms which are still rated at the standard 115 volts sometimes still need alone circuit and the units which are 230 volts will also need a dedicated circuit.

If you are situating your unit by a corner of your room, then pick one that is able to direct the airflow in the direction desired. But if you want to place it at the end of a room that is quite long, pick a model that has a good turbo fan mode which is able to push the air further into your room.

You should look out for a slider window air conditioner that has a filter that can slide out quickly and easily to aid cleaning, one with feasibly arranged controls as well as a digital display for its thermostat features, and an inbuilt timer. If you have a particular schedule and you don’t have any smart devices installed anywhere in your house, a timer can assist you in saving resources and also rescue you from getting back to a stuffy house.


  1. hOmeLabs Air Conditioner

This vertical window air conditioner fits perfectly after installation. Since it is necessary to ascertain the proper air conditioning unit that works best and fits your requirements and window, this air conditioner increases your comfort as it comes fully equipped with an efficient start-up kit which includes a sturdy support bracket and well made side leaf covers for your panels.

I noticed that it comes with seal foam for your windows, and a useful user guide to help with easy installation. It also has extra features for a real enjoyable and safe cooling experience, like a backflow drainage which stops water from dripping from the unit right inside your house or even soaking up the motor.


  • This is a 5000 BTU air conditioning unit which is made with rotary, easy-to-use and mechanical controls.
  • It has seven various temperature settings as well dual cooling and efficient fan settings.
  • It has a washable filter which can be reused over and over again to save your resources.


  • It may warm up a bit whenever it operates for about three hours so will need to cool down from time to time.
  • You cannot plug this unit into any extension cord or a power adapter.


  1. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1 Air Conditioner

This is a 5,000 BTU and 115V  air conditioner which is actually mini-compact and can be window mounted. This vertical window air conditioner is great for cooling off a space of about 150 sq. ft. It can quickly cool off your room on really hot days and its quiet operation can keep you comfortable and cool without disturbing your sleep. I particularly fancy the mechanical rotary controls and the full-width, two way directional air flow.

The mesh filter is washable and can be accessed from the side and it helps reduce room odors, bacteria and other particles for a more comfortable and healthy environment. The low electricity start up can help conserve your energy and even save you resources. The restart function of this slider window air conditioner automatically begins running at the previous setting that it was on whenever your power is restored after an outage.


  • This 5,000 BTU air conditioner is really lightweight and uses the normal 115Volt power outlet. It also comes with a window mounting kit.
  • It can quickly cool off a room that is about 150 square feet and can dehumidify about 1.1 pints/hr.
  • It has two cool speeds as well as two fan speeds. It also has a two-way direction for air and the window width is twenty three inches to thirty six inches.


  • It may come later than you expected but works really well so you would have to order before hand.


  1. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 Air Conditioner

This airconditioner has a mesh filter that is washable and slide-outs at the side for easy access and I like the added feature of minimizing airborne particles like bacteria and room odors, giving you a fresher and cleaner air. The quiet operation also keeps you cool and calm without giving off unnecessary noise to keep you awake.

The ready to select controls of this vertical window air conditioner lets you select options easily with just the tap of a button. It also has a multi-speed fan which features 3 efficient fan speeds that grant you increased flexibility as well as a four way air control direction feature  that you to control the air to exactly where you need it.



  • You can control the fan speed and temperature of this slider window air conditioner from right across your room and it uses a 115 volt power outlet.
  • This is a 10,000 BTU unit which can cool a space that is up to about 450 square feet and dehumidify about 3.4 pnts/hour.
  • It has multi-speed controls as well as a twenty four hour on and off timer including an effective remote control.



  • This air conditioning unit is very solid and heavy so you might need help to lift it.


  1. Frigidaire FFRS0822S1 Air Conditioner

The efficient remote of this air conditioner lets you efficiently control the temperature as well as  fan speed from right across the room. The multi-speed fan of this vertical window air conditioner has about 3 fan speeds for your cooling flexibility.

Apart from that, it also has a four way air direction feature which lets you to direct your air to wherever you want it. The washable antibacterial mesh filter with easy slide-out access minimizes not just bacteria but nasty room odors including other airborne particles for a more comfortable space.




  • It has an energy efficiency ratio of 10.9 and uses the normal 115 volt power outlet.
  • This is an 8,000 BTU unit that can
    cool off a room that is about 350 square feet and can dehumidify about three pints/hour.
  • The efficient remote lets you control its temperature as well as fan speed.


  • You may need to get extra foam core to close the gap between the air conditioner and the window top.


  1. PerfectAire 3PASC10000 Air Conditioner

Whatever your window type, whether it is casement or crank or even a horizontal sliding window, this 10,000 BTU air conditioner has you completely covered. It can cool spaces that are about 450 sq. ft. and I like that fact that it is able to fit like a glove when installed in your architectural windows and you don’t have to resort to expensive custom designs. You can pick your comfort zone with its adjustable temperature features which are guided by the electronic controls. It has 3 fan speeds as well as and total range air direction function.





