A perfume with an enticing smell can lift one’s spirit to a great extent. The ones with a good smell can go a long way to boost your mood by giving you this really great confidence. The best smelling perfumes can be found in a variety of brands and designers for various personalities, whether you are reserved, playful, mischievous or timid, all you need to do is select and use whichever suits your personality. Just as a nice dress boosts one’s figure, the best smelling perfumes add a positive signature to one’s presence, and this positivity is what one needs to go through the day feeling nice. There is more to choosing the right perfumes than just looking at the name. A fragrance can do wonderful things for you, if you choose the right one, as it can make people easily attracted to you. From my research, the world’s best smelling perfumes have pheromones which give the wearer an intense attraction. The ones outlined below are guaranteed to do just that.




 Pheromone Cologne For Men

Pheromones For Men Pheromone Cologne [Attract Women] - Bold, Extra Strength Human Pheromones Formula by RawChemistry - 1 Fl Oz (Human Grade Pheromones to Attract Women) best smelling perfumes

This is one of the most effective and best smelling perfumes for men from RawChemistry Labs. It uses a formula proven to have an attractive smell and is made to particularly target attraction receptors within a woman’s brain, I looked this up to better understand why I was so attracted to it. With this perfume, you have an edge in every situation with its pheromones. It has an extra concentration of human pheromones, fifty milligrams of androstadienone, androstenone androstenol, and androsterone. It is silky smooth and has a moisturizing blend to multiply absorption of pheromones.


  • This perfume has a nice blend of pheromones for men proven to entice women and also attract their sexual receptors.
  • The pheromone perfume scent is greatly effective in enticing women, and also gives an amazing scent.
  • It has an assorted blend of androsterone, androstenone androstadienone and androstenol which is not common among the other best smelling perfumes on the market.
  • It has a powerful and amazing scent which is empowering and youthful. Get your lovers attention with this particularly created cologne to activate her desires.
  • It can work for over twenty-four hours after being applied.



  • The bottle is kind of oily which makes it slippery and likely to break. However, with a little more carefulness, you will be good.
  • The sprayer of the perfume is quite cheap.



Paco Rabanne Spray for Men

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 Fluid Ounce best smelling perfumes

If you love the scent of victory, if you are enchanted by the virile essence of heros, get this daring mix of heat and freshness. It is one the best smelling perfumes guaranteed to make you stand out amongst other. It is ecstatically addictive and a luxurious and powerful stimulant. You can not go wrong with it. I noticed that to get it to work effectively you need to spray it in your pulse points which is where your blood vessels are nearer to your skin surface, giving off heat and can act like little fragrance pumps enhancing the scent you’ve already used. Your pulse points are behind your ear, your wrist, base of your throat and crook of your knee and arm. If you want it to last even longer, spray it at your ankles as it lets the perfume blossom up, keeping you cool and elegant all day long.


  • This fragrance can interpret your masculinity through Its luminous aura giving off a glowing freshness that is vibrant and intense.
  • The pack looks more expensive than it actually is so it is appealing to anyone who sees it with you.
  • It is an addictive sensual scent that defines your racy virility which its quality ingredients providing power and intensity.
  • It has an amazing and strong scent which is quite emboldening and vibrant and can seduce your partner with Its rich tones.
  • This fragrance is a unique pick in our best smelling perfumes because it can give off that fresh feeling of taking a shower.



  • The packaging for this perfume can be different from the one in the ads.
  • The top can be shaky sometimes after a while of use.



Myrurgia Yacht Spray for Men

Myrurgia Yacht Man Metal toilette Spray for Men, 3.40-Ounce best smelling perfumes

This yacht metal spray is subtle, soft and rich, with an elegant and masculine fragrance. I was searching for an outdoorsy scent when i found this. Its smell is nautural and clean. If you want to make a statement with your scent, try this one because it makes people smell you before they see you. This can easily make it the best smelling perfumes for anyone. If you like fruity scents, then this one is great as it has a concentrated grape scent with a hint of soda and can even be used to make your room smell clean and fresh.


  • This yacht perfume smells like sunshine on terribly cold winter days and makes you appealing to the senses.
  • The scent of this perfume is quite strong but it does not overwhelm you with Its freshness.
  • If you are the sporty kind, you will love this perfume because just with a few clicks and all traces of sweat is masked and concealed.
  • If you like being asked what scent you are putting on, this is ideal for you because it is appealing to individuals around you.
  • The pack is sleek and cute and as appealing as the scent can be. This may not be a basic look-out for the best smelling perfumes, but the packaging of a fragrance is definitely a thing to look out for



  • This perfume doesn’t quite last long.
  • It can be packaged quite differently from the ones shown in the pictures.



Polo Sport Natural Ralph Lauren Spray

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren for Men, Eau De Toilette Natural Spray, 2.5 Ounce best smelling perfumes

Introduced in 1994, this perfume is sporty, fresh and warm. It has a powerful scent that is energizing and luxurious. It can last for over twenty-four hours after being used. This is a traditional and classic blend of best smelling perfumes that is associated with an all American essence and style.

I think you would love the fact that it is a mix of leathery woods and natural spices which makes it deeply masculine with a subtle hint of basil and oakmoss to give it an arid, sharp and woody fragrance. Everything from the logo, to the bottle to even the scent itself is soaked in time-honored progress of the Ralph Lauren Polo name so if you want the best smelling perfumes with designer brands, get this one.


  • If you are outgoing, this is strongly recommended for you because it attracts people and makes them wonder what you are using.
  • If you go to the gym frequently, this should be your friend as it is small and can be carried around to help you smell fresh all day long.
  • This one of the best smelling perfumes that are good for summer days and even winter as Its scent remains strong and appealing.
  • The packaging is sleek and nice and as attractive as the scent as well.
  • The scent is strong but not overbearing, it is subtle and fresh.



  • It is quite hard to find but Amazon has it in stock.
  • The sprayer of the perfume is quite shaky sometimes.


If body odor turns you off, and you need to have the best smelling perfumes to step out in style, you need to pick one or even more from the list above. Perfumes are quite popular today because they help boost your morale. Incredible right? A good perfume with a great smell perfumes would definitely give your day an incredible uplift by speaking out on your personality.