Best smallest vertical window air conditioner

Best smallest vertical window air conditioner

Many house households usually have a small vertical window air conditioner or even an in-room unit. The number of people who do is increasing everyday.  This is because they are ideal solutions to the stifling heat and the humidity of the hot summer weather. Many window air conditioners can operate quietly and effectively when cooling your rooms or any confined spaces.

The important thing to note is that when purchasing a new air conditioner, you need to pick a unit that is suitable for your space. Bigger does not always mean better. You need a unit that can give you what you want at a low cost and still remain efficient and reliable.

There are different units that can fit many single or dual hung window types and they usually come along with accordion panels which help make the fit secure. Some small vertical window air conditioners will even fit your sliding windows.

They are also quite easy to install without the help of an expert. You just need to ensure that you properly measure the dimensions of your inside window before you buy anyone. The unit comes with directions and the hardware that you need to make installation easy for you. These units have many advantages.

Advantages of a vertical window air conditioner

  1. Easy to purchase. You can find this kind of air conditioner at any of your home improvement outfits and also at big supermarket chain stores, pharmacies and department stores.
  2. Many small vertical window air conditioners have different digital controls when compared to the old high and low choice settings of the earlier units. Air Conditioners with energy saving options can help in reducing your utility costs and unlike a whole-house primary air conditioner, these units are more affordable to run especially if you just need one or two rooms to be cooled.
  3. They are quite easy to hook up and install. Many air conditioners usually come along with helpful installation kits that make your hooking up a breeze. You just need to plug in your air conditioner into the available receptacle although some of them require little electrical improvements. Small vertical window air conditioners like the ones that use lower than 7.5 amps of power can be plugged into the common 120-voltage receptacle which does not have to share its power with any other major device in your home. Big air conditioners need their own 120-voltage circuit. They cannot share with any other device. The largest units can even use a 230-voltage stand alone circuit. You need to consider their specific electrical needs when you are picking a model.


Because AC units require lots of power, you need to consider the energy efficiency rating of whichever one you choose to get and like the name, it measures how efficiently the unit converts power to cooling. This means that the higher the rating, the better for you. Though units that were built before 1991 can still have a rating of 5, the newer air conditioners must have a rating of 8.0 or even greater than that. Qualified Energy Star units usually have ratings that are as much as 11.5. An increased EER helps your environment by decreasing the greenhouse emissions.

It is always a good idea to check out the Energy Guide of small vertical window air conditioners whenever you go to purchase any. An EER of ten usually uses about half of the power of a five EER. So one of the ideal ways to ensure the efficiency of your unit is to get an air conditioner that is just the right size  for your room needs.

How to pick the right size of air conditioner:

Before purchasing an air conditioner, you should check the BTU rating to ensure that you get the proper size for you. Air conditioners perform really well when they are properly sized so it is advisable to choose one with a cooling ability that is ideal for whichever room it will be installed in.

A unit that is too small will not cool your room efficiently but an air conditioner that is too big will simply cycle on and off and this wastes your energy, increasing your power bills and strains the air conditioner while doing a sloppy job of dehumidification. Before getting any small vertical window air conditioner, you should measure the dimensions of whichever room that you want to cool off.

To do this, multiply the length of the room by the width and this gives you the square footage of your space. Then you need to match your room size which you have come up with, with the BTU rating of the air conditioner before you get it.

Energy Efficient Features of Air Conditioners

The following energy efficient features can add to a strong rating while also giving you greater comfort and convenience.

1. Fan Speeds: Some small vertical window air conditioners give you variable speed settings which keeps you in charge of your air flow. This feature also aids in reducing energy costs.

2. Temperature Control: It could have the ability to allow you control its temperature by degrees unlike the old technology of low and high settings which gives you greater flexibility and comfort while reducing your energy bill.

3. Programmable Thermostat: If you have the means, you could get an air conditioner that allows you to program it to your desired settings at various times, both in the night and day.

4. Filters: It is important to get the small vertical window air conditioners with filters that are easy to access. The filters usually filtrates dust and other harmful allergens away from your air. Filters that can slide out usually make cleaning an easy ride. Continuous maintenance of your filter will prolong the life of the air conditioning unit and still keep it running at top most efficiency.

5. Sleep/energy saving feature : A unit with this setting can run at a really low setting when it is night time which makes your room even more comfy for better sleep while saving power costs at the same time.

