There has been a controversy between HVAC systems and portable heating/ac devices (small space heater). Heating up a space do not always require HVAC installation especially when it is a small space. In contrast to central heating systems, small space heating devices are used to heat a single small area. These small space heater devices are usually electric powered which makes them performance uninterruptedly, just like HVAC systems. The demand for space heaters increases as temperature drops drastically, most especially in winter. Depending on your budget, you can get a space heater for as low as $40 or as much as $450, whichever one you choose; make sure it has a fan that is capable of distributing heat evenly, more efficiently, and quickly.

Many people do not understand the true value of a small space heater. They are affordable, they make use of basic processes to provide heating and they do not even need installation! In today’s reviews, I’ve outlined and reviewed the best for your need.



Top 13 Small Space Heater Devices That Definitely Are Worthy Your Money


5-inch Personal Space Heater, Portable Ceramic Electric Heater with 3 different Setting, Over-Heat Protected, Tip-Over Protected, Carrying Handle available, – 950 Wattage Warming small Heater Fan

Personal Space Heater, 5-inch Portable Electric Ceramic Heater with 3 Setting, Over-Heat Protection, Tip-Over Protection, Carrying Handle, - 950 Watt Warming Mini Heater Fan small space heater

Over the past few years, it has become more appropriate to go for a ceramic space heater because of many reasons. One of the most obvious reasons includes the fact that a ceramic element heater saves more energy and produces more heat than the time-old heating coils. A good one that falls into this category is this Personal Space Heater.

The Compact size and super sleek design of this small space heater, make a very stylish and functional decor addition to an office, a bedroom, or a dorm room. A Convenient handle for mobility and lightweight design make it easy for anyone to move this portable heater from place to place. Its low-level noise operation enables you can use the small heater at night, giving you a peaceful and undisturbed sleep. This personal space heater has a Plug-and-Use feature which helps a user avert the tedious installation process that comes with most heaters, all there is to do is just to plug the cord. With the low and high heat level settings, you have a variety of options to go with when heating your space.

Some points to note when using this heater;

  • Don’t cover the heater while it’s working
  • Avoid contact with the protection net while it is in use. Also, keep away 10 cm away at the minimum.
  • Worthy of note, the fan of this 5 inches small space heater still works for 20 sec until it shuts off completely.


Ceramic space heaters feature the functionalities that enable them to focus their heat on specific objects or direction which makes it good for cutting down the amount of energy that may have been expended. Buy on Amazon for $$

Cadet RCP402S Space Heater, “The Hot One” Portable with Bracket, 4000W, 20 Amp, Red

Cadet RCP402S Space Heater, "The Hot One" Portable with Bracket, 4000W, 20 Amp, Red small space heater

This Cadet RCP402S small space heater consists of; a fan switch for a proper air circulation, a built-in twin pole thermostat. UL safety standards have required a minimum of 3-foot clearance from the front.

From my checks, this device performs best with a 6-inch minimum clearance from the top and back of the heater, and a 12-inch minimum clearance from both sides in order to allow for proper ventilation. This device has a high temperature shut off safety feature; therefore you won’t have to panic about fire incident as a result of overheating. Since this Cadet heater features a 4000-watt power rating, you can promptly warm up your area even on the coldest days. With a thermostat, this wall mounted panel heater is very easily operated, so you can customize the temperature to the right level for you. In addition, the Cadet Hot One RCP402S is powered by electricity, enabling you to keep it on safely in enclosed areas.

Comparing prices with the 5-inch portable small space heater reviewed above, this device may not be considered cheap as it goes for $$$ on Amazon. However, in my opinion, it is worth every penny.

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt small space heater

Dr Infrared small space heater delivers about 60% more heat than most 500-watt heaters. Worthy of note; Just because 2 heaters feature the same amount of wattage does not really mean they transfer about the same amount of heat. The wattage you see only indicates the amount of electricity that is required to power the heater and not the amount of heat the heater can deliver. This Dr Infrared advanced heating system supports a greater heat generation without using more power with a super high-efficiency blower that supplies an average of 250°F @ 3.5m/s to your space vs competing heaters that only do 155°F at 2.2m/s.

This Dr infrared 1500 watt small space heater works with infrared heating. This is a form of heating where objects in the room are heated too instead of just the air, instantly leaving you feeling comfortably warm (Imagine how hot your duvet would be when you get in bed). While other small heaters only heat the air in the room, this device goes an extra mile to heat even the objects. From my checks, I noticed the hot air quickly rises to the ceiling to give even more heat, creating even more enjoyable downward flow of heat that leaves you feeling hot.

By heavily heating the objects in the space and just making the air a little hot, Dr Infrared Heater does not dry out the human skin like those conventional heaters that just blast out hot air that drys the room of every moisturizes. Thanks to the device’s warmth, energy efficiency, and moist management feature. This feature in this small space heater uses state of the art infrared technology that helps the room retain air moisture. And the good part is it will cost you less.

