Best Ventless Air Conditioner Review (Ventless Portable Air Conditioner)

Best Ventless Air Conditioner Review (Ventless Portable Air Conditioner)

Are you looking for the right ventless portable air conditioner? Do you want to keep your room cool during hot days, but you, unfortunately, do not possess central air conditioning or do you actually have a central air conditioning unit, but you are fed up of paying the expensive monthly bill it takes to run it? Whichever is the case, you don’t have to simmer in the unbearable heat inside your home. A ventless air conditioner unit is an ideal way to keep your room cool while ensuring that you have the ability to move it from one room to another. This leads us to this question. What is the best portable air conditioner to buy?

In this article, we’ll break down what you need to know to help you make the best choice available. We’ll also tell you about ideal air conditioner units for different room sizes and how to choose the appropriate one that suits you. Let’s start with ‘why’.

Why ventless AC’s are a wonderful choice.

a. They are affordable

One of the primary advantages of getting a portable AC device is that it significantly reduces the energy costs you pay monthly to cool your home. With central air units, you need to pay for it to function in the whole house even though you just need to cool down a particular room while a small affordable portable air conditioner uses about one-eighth of the energy required to operate central air, which is definitely cheaper.

b. They are flexible

The closest alternative for a ventless portable AC device is a window mounted AC unit. Portable units are not this rigid because they don’t show from the outside. This makes them the smarter option and the best purchase decision you can make to enjoy really cool air.

c. Hassle-free Installation & Ubiquitous

Many portable units are not heavy at all and as far as there is an outlet for it and a nice place to vent out the warm air, you can use it anywhere.


Notable Differences Between Portable and Ventless Air Conditioners

Not everyone is aware of this, but there are two separate kinds of compact air conditioners in the market and if you mix up both of them, you can end up making a seriously expensive mistake.

Ventless can also be referred to as evaporative which is the term we used in this article. A product that carries only the term “portable” has a two or single hose unit that is used to transfer hot air from the inside of your room to the exterior. This just means that it definitely has to be installed right next to your window, so that the hose can do its job.

t is a good advantage to understand how a merely ventless portable air conditioner works. Here is an image showing the Hose type ACs installed right beside a window so their hose can pass through for the host to go right out of the house. This is not the case for the evaporative ventless air conditoner.

Image: Portable Air Conditioners Installed by the window

However, a product that uses the label “ventless” or even “evaporative” does not come with a hose for ventilation. Rather, it has a tank of water and uses the natural process of evaporation just to cool down the warm air and also has a fan that delivers the freshly cooled air into your room. Surprisingly, a “ventless portable air conditioner” is actually more portable than just a “portable air conditioner”  because it is easy to push from one room to the other like a rolling trolley, whereas the other one requires more work to carry down then set up.

designed for the best usability, the evaporative ventless air conditioner is the perfect pick for any one who want to enjoy the mobility and real portability of an movable AC. If you are not willing to have the AC installed at a window point which nullifies any plan of using the AC in another space, one can go the ventless portable air conditioners.

Image: Free-standing Evaporative Ubiquitous Ventless Air Conditioner

Which Kind Should You Then Buy?

It may look like an obvious pick to buy an evaporative air cooler because of its mobility. However, you need to consider the humidity levels of the area you live in. Portable AC units are great for humid climates as a result of the fact that they cool down the warm air by taking out moisture from it while Ventless AC units are ideal for dry climates as a result of the fact that they input moisture into the air to cool it.

So we check out the best on sale today. Here is a round of the best.


Best ventless air conditioner (ventless portable air conditioner)

1. Haier HPP08XCR Air Conditioner

Perfect for any summer to cool the hottest space. This is a ventless portable air conditioners also known as an evaporative ventless air conditioner


This ventless portable air conditioner unit is absolutely perfect and it can help you save a lot of money in summer.
After running it for many days last summer, I noticed that it is able to cool a bigger area, even more than advertised.

It was simply amazing how this unit was able to lower the humidity even as it cooled because humidity removal is extremely important. You would not need to empty your water tank because it vents excellently and another important detail is that it is not noisy so it can’t possibly disturb your rest or sleep time.

You can keep it right across your room or about twelve feet from your chair or sofa and it still cools quickly.



 ⊗ The electronic controls of this ventless air conditioner come with an easy to use, fully functional remote control. It has a temperature display and digital time display and control and a useful twenty four hour off and on timer.
 ⊗  It has three efficient fan and cooling speeds with a nice permanent mesh on the side-out. It also has a washable filter which makes it really easy to clean and a lovely dehumidify mode.
 ⊗  It can cool a room that is about one hundred and fifty to two hundred square feet. It weighs 44 Pounds, doesn’t require assembly or batteries.
 ⊗ After a while of usage, the water indicator may light up once in a while then shut down.
 ⊗ It wasn’t made for 240 volts, just for 120.


