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DeWALT (Model No: DCD771C2) 20V Li-Ion MAX Compact Drill and Driver (Full Kit)

  • LED light 

This drill has a DeWalt built-in LED light that you would find right above the trigger.

It’s true this is nothing new, however, in a few different models, you can only use the light when you pull the trigger. If you’re, maybe, lining up a bit or a screw in a circumstance that requires light, you will find it very hard to do if the drill is spinning.

But in this Dewalt drill, this light stays on for 10 seconds after you release the trigger, allowing you to tap the trigger to engage the light, have the light on, line up the bit or screw, and resume drilling/driving. You might also want to see this drill.

  • Battery 

It also comes with (2)two 1.5Ah batteries that last very long, recharge rapidly and hold their charge for a very long period of time.

You will love that this drill performs at 100% and its performance is strong till the end. With the fast charger, by the time battery-A is dead, battery-B is at full charge and ready to go.

If you are a person who has owned several battery variations of Dewalt drills, this one will quickly become your favorite. Extremely light-weighted in comparison to the 18-volt models. The battery size is tiny but packs a huge power.

  • Verdict   

Just like Rockwell, this drill is very affordable, purchasing one is a very good move. One replacement battery for any drill costs about $90, that makes the two 1.5Ah batteries that this drill comes with more expensive than the whole kit. But for just a little over $90 or less, you get two batteries, a fast charger, a soft case and of course, the drill.

Honestly, if you have other DEWALT 20V tools, these batteries are enough reason to still pick this one and add to your collections. 

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