Best vertical air conditioner review

Best vertical air conditioner review

Vertical air conditioners are good cooling choices for your rooms and houses that do not have access to primary air conditioning. They are quick to install, give you instant cooling, and even come with lots of great features that are easy to operate. While they seem all good and efficient, there some key checks you must carry out when picking a vertical air conditioner.


What makes a good vertical air conditioner?


Size: Air conditioners are usually rated in BTU’s per hour and the full meaning is British Thermal Units. Vertical units with larger BTU ratings usually give you more cooling and can even cover a bigger area. It is really necessary to purchase an air conditioner that is properly suited for your room to ensure you do not squander energy or resources on a model that cannot cool your room properly.

Location: During the cooling procedure, vertical air conditioners usually produce hot air which has to be exhausted right out of their hose and many of them come with a window kit that helps to take the hot air outside. This just means your air conditioner needs to be placed close to a window because it is the quickest and easiest way to get it installed.

Maintenance: The maintenance you just need to think about is draining away the collected moisture. Every unit pulls moisture right out of your air as it cools it down, it is just a step in the process and there are different ways to red rid of it. You can manually take out the pan then empty it when it is full or attach a hose to it to drain with gravity to another location and you can use a pump to take water up then out of the unit to the draining point.

Energy Efficiency: If you are worried about energy efficiency because of the environment and your monthly bills, you need to look at the energy ratio before getting a vertical air conditioner. This informs you about how many BTUs is used by the unit for every watt of electricity. That is, units that have higher ratings are usually more energy efficient than others.


Best vertical air conditioner


1. CCH YPLA-08C Air Conditioner

Enjoy refreshing coolness with the added advantage of portability with this efficient vertical air conditioner. It has 8,000 BTUs of effective power and can keep an area up to two hundred square feet comfortable and cool with dehumidification that is up to about 2.0 pints/hour which is exactly what you should expect from a unit that is 8000 BTU.

I noticed that it is self-evaporating and this feature may not be in the description but it works in a quiet manner. Even a box fan is louder than it. It also comes with a sleep setting as well as a twenty-four-hour timer feature.




  • This air conditioner is compact and aids easy handling as well as positioning. Also, it weighs just 47 lbs.
  • It has 8,000 BTU’s of refreshing power that can chill a room that is up to two hundred sq. Ft. efficiently.
  • It has a reusable and washable air filter that helps you save money on unnecessary replacements.
    It also has 2 fan speeds and 2 cool settings for your convenience.


  • You would need to purchase a foil tape as well as a pipe wrap for the exhaust hose of the unit to ensure that all hot air goes outside and not the back inside your space.


2. Shinco SPF2-08C Air Conditioner

Now you can efficiently save your energy and minimize operating costs as well as save money with this vertical air conditioner. I particularly like the sleep mode which is so silent that it doesn’t disturb your rest. When your room is cool enough to your taste, you can switch to its first speed and it will become even more  quiet. The noise rating is just 55 decibels and it is very cool and doesn’t over heat when cooling is in progress.

It has 8000 BTU power that makes you happy and cool in the hot summer. It also has efficient dehumidification that gives you a 60 pints  per day dehumidifying choice which pulls out the water from your air and therefore creates a cool, dry space.


  • It has a remote that helps you enjoy the convenience of all its features from anywhere in your room.
  • It has an LED Digital Display electric panel that just created to be simple to use and easy to see.
  • It is easy to move about as a result of the four casters that aid transportation to any room.


  • The wheels may become a little bit shaky after some years of use.


3. KUPPET Air Conditioner

This vertical air conditioner has a brand new structure, compact appearance and a new streamlined design. It can give you sleep, fan, cooling and dry functions. I noticed that the speed of its fan can be adjusted between low and high fan speed while the temperature range is from sixty one to eighty degrees Fahrenheit.

It has different protection functions like the twenty four hour timer as well as the ON/OFF feature. Its remote control can even be kept on the right side of the rear handle. The remote functions are user-friendly and help give you a wonderful experience in hot days.



  • It is very easy to install if you know what you are doing and it has a manual to help guide your set up.
  • This vertical air conditioner can cool a room that is up to three hundred square feet with its powerful air flow. It also has an air filter that is reusable and washable.
  • It has a twenty hour on and off timer as well as a two-way air deflection feature.


  • The instruction manual is not very detailed about how to put the exhaust hose on the rear of the unit.


4. Global Air 10,000 Air Conditioner

This air conditioner has 10000 BTUs of power which can keep a room of three hundred square feet cool and comfortable. It also has a 2-Speed cooling setting that works for the fan also as I observed, and a four-way air direction feature to help spread your air properly throughout your room.

The Digital controls of this vertical air conditioner give you the exact temperature adjustments and it also has a remote control that helps you control it even while sitting or lying down from across your room.

The self-evaporative system means that you do not need to drain it manually and the condensed water is usually recycled to upgrade its efficiency through the cooling condenser. It has an over-cold protection as well as a 3 minute restart delay feature.


  • It has a self-evaporative system which does not require any water tank to function.
  • This air conditioner can cool rooms that are about three hundred square feet and it features 2 speeds for fan use and cooling.
  • The digital controls give you the exact temperature adjustments. The remote allows you to control your air conditioner from right across the room.


  • You cannot use this unit with extension cords so please plug it directly.


5. BLACK + DECKER Air Conditioner

Enjoy your comfortable house with this cooling unit. It does not just cool but dehumidifies, and also evenly circulates the air in your room to stand up to heat. Giving you instant and uninterrupted comfort, it has an efficient LED electronic controls with a really clear display that helps you see it well.

This vertical air conditioner is also rated 75 decibels on its high setting which means it is quiet. Rolling castors as well as side carrying handles are included for easy maneuvering mobility and comes with everything you need for an easy installation.

