Black & Decker LDX120C

Black & Decker LDX120C

Black & Decker (model no: LDX120C) 20-Volt Li-Ion MAX Cordless Drill/Driver

Black & Decker (model no: LDX120C) -- Best Cordless DrillsSEE PRICE 

  • Battery

The B&D superb 20Volt MAX long run-time Lithium-ion LBXR20 Battery holds a charge for very long even when not put to use. It also has a longer lifetime cycle when compared to a regular nicad battery. It is very compatible with all the 20V MAX line of power and drilling tools. The manufacturer devised these powerful batteries for longer life and more efficient work output.

The battery can work perfectly with these listed cordless tools models:

LCS120, LHT2220B, SSL20SB, BDH2000SL, LDX120PK, LPHT120B, LSW120, LDX120SB, BDC120VA100, LDX220SBFC, LHT210, LD120VA, BDCDMT120F, GLC120B, BDCDMT120, LPP120B, LDX220SB, BDCDMT120IA. LCC220, LPHT120, LDX120C, LHT2220,  LSW20B. BDCDMT120-2,  LSW20, LST220, LLP120B, LD3K220, LLP120, BDCF20, SSL20SB-2, LGC120, LPP120, and LCS120B, also note that these models are all 20V.

  • Verdict

This drill has an 11-position clutch setting. This provides precise control for drilling into all material like concrete, wood, metal, plastic and all screw-driving tasks. It also ensures less user fatigue and allows operators to drill/screw in little spaces/ work areas. For its 3/8″ sized chuck and anti-slip soft grip, you would agree that the manufacturer designed this drill for perfection.

The B&D LDX120C is also backed by a 2-year warranty. It has also won itself the 6th position in our Best Cordless Drill set Review.

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