By using Dr Infrared small and portable space heater instead of the regular heating systems, you would save up to about 50% on your coming electricity bill. When I checked out the price, I found you can get it for $$$ on Amazon, which I think this is a good deal.


Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat Tabletop Or Under-Desk, Black


Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat Tabletop Or Under-Desk, Black small space heater

This small Lasko CD09250 heater offers the user two levels of heating power: 900 and 1500 watts providing a lot of power in a compact size.  You have the option to use this heater with only the fan option turned on without heating the room.

During my check, I found out this Lasko CD09250 small space heater is quiet, operating with a low hum, so it works in a bedroom or office environment. The device features manual controls and an adjustable thermostat which makes it an ideal solution for an office environment by placing on the floor under a desk.

The Lasko CD09250 is a durable little heater which comes with a 3-year warranty and is manufactured with superior quality.

You would agree that when you use ordinary coils, the heat uncontrollably spreads around even to places that may not really need it. This results in wastage and higher energy bills to the user. This is unlike the Lasko CD09250 heater. as you can put a limit to how far the heat can go.  The Lasko ceramic small portable space heater is highly efficient and will help you save energy in the long run. It is also very affordable at $$ on Amazon.

So guys, by now you would be able to make up your mind on the particular Small space heater to install, depending on what you really want.


  • The controls of this small space heater are easy to use and because the thermostat is adjustable, it can be set to your preferred temperature.
  • This heater has a secure ceramic element and overheats protection with a cool-touch exterior.
  • It has an in-built handle that allows you to relocate easily.
  • It can be controlled manually, it is self-regulating and operates very quietly.
  • It has a low setting of 900-watt, it is safely ETL listed and has a fan-only choice.


  • The heater will only turn on and output heat once the ambient room temperature drops below the thermostat setting. You need to take note of this, if not, you might think your device is broken.
  • This small space heater can only be plugged into an outlet directly.
  • Not for use in bathrooms or other high humidity spaces.


Silver AmazonBasics Space Heater

Silver AmazonBasics small Space Heater. One of the beest heater on sale right now. Talking about HVAC. come on, that would cost a fortune. To heat up your space you dont need to speed that much. This small space heater will do the job perfectly especially when it a small space.

This small space heater creates relaxing warmth as quickly as possible. It is suitable for your office or home and I noticed that it is powerful enough to make living spaces cozier and inviting especially during the times when heating is essential – during the chilly season of the year. Apart from that, to ensure a safe operation and your valued peace of mind, this space heater can automatically shut off if it begins to overheat or tip over. It has an indicator light and a strong ceramic heating element which informs you immediately it is plugged in.



  • This small space heater is versatile and portable. It can be placed under a desk to warm your feet, or on a table while reading, eating or relaxing.
  • Unlike some other brands, this space heater does not warm just you but infuses heat into your surroundings also.
  • It can assist in reducing high heating costs and can be used as a supplemental heating supply to save energy.
  • The controls are user-friendly and the thermostat is adjustable.
  • This unit can give up to 1500 watts on the high setting and fan option is capable of generating air circulation without extra heat so it can be used year round regardless of weather.
  • The heater can kick on and constantly maintain consistent heat just according to the thermostat setting, even in relation to your room’s temperature.



  • When your room is warmer than the small space heater’s thermostat setting, it will not come on.
  • It cannot be used in laundry rooms, bathrooms and other places with high humidity in the house.


Lasko #100 Ceramic Heater

Lasko #100 Ceramic small space Heater is the most efficient heater of this size. Installation doesnt require much effort as it come already setup. All you have to do is to plug in the cord and turn on the device by the push of a button.

This is a personal small space heater which has the ability to grant concentrated warmth to a particular person. It has 200 watts of fast warmth and also a fan powered delivery and is ideal for taking out the cold from your personal space and admitting heat instead. I particularly like the fact that it can be used at work, kept on a desk or beside the feet for warmth. It is compact, comes completely assembled and also has a limited three-year warranty. What’s more, it is energy efficient and can be carried around for comfort. It even allows you to reduce the thermostat in your entire house just to save up on heating bills and decrease wear and tear on your primary house heating system.


  • This Lasko small space heater enhanced safety with its self-regulating function and provides more safety with its automatically activated overheat protection.
  • Apart from being warm, this heater is also soothing and comforting.
  • It gives you the spot heat directly where you need it most and has a simple on/off control.
  • It has a small size and uses 200 watts which makes it ideal for offices and domestic workspaces.
  • Apart from the secure ceramic element, it has a cool to the touch exterior.
  • It can be used wherever and whenever, toted around for ease and can maximize the coziness in your home.


