Dewalt DCD701S2 Expert Review

Dewalt DCD701S2 Expert Review

Specifications of Dewalt DCD701S2
• Weight: 2.4 pound
• Variable speed: No
• Impact driving capacity: No
• Power: 189UWO
• Inbuilt LED light: Yes
• Belt hook: Yes
• Brushless motor: No
• Double battery: Yes
• Durability rate: Good
• Warranty: 3 year

Dewalt DCD701S2 Overview

The DCD710S2 is a highly rated 12volt Dewalt model. It has a compact build that fits into anywhere you might want to get your job done. The 1.1Ah Lithium-ion batteries have a maximum voltage of 12v and it offers a long runtime to get a job completed. The battery charger recharges the battery as quick as you need to get on with your job, while a single charge can carry you through the day.

The drill driver is well recognized for its lightweight yet strong performance. It can be easily carried around without posing an extra stress. Like other Dewalt models, DCD710S2 has 15 adjustable clutch settings and 2-speed gear for the best output. The drill delivers a power of about 189 UWO, which is high enough for a tool with its capacity.

The tool features a single LED light around its base for better illumination while working in a dimly lit room or at night. It has a built-in belt-hook to keep it close especially when on a high platform. Talk about balance and sturdiness, Dewalt DCD710S2 offers both, despite the tendency to overlook its capacity because of its capacity.

You can easily switch between speeds as you work to get the best power needed for an effective fastening of screws. The drill has a single ratcheting half-inch chuck that can be hand tightened and spins fast when in use. Its slim grip allows you to hold it firmly as you work. To prevent overheating or overload that could damage the battery and tool, the DCD710S2 has an electronic switch that stabilizes the tool with a fluctuating current to prevent tool damage.

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This tool has a comfortable trigger and direction button for convenience. Its small size is an advantage it has to use it at a high level without much pressure on the hands. It also offers much power for its small size, and with a low noise level, it is perfect for every simple task you get to do as a DIYer or pro tool user.


Despite how good this tool is, we still feel it could be better with storage to hold bits and if it can allow the use of smaller bits but unfortunately, it doesn’t. A great part of the illumination from its LED light is also blocked by the chuck and the battery level cannot be monitored because it has no battery gauge.

Why this is not a problem
We believe that despite these disadvantages, the tool is still perfect for handling small tasks and is a highly rated tool recommended for plumbers, electricians, and carpenters.

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