2. Luma EC110S Cooler

Luma EC110S Cooler evaporative ventless air conditioner. One of the best in the market today. Definitely provides a great comfort expected from a ventless portable air conditioner.

Everything in this ventless portable air conditioner is backed up by a one year warranty and if you reside in a place that usually experiences really high temperatures but relatively low humidity, you should really consider using the power this kind of evaporative cooler provides to make indoor or outdoor activities comfortable for you and your family.

From my experience, this device doesn’t use any form of chemical, just natural processes and substances like water etc. This would give anybody a perfect rest of mind as no sort of hazardous substance is coming home with the device.







 ⊗  This unit is an energy-saving model for people conscious about that and it makes use of seventy-five percent less energy, unlike regular air conditioners. It has a good oscillating fan that can cover about two hundred and fifty square feet.

 ⊗  This ventless air conditioner is portable and has a lovely compact design which makes it effortlessly easy to carry from one room to the other. It also has a detachable water tank that makes refilling a walk in the park for you and saves time.

 ⊗  Its whisper-quiet structure lets you have a comfortable conversation with your family without screaming yourselves hoarse. It doesn’t just work as an air cooler, it also works as a tower fan and also a humidifier in one package.


 ⊗ It may not operate for an extended period of time on its “COOL” feature.


3. Honeywell MN10CESWW Air Conditioner

Honey has done a really great job in designing the very efficient ventless air conditioner. For identification, this device is also called a ventless portable air conditioners.

With this air conditioner, you can finally enjoy your peace of mind. Not only is it built-to-last, this ventless portable air conditioner has a filtration system that is washable to it protects and even extends the life of your unit.

It features the protection of a thermal overload for your motor and compressor to ensure more safety and increase endurance for you.

If you have pets as I do, the filtration system allows you to wash away dust, pet hair, and dander from the unit which helps to decrease the impurities that could be found in the air. All you need to do is run it under a faucet.






 ⊗  This unit saves your time and energy because of its lightweight. You wont feel like you are lifting weights at the gym. All the accessories for the unit are added for a fast installation either on vertical or even horizontal windows.

 ⊗  You can roll the unit to any preferred cooling area. You can set it up your window kit, switch it ON and Voila! Instant cooling. It helps you decrease the energy consumption in your house’s primary air conditioning as a result of its efficiency.

 ⊗  This ventless air conditioner’s two motor technology guarantees you lower noise levels even at the highest speeds. The digital controls are crystal clear and its remote control helps you change the settings anywhere you are.


 ⊗ When it kicks back on just to maintain its temperature setting it may make a loud noise for a while.


4. Honeywell Evaporative Cooler

Honeywell Evaporative Cooler. An awesome ventless air conditioner. With its rollers feature, one can boldly call it an ventless portable air conditioner.

This efficiently designed ventless portable air conditioner can blow extra-cool air right at your body level. I particularly fancy the ice compartment which makes for wonderfully cool air.

All you need to do is add some ice on the top ice loading compartment to cool up your hot space. It also fights annoying dryness as a result of its three effective humidity settings which ensure proper humidity levels perfect for your space.

You can also use it outdoors because it is weather resistant and created to withstand the elements. This cooler is a wonderful addition to any indoor/outdoor furniture collection.






 ⊗  It has a removable 7.9 water gallon tank that makes it easier to operate, fill and maintain.

 ⊗  It has a super convenient remote which you can operate without standing up from your comfortable deck chair or couch. It has a timer which is programmable to about 7.5 hours for unattended operation.

 ⊗  It assists in circulating warm air and can cool you by spraying a subtle, wet mist right over your serving area. It is a combination of a humidifier, evaporative air coolers and fans into one lightweight system.


 ⊗ The indicator for the water level of this ventless air conditioner may be too far withdrawn into the tank.

  • It may be a little difficult for you to see inside without a bright light or using a flashlight. The casters are quite small and may not handle bumps very well.


5. Whynter ARC-14S Air Conditioner

Whynter ARC-14S Air Conditioner the perfect pick for someone who wants a ventless air conditioner or a ventless portable air conditioner

Particularly created to be powerful and mobile, this ventless portable air conditioner can also be set up easily.  It is an ideal solution to the hot spots in your server room, office, home, office, or any other high-cooling demand area.

I like the fact that it is also is going Eco-friendly and CFC free. It doesn’t have any lead and though it is very efficient, it is still energy saving and allows you to stay cool while still being friendly to the environment.