  • This small space heater is created to warm just you and not your entire room.
  • It can only be plugged into an outlet directly and should not be plugged into a secondary outlet.

Bovado 166648 Space Heater

Another really great heatern is the Bovado 166648 Small Space Heater. While it is designed for small spaces it still does perfectly well for large spaces. Features great functions like the smart overheat control, etc.

It is important to keep warm wherever you are and acquire a compact space heater for your general comfort. This particular small space heater is conveniently lightweight and has a handle to enable you to lift it for easy transportation. I was drawn to the dispersion of fan-forced heat which capably ensures that the heater evenly distributes the heat in your house, even in confined spaces. Because of its small size, it can fit under your table and even on top of your desk, actively combating the bitter chill while you to paperwork or sleep. It can be customized to your very own tastes and comfort as it has an adjustable thermostat with three other settings.


  • This Bovado 166648 small space heater is quite easy to use. All it takes is turning the dial to how or high heat or just to fan only and using the other knob to adjust its intensity.
  • it has a helpful red power indicator lighting which shows you when your device is on.
  • It is super portable, lightweight and can even be packed up for travel.
  • It makes use of a PTC heating system which means Positive Temperature Coefficient in which special heating discs increase the movement of heat in tiny spaces.
  • It helps reduce your seasonal energy bills by lowering your main heating supply.
  • It has been adequately tested to meet universal quality standards like UL, ETL, CE, CSA & NOM.


  • If the temperature in your room is hotter than the heater’s thermostat setting, it may not come on.
  • You cannot block the heater in any kind of way when it is still on.
  • This small space heater is designed to warm just the space where it is placed and not an entire room.

Lasko 5409 Oscillating Heater

Lasko 5409 Oscillating Small Space Heater. When it comes to 1500 watts, forget it, you won't find anything like this beast. It is designed to heat up a space in the quickest time possible depending on the temperature of the space. No matter the temperature, though, no other heater can perform better.

This heater has a comforting warmth of 1500 watts and is specifically striking because of its widespread oscillation and ability to warm your room up in very high speeds. It comes fully assembled and can aid you in prolonging the life of your thermostat. It also comes with a limited three-year warranty. The heat is ceramic safe and as a result of the same element can easily self-regulate to increase safety. Some heaters provide just 200 watts energy but this one comfortably dispenses more than that, keeping your home snug and warm.



  • There is nothing complicated about the controls which are easy to use and can be operated manually.
  • The controls are mounted at the top enabling you to set the thermostat effectively.
  • You can select your desired temperature or pick from three settings namely; fan only, low heat and high heat.
  • To guarantee safety it has a nice cool to the touch exterior, overheat protection and excellent ceramic element.
  • It has a comfortable inbuilt carry handle that facilitates easy transportation.
  • This small space heater is perfect for the floor or any flat surface.


  • You cannot tamper with the air intakes or even the exhaust with any intention at all to increase its longevity.
  • To be cozy and get the best out of it, it can only be plugged straight into an outlet.

Tenergy Ceramic Heater

Tenergy has a great way of producing electronic to give them a modern look. The Tenergy Ceramic small space Heater is not left out. If you want a heater that would add some style to the aura of your home while performing greatly, then this is your guy. Perfect performance, perfect design and it is so light-weight and portable.

This Tenergy small space heater is not only compact, it is powerful and has a simple modern look. It is lightweight and has a portable design. I realized that its coils heat up very quickly and permeate just as swiftly, generating the heat required to keep your room warm. Your comfort is in the palm of your hand with its controllable settings. It can tilt up to fifteen degrees and direct the hot air up at whatever area you prefer with a 900-watt low heat and 1500 watt high heat that allows you suitably control the output of the hot air. This Tenergy small space heater is one of the best heaters for your bedroom, home, and office.


  • This heater is adequately safe and secure as it possesses an ability to shut off automatically to stop overheating immediately after it detects an internal temperature of about 179.6°F (82°C).
  • With its ceramic heating feature, this fan-forced heater starts to heat up within three seconds to create quick heat.
  • It is ETL certified and built with a case which is flame retardant and has a premium circuitry.
  • It has about two years extended warranty and support from efficient customer care.
  • This Tenergy small space heater is very silent and gives no noise disturbance.


  • It can never be used with an extension cord.
  • You cannot plug this heater into a power strip or surge protector.


Mini Electric Space Heater

When looking for small space heater, a lot might come to mind, so many poorly built heater and perharps a few good ones. Amongst the few good heaters out there is the Mini Electric Space Heater. Designed to allow the owner have A COMPLETE CONTROL of the heater delivered. You would not find this function a lot of heaters.

