Are you looking to buy more dewalt 20v combo power tools? Perhaps you are uncertain of what exactly you need to buy? Or maybe you require some tools but you do not necessarily need others presently but you might need it in the future because of the nature of your job or DIY projects you handle?

Now you don’t have to look any further than the Dewalt 20v combo kit. It not only combines common and popular power tools all in one package, it also saves your money and time too because you do not have to go out everytime to buy different tools as this kit can provide all you need for you. No extra charges included.

Since choosing a kit depends on what you need, it can be quite tough to pick the best that is why I have outlined the four best DeWalt 20v combo kits below for your ease.


DEWALT Driver Combo Kit DCK240C2 

DEWALT DCK240C2 20v Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit (1.3Ah) dewalt 20v combo

This DeWalt 20v combo kit comprises of the impact driver which is compact and lightweight and constructed to fit into tight areas. It offers you one-handed loading and it has a three LED light ring with twenty seconds delay which provides visibility for night jobs. I noticed that it has an included belt hook for portability on your worksites. It has an efficient performing motor which can deliver about 300 watts of power for a wide array of applications. This DeWalt 20v combo has a speedy transmission that can deliver two speeds for fastening and drilling. Its single sleeve chuck gives you firm bit gripping strength, while the ergonomic handle gives you optimum comfort and control.


  • It is designed ergonomically and Its lightweight tools are constructed to fit your particular requirements.
  • This DeWalt 20v combo gives you increased visibility and it has an inbuilt Led light with a twenty-second delay.
  • It has one drill/driver, one impact driver, two 20V Lithium-Ion batteries, a 20V charger, and one kit bag.
  • It allows you load with one hand, has a hex chuck and can accept one inch bit tips.
  • It has a highly effective 300 unit watt motor which has enough power capacity to perform more than one application.


  • The Chuck of this dewalt 20v combo kit loosens up and kind of clunks and then releases the drill after a while of usage.
  • The battery might not be enough for jobs which require high power usage and minimal charge time. You might want to check out our best rechargeable drills review.

DEWALT Four-Tool Combo Kit DCK421D2 

DEWALT DCK421D2 20V MAX Lithium-Ion 4-Tool Combo Kit, 2.0Ah dewalt 20v combo

This compact DeWalt 20v combo does not compromise on the power it provides for you at all. Its drill driver has a 2-speed transmission that can offer about 2000 RPM. You can load the impact driver with one hand and the hex Chuck can take one inch bit tips.

It has a circular saw with a motor of 3,700 RPM which gives you ample speed and power. From my experience, the batteries have a two-year service contract for free! The led flashlight has extra lumens for more brightness and it has a three-year limited warranty, a one-year service contract which is also for free and a ninety-day money back request guarantee.


  • It has one impact driver, one circular saw, a work light, two 20v 2.0 batteries, one charger and a contractor bag.
  • This DeWalt 20v combo has a half inch drill/driver that features an efficient 2-speed transmission and powerful motor for your drilling applications.
  • Its impact driver can be loaded with one hand and is extremely flexible for work in confined spaces.
  • Its circular saw has an efficient motor for many cutting applications and a strong steel shoe long-term accuracy.
  • The light has a bright output of about 110 lumens and does not give off heat like old xenon bulbs and Its head can rotate 120 degrees.


  • This DeWalt 20v combo does not give any warning to tell you the battery is low and it just shuts down by itself.
  • It does not have a belt hook for easy portability.

DEWALT Five-Tool Combo Kit DCK590L2 

DEWALT DCK590L2 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion 3.0 Ah 5-Tool Combo Kit dewalt 20v combo

This DeWalt 20v combo kit has five tools including a hammer drill with a three-speed transmission, a reciprocating saw which has a keyless blade clamp, a circular saw with six and a half inches carbide blade, an impact driver and a good 20v work light. It is not enough to have all these tools and not be able to move them around easily and safely which is why I was drawn to this kit because it has a belt hook to help you move it around easily. It also has an all-metal chuck that can deliver 535 watts max for quicker application speed and even optimum bit retention.


  • This DeWalt 20v combo has a reciprocating saw which comes with a keyless blade clamp that allows speedy and safe blade changes.
  • Its impact driver has three LED lights as well as a 20-second delay which provides enough visibility.
  • It has a circular saw with a carbide blade which can cut at a forty-five-degree angle in just a single go.
  • Its 20V LED work light can deliver about one hundred and ten (110) lumens of light.
  • It comes with a three-year limited Warranty.
  • This DeWalt 20v combo Includes a hammer drill, two 3.0 battery packs, one reciprocating saw, a very fast charger, a contractor bag, an impact driver, a side handle, one circular saw ad a bright work light.


  • If you use it at high speed for a long time it drains the battery quite fast.
  • It is quite difficult to use it when the speed is low.

DEWALT Nine-Tool Combo Kit DCK940D2 

DEWALT DCK940D2 20V MAX Lithium Ion 9-Tool Combo Kit dewalt 20v combo

This DeWalt 20v combo kit has nine tools for all your projects! Its drill driver can deliver up to 300watts of power enabling you to complete wide applications. Its impact driver has three LED lights and a twenty-second delay which provides enough visibility without shadows. I am in awe of the Bluetooth speaker that allows you stream music from your phone so you can enjoy your music while you work. It has a reciprocating saw that comes with a keyless blade clamp which allows for fast, stress-free blade changes. It also has a circular saw with a carbide blade which is able to cut at a forty-five-degree angle in one stroke.


  • Its easy to use accessory system can allow the blades and the attachments changed easily without wrenches.
  • Its LED light can deliver about one hundred and ten lumens of light to illuminate your workspace.
  • This DeWalt 20v combo has a (7,000) RPM motor that can give you enough power for cutting and grinding.
  • Its Bluetooth speaker lets you stream your music wirelessly from your phone or tablet.
  • The right drill gives you dual speed and increases your flexibility for wider applications.
  • It has one drill/driver, one impact driver, one reciprocating saw, one circular saw, one oscillating tool, light, one grinder, a Bluetooth speaker, wrench, charger and saw blade.


  • You might need to spend more money to upgrade the battery and even get more accessories for the tools.
  • It makes it quite difficult to test it without all the parts required.

It might be a little bit hard to find combo kits that suit your needs so I’m recommending the DeWalt 20v combo kits because they are able to give you an ideal array of tools. They are not common two-piece cordless kits and with this combo, you can get as high as nine pieces of efficient, high-quality tools and even if you do not need six, there are toolkits with four pieces too. Still, getting the DeWalt 20v combo is a valuable investment because you no longer have to bother about getting additional tools and your work becomes easier.

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