  • It has adjustable temperature settings which range from 62 degrees Fahrenheit – 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It also has an expandable window placement kit which can accommodate a horizontal sliding window.
  • It has three-speeds in the cooling and fan modes and a front-mounted air filter for quick cleaning.



  • The unit’s packaging may come slightly squeezed but it doesn’t affect it.


  1. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 Air Conditioner

This 10,000 BTU air conditioner is the ideal solution for cooling off a room that is about 450 sq. feet. It’s available to select electronic controls let you to quickly pick your preferred options with a tap. It is aided by its complete-function remote which lets you to control the precise temperature as well as fan speed from where you are.

The multiple speed fan has 3 fan speeds for better cooling choices and four-way air control direction which lets you have the air exactly where you need it.




  • This air conditioner can also cool and dehumidify about 3.4 pints/hr.
  • It has an on/off twenty-four hour timer and an efficient remote control.
  • It has an automatic cool and energy saver and sleep mode with washable mesh filter.


  • Whenever the fan is put off, you may start to get a kind of mildew smell.


  1. Frigidaire FRA052XT7 Air Conditioner

Now you can wave goodbye to the humidity and say hello to cool freshness. This 5,000 BTU air conditioner has a seamless temperature control feature that can maintain a previously set temperature which allows you to stay as cool as you want to be.

It also has a remote control that lets you take charge of the fan speed and its temperature from right across the room. In the package is an air conditioner, an efficient remote control, two AAA batteries as well as a manual which I noticed is very detailed and easy to use.




  • It has a 5,000 BTU cooling ability and can cool space sizes that are about 150 square feet. It also has a two way air directional control system.
  • It has an anti-bacterial filter that is made of mesh, a slide-out from the side filter access as well as rotary controls.
  • The window panels of this unit can fit windows that are 23-36 inches but windows smaller than this cannot make use of the panels.


  • The air conditioner weighs 35 pounds so I would advise you to have a helper on hand.


  1. Casement Window Conditioner

This is a 115 voltage, 10,000 BTU air conditioner with remote. This air conditioner makes the use of window air conditioners not just practical but efficient in the case of sliding or casement window applications. It is capable of cooling down a 450 sq. foot area and has a four-way air direction feature that I adore which gives you an array of cooling and fan and settings for your complete convenience. It also includes an installation kit for quick set up as well as  a washable filter which can also be reused many times to eliminate the cost of replacements.




  • This slider window air conditioner has an auto restart function, a sleep mode and a twenty four hour on and off timer. It also has an environmentally friendly refrigerant.
  • It comes with a certified one year parts and labor as well as a five year sealed warranty.
  • To cool a square foot of 450, it harnesses the cooling power of 10,000 BTU’S.


  • It cannot be plugged into an extension cord or an adapter.


  1. Kool King Slider Air Conditioner with Remote, 10000 BTU

The vertical structure of this air conditioner makes it ideal for narrow window spaces like mine or any kind of window that slides from side to side. With 10,000 BTU’s of efficient cooling power, it can cool a room of about 450 square feet. Its electronic control is easy to use and it has a functional remote.

The included panels for the window are expandable panels to ensure that it fits your window perfectly. It has a 4 way air direction feature as well as electronic controls that are ready to select. It has a sleep mode as well as a twenty four hour on and off timer. It is energy star qualified.




  • This is a one hundred and fifteen volt air conditioner with a 4 way air direction that can be adjusted.
  • It has 3 speeds for both its cooling and effective fan modes as well as a twenty hour on and off timer.
  • It has easy to use electronic controls as well as a full-featured remote with a clear LED display.


  • The top and sides of the packaging of this slider window air conditioner might be bent but will not affect the package.


  1. Arctic King EWL08CRN1BJ9 Air Conditioner

This air conditioner was particularly made for side to side windows or the kinds that can open out. I noticed that the window installation kit is detailed and easy to use. It is a 10,000 BTU unit that can quickly cool a 450 sq. foot space. The air conditioner has a handy remote control with full features for quick use.

The mesh filter is washable and comes with slide-out access on the side which cuts down bacteria and unpleasant odors and particles for a more comfortable space. The quiet operation can keep you comfortable without noise.






  • The dimensions are 23.5 long x 14.6 wide x 20.9 high.
  • This is an 8000 BTU unit which ks ideal for rooms that are about 450 square ft.
  • It comes with a remote with full features. It also has a self evaporative and auto restart system.


  • The packaging might be a little banged up when it arrives but bit won’t affect the unit.

For many people, the ability to take complete charge of their slider window air conditioner from anywhere they are can be a massive help in cutting costs and saving up, especially if they do not have a laid down schedule. And, you can simply connect your vertical window air conditioner to another smart house device so that they will fit perfectly into your routine.