It can keep your home, bedroom, sitting room, apartment, dormitory or even a garage that is about 100 – 150 sq. ft. comfy during the heat.


  • Its display and control panel is designed to help you see clearly and is very easy to operate.
  • It has a sturdy slide out filter which can be smoothly cleaned and reused for as long as you want.
  • The remote control helps you be in charge of all the functions of your air conditioner regardless of where you are in the room.


  • The blue LED display light on this vertical air conditioner may be a bit bright if you don’t like to sleep with lights on.


6. BLACK + DECKER Air Conditioner

It keeps any house, apartment or garage that is about 300 – 350 sq. ft. cool and comfortable during hot summer days when the stifling heat comes in. I observed that it also has a heater that keeps your room warm whenever you do not need the cold in winter. This just means that you do not need to get a heater if you have this.

This vertical air conditioner keeps a room which is about 225 – 375 sq. ft. warm during the winter. It can only function in dual hung or just sliding windows. It cannot work on crank windows. It has a vertical motion that creates a strong and steady airflow which gives you consistent temperature whether cool or hot in any part of your house. You can even slide out the filter for washing which rinses easily when run under a faucet.


  • The electronic controls are precise and simple and the LED digital display is very clear. It has a twenty-four hour on and off timer as well as a sleep mode for rest.
  • This bucket-less made cooling air conditioner combines not just cooling, but a fan, and dehumidification as well as heater modes for a quiet, simple and noiseless run. It is rated 75 decibels on its high setting and it has an environmentally friendly refrigerant.
  • It comes with an exhaust hose that is four ft. and eleven inches long and a window kit for quick installation as well as a manual to guide you through the setup.


  • The seals and the weather strips that are included may begin to tear after some years of usage and will need to be replaced.


7. JHS Air Conditioner

This vertical air conditioner has three integrated functions in one unit and they are air conditioner, fan and even dehumidifier all of which are very easy to use. It is a 10,000 BTU simple to use unit with LED digital display and efficient remote control that make comfort a touch away.

You can just relax on the sofa and manage your system as often as you want to. You can change it to sleep mode to save energy when your room is at the right temperature. I really like the four sturdy, reliable castors that move in all directions, allowing for easy mobility of this 53 lb. unit.




  • It was designed with an upgraded compressor which is ideal for any room in your house or office.
  • You can use it as an air conditioner or a fan, and even a dehumidifier. It comes with 3 fan speeds as well as a 50.7 pints/day dehumidifier ability.
  • The easy to see LED panel and the efficient remote control allow you be in full charge of your comfort at the touch of a button.


  • You would need to wait for about a full day to begin using he unit if it was not kept in an  upright position.


8. DELLA Air Conditioner

This air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 8,000 BTU. Its high powered compressor can cool down a place that is up to 300 square feet. It also allows quick installment as I observed.

The window kit which is expandable lets you to quickly set it up in any room. It is energy efficient and made for little energy consumption. The smooth-roll wheels assist you with moving it from one room to the other.

It has a two way air direction function that aids in transferring air throughout your room. It operates quietly and can be put in any room without disturbance.




  • This vertical air conditioner is user-friendly and you can easily access every feature with just one press of the button.
  • It was made to minimize energy consumption and reduce bills.
  • You can program the air conditioner to activate or even shut off at any time when you are absent with the timer.


  • If you do not like to sleep with lights on, this one may be too bright for you and will need to be covered.
  • It does not have a screen on its vent tube so you will need to get one.


9. COSTWAY Air Conditioner

This 10000-BTU air conditioner is great for any kind of spot cooling of small rooms that are about 161 sq. feet. It comes with 4 casters which aid easy mobility to the areas that need to be chilled. This air conditioner also has an efficient remote control for effective temperature control, fan speed adjustment and timer management from right across your room.

This vertical air conditioner has a time saving window kit which is used for exhausting your unit through any vertical or horizontal window. I noticed that it boasts of a 2-way up and down air deflection feature that distributes your air evenly, helping to eliminate hot spots while providing you airflow to chill your space and be comfortable.



  • This air conditioner offers you cooling, fan and even dehumidify functions and a sleep mode which is good for office and home use.
  • It is made with different protection features like the twenty four programmable timer and an ultra intelligent sensor for temperature as well as a water-full function and warning system.
  • It has a bright LED Display Panel as well as a remote control ans can dehumidify up to fifty pints/24 hours.


  • It does not have a removable drip container if you need it.


10. NewAir EC111W Air Swamp Cooler

If you reside in a place that typically experiences really high temperatures but still has low humidity then you need to think about harnessing the sweet power of this evaporative cooler to make your indoor and outdoor living even more comfortable for you and your family as it did for mine.

Evaporative coolers which are also affectionately called swamp coolers usually work by passing water right through an efficient 3D cooling pad. It then makes use of a fan to blow hot air right across the already soaked pad just to cool it down.

This all-natural process does not make use of any dangerous chemicals that may be hazardous to your health so it not only keeps you cool, it keeps you safe as well.



  • The all-natural cooling system does not make use of any harmful chemicals and the energy-saving feature uses just 75% less energy.
  • The oscillating fan can cover about two hundred and fifty square feet. It is compact and easy to transfer from room to room.
  • It has a water tank that is removable which makes your refilling easy as well as a silent design for comfortable conversation.


  • The water tank lasts for about six- eight hours before needing to be refilled.


To ease stress and give you a hassle-free operation, many vertical air conditioners have self-evaporative designs that evaporate all or just most of the gathered water they collect from the air and since the water is automatically taken out, you do not need to think about taking it out from time to time and when you peruse through the above, you sure would find one to please you.