6. Timer: These are simple and affordable alternatives  to the costly programmable thermostats. With a timer, all you need to do is to set the time that you want your AC to begin or stop. With a timer, you can come back home to an apartment that is already cool. You do not need to come home and put it on in the heat then wait for it to cool you. The small vertical window air conditioner can still turn off by itself so you do not need to continuously keep it operating while you are absent.

Best smallest vertical window air conditioner


  1. Kool King Air Conditioner

This air conditioner is able to cool about 450 square feet space. The electronic controls are simple, clear and easy to use. It is also environmental friendly. You can make use of the remote control even from across your room. You do not need to get up to pick any air speed that you require.

I noticed that it has a washable air filter which means that depending on how regular your maintenance is, you can clean it and reuse as many times as you want. The vertical structure of this small vertical window air conditioner makes it ideal for application on any narrow window and on windows that slide from one side to the other. It has expandable panels which are included in the box to ensure that it fits perfectly when you are installing it in your window.



  • This is a powerful 10,000 BTU air conditioner, great for slider and casement windows. It makes use of a voltage of 115.
  • It has 3 efficient speeds not just for its cooling but also for its fan modes as well as a twenty four hour on and off timer.
  • The LED display of this small vertical window air conditioner is bright and clear enough for you to see. It has a four way air direction which is still adjustable.


  • The manual may not be as detailed as you want it to be especially if you don’t have previous experience in air conditioner installation.
  • After some years of usage the energy saver mode will need to be first preceded by a more powerful mode of you need it to stay comfortable.


  1. PerfectAire 3PASC10000 Air Conditioner

Whatever your window type, whether it is a casement, horizontal sliding or even a crank window, this 10,000 BTU air conditioner has you completely covered. It can cool areas that are about 450 sq. ft and it can fit perfectly well in your architectural windows.

From my experience, this means that you do not need to make any additional custom designs to make this small vertical window air conditioner fit. With this air conditioner, you can choose your comfort with its adjustable temperature features which are guided by the electronic controls. It has 3 fan speeds as well as a  full-range control of air direction.




  • It has adjustable temperature features that range from 62 degrees Fahrenheit to 86 degrees Fahrenheit which is 17 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius.
  • It has a window mounting kit that can expand to accommodate any horizontal sliding or even crank-out casement type windows. It also has three speeds in both the cool and the fan modes.
  • It has a fully functional remote with a ‘Follow Me’ mobile thermostat technology for complete room coverage. It also has an air filter which can tilt-out for easy cleaning.


  • If you do not clean the filter regularly, it can make the fan get choked up with debris and dirt and this can affect the sound level.


  1. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 Air Conditioner

This casement and slider air conditioner is the ideal solution to cool a room of about 450 sq. ft. Its ready to select controls let you to simply pick options with just the press of a button. The remote control of this small vertical window air conditioner keeps you in charge of the temperature and even its fan speed from wherever you are in your room. I noticed that its multi speed fan has about 3 various fan speeds which give you extra cooling flexibility. It also has a four way air control direction which lets you direct your cool air to precisely where you need it.




  • This is a 10,000 BTU unit with dehumidification capacity of 3.4 pints/hour.
  • It has a twenty four hour on and off timer as well as an energy saver mode and auto cool setting.
  • It has a sleep mode, a four -way air direction as well as a washable mesh filter that also has a filter alert. Its EER is 10.4.


  • The air conditioner is very solid and heavy so you will need assistance to lift it during installation.


  1. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 Air Conditioner

This is a 10,000 BTU efficient air conditioner that can cool a room that is about 450 square feet. I noticed that this small vertical window air conditioner can dehumidify about 3.4 pints/hour and it makes use of the common 115 volt power outlet. This means that you do not need to make any changes to the system in your home to accommodate it. It has a multiple speed electronic feature with a twenty four hour on and off timer. It also has an effective remote control that helps keep you in charge of the temperature settings.
It has an automatic cool, energy saving mode as well as a sleep mode. Its energy efficiency ratio is 10.4.




  • The fan has 3 fan speeds for increased cooling flexibility. It also has a four-way air direction feature to help you direct yoir air to your preferred location.
  • Its washable mesh filter has a slide-out access at the side and it helps reduce bacteria, unpleasant room odors and any other airborne particles in your room.
  • The quiet operation is able to keep you cool and comfy without disturbing your sleep.


  • After some years of usage, when you put off the fan, you may begin to get a slight mildew smell from the unit.


A small vertical window air conditioner is affordable and they are sensible choices if the property does not belong to you. In addition, if you do not have the desire or money to spend to get a whole-house system then you can pick any above that suits you.