It also has a sturdy cover alongside storage pocket where you can keep the user manual or remote control to avoid misplacement.






 ⊗  This really portable air conditioner has a green, eco-friendly refrigerant and its components are RoHS compliant.

 ⊗  This ventless air conditioner has the awesome advance automatic drain technology that uses and also recycles the moisture that was collected previously. The two hose operation that it has cools you quickly and it can cool about five hundred square feet.

 ⊗  This unit has an efficient self-evaporating technology that can reduce condensate build-up. It also has an automatic-restart setting which makes it auto restart after a power outage.


 ⊗ It can be hard to disconnect its hoses from your window mount and the rear of the unit.


6. Luma EC220W Evaporative Cooler

One thing to like about this Luma EC220W ventless air conditioner is its miniature look and sturdiness. It also features roller tyres to fit perfectly as a ventless portable air conditioners.

This unit is an evaporative, portable cooler that is capable of doing it all. It is immensely powerful and its oscillating tower fan is so quiet that it even has a silent setting on it to aid sleeping for babies if you have any.

I like the fully equipped extra-large water gallon tank and efficient cooling pad which lets you make use of evaporative cooling to make your room cool when the relative humidity is quite low.

The flexible system of this ventless portable air conditioner gives you remarkable energy efficiency even when compared with other air conditioning systems and it is backed by a one year warranty.







 ⊗ This is a two in one evaporative cooler and included tower fan that delivers cooling options for different climates. It has an extra large, five-gallon water tank that obviously needs less refilling.

 ⊗ This ventless air conditioner has four fan speeds which provide about 600 CFMs of superior power. The oscillating fan can cover about 640 square feet area.

 ⊗ The detachable water tank is quite easy to top up from top to bottom and its quiet setting is more than perfect for sleeping.


 ⊗ The metal parts inside as well as the motor may not be as sturdy as you would want and they are also not rust proof.

 ⊗ The framework supporting this unit may begin to lose its protective coating after a while.


7. Honeywell 470 CFM Evaporative Cooler

Honeywell 470 CFM ventless air conditioners. Built for the best performance. Feature a water inlet, a humid air outlet, rollers for ventless portable air conditioners, and a sturdy handle.

This unit has an ice compartment to generate colder air. All you need to do is put some ice in the compartment to reduce the water temperature and maintain a cooler airflow.

I was attracted to the rhythmically soothing wind sounds it makes when I pick the sleep, normal or natural modes. The wind pattern of this ventless portable air conditioner is cyclical and it mimics the flow and ebb of a natural breeze.

It combats stifling dryness with its three settings that maintain the density of the moisture which in turn guarantees optimal humidity levels in your room.

It has a water tank that is easy to fill and a wide opening which protects your room against spillage then also eases the stress of topping up the water tank.




 ⊗ This ventless air conditioner has a safeguard against different contaminants and also has a washable carbon filter that traps not just dust but odors and even pollutants.

 ⊗  It has a functional remote control and an inbuilt holster that helps you avoid unnecessary misplacements. It also has a timer that enables you to simply set it then forget it for about 7. 5 hours.

 ⊗ It reduces your energy bills because it is energy saving and it can also humidify your air in winter. Not only does it have an evaporative air cooler, it also has a fan and a nice humidifier.


 ⊗ Water may begin to seep out from its filter or the front of it if not handled properly.


8. Honeywell Indoor CS10XE Evaporative Cooler

Honeywell Indoor CS10XE Evaporative Cooler is one of the best ventless portable fans today! with it's wide outlet wide enough to perform more optimally. If you need a ventless portable air conditioner, then pick this.

This unit works just like a soothing breeze blowing across a lake and it gives you a naturally cool breeze alongside the strength of water evaporation.

This ventless portable air conditioner effectively combines three appliances together: fan, evaporative air cooler, and humidifier right into a single lightweight energy-saving system.

I noticed that just the fan can create a nice breeze just by recirculating the warm air, then when you include water or ice to your tank, it decreases the temperature of any incoming hot air, thereby turning it into a wonderful moist breeze.






 ⊗ This air cooler was made to last for a long time and it was carefully designed aerodynamically to reduce energy consumption.

 ⊗ This ventless air conditioner can maximize airflow even when the air is aflame with low humidity. It has a really low power consumption of one hundred and twenty watts 102W.

 ⊗ It has a carbon air filter and efficient remote control, water alarm, ice compartment, and timer. It is sleek, compact & really easy to carry from one place to another without stress.


 ⊗ It may be a little hard to keep the water tank tidy.

 ⊗ After a while, the quality of the dust screen may begin to diminish.