If you need to heat up your personal space, or like warmer environments then this Mini Electric small space heater is great for you. It takes off the chill from your bones and replaces them with comforting heat, leaving you cozy in chilly days and frozen winters. It offers a clever, lightweight solution that can leave you warm in a very short time. I specifically like its quick efficiency, which shoots out hot air, spreading around the room evenly. It has a ceramic heater, automatic over-heat protection, and even comes with tilt-protection. Additionally, it can rotate to whichever part of the room you need it to rotate to and emits a natural wind for your home or your office. It also doesn’t require batteries.


  • This small space heater swiftly dispenses hot air throughout the room, chasing the cold away.
  • It has a sturdy handle which is ideal for transporting it between your rooms at home or even to your workplace.
  • It is safe to use as it features heat-resistant plastics and safety protection.
  • At the bottom of it is a fall switch which can reveal the power-off protection feature.
  • It is suitable for every enclosed place like your balcony, living room, dining room and bedroom,
  • Making use of efficient PTC heating element and air forced convection producing quick warm air, it has a proper thermal efficiency and heats rapidly.


  • This small space heater cannot be plugged into any cord-connected device like a multiple outlet adapter or a cord reel.
  • If you have kids, come in contact with patients or have pets apply extreme caution.

Orange Ceramic Heater

Orange Ceramic small space Heater is loved not just for its incredible performance but also for its aura and adorable look. You would love that this heater comes in orange, so if you are careful about the looks and beauty of your home, then this heater would go a long in making your home more beautiful.

This ceramic heater is designed to heat up your personal surroundings in an economy-efficient way. I was attracted to the fact that its low power usage helps save money and assists to stop tripping its circuit breaker if different heaters are being used in the same office setting. If you like some splash of color, or you are bored with black or plain old white, this Orange small space heater is ideal for adding some spice to your surroundings.
It is cool to the touch regardless of how much heat it produces and features overheat protection. It is energy smart as it uses just 400-watts and it is also ETL Listed for secure use.


  • This heater is versatile enough to be placed under your desk warming your feet, or even on a table.
  • The Orange small space heater works to infuses heat into your immediate surroundings.
  • The controls of this efficient heater are easy to use and the thermostat is adjustable.
  • This heater has a secure ceramic element with exceptional overheat protection and a cool-touch body.
  • It is not just energy efficient, it is also very quiet and hardly disturbs.



  • Using this Orange small space heater with an outlet-type kind of air freshener is not encouraged as the use of such a device is liable to engineer a fire hazard.


Optimus H-1322 Fan Heater

Optimus H-1322 Fan small space Heater

This portable and effective fan heater featuring a thermostat has 2 heat settings of 1500 and 750 watts, automatically controlled thermostat, 4-position switch with an off, lo, fan and hi setting. I noticed the internal heat limiting function with a thermal cut-off secure device and an efficient power indicator light. Take out the chill from the air by getting cozy and warm with this Optimus H-1322 small space heater with a fan forced feature, automatic shut-off, overheat protection and a cool-touch housing for safety. It is powerful, compact and quiet with the ability to efficiently heat your rooms with its three heat settings.


  • This heater has a power indicator light with a power switch knob used for regulation of the temperature to ensure your complete comfort.
  • It is perfect for saving space and energy, great for your camper, home or office desk.
  • The Optimus H-1322 small space heater has a five-Position power switch which includes: off, 600 watts, fan only, 900 watts and 1500 Watts.
  • It has to overheat protection which shuts the heater off automatically.
  • It comes with a limited AmazonBasics one-year warranty.


  • This heater may contain a chemical identified by the State of California as a cause of cancer, birth defects or any other kind of reproductive harm.

PELONIS Portable HB-211T Space Heater.

PELONIS Portable HB-211T small Space Heater.

The Pelonis HB-211T is an ideal fan forced small space heater that effectively takes the cold out of the air whether you are camping in an RV, relaxing at home or working in your office. It has a maximum wattage of 1500 and a voltage of 120 AC.

I noticed that it has a number of three settings and the heat varies from 600W to 900W to 1500W and Fan only of course, which indicates that the thermostat can be changed to low, medium or high depending on your preference at the moment. Its control panel functions include a power setting and it has a control indicator light.


  • It has an automatic overheat shutoff and a safety tip-over switch.
  • It saves energy and reduces heating bills with its efficiency.
  • It effectively heats up a room as a result of the fan forced setting that swiftly circulates the hot air within the room.
  • It has an adjustable thermostat which enables you to pick your preferred heating setting, keeping you warm night and day.
  • Apart from giving full room heat, this Pelonis small space heater is very quiet.
  • It comes with a manufacturer’s limited one-year warranty.



  • The power cord has to be unplugged, unlike some others before any manner of servicing or just moving.
  • It does not have a remote or a timer.
  • Foreign objects cannot be inserted into its body parts like the ventilation opening to avoid causing damage to minors.

If your house is small and tight and cannot contain a large heating system which is likely to take up more limited space, a small space heater is the perfect option for you and any from the above is ideal for your home.