Dewalt DCD791D2 Expert Review

Dewalt DCD791D2 Expert Review

Specifications of Dewalt DCD791D2
• Weight: 3.4lbs
• Variable speed: No
• Revolutions per minute: 2000rpm
• Impact driving capacity: No
• Beat per minute: Dewalt DCD791D2 does not feature an impact mode
• Torque: 620in-lbs
• Inbuilt LED light: Yes
• Belt hook: Yes
• Brushless motor: Yes
• Double battery: Yes
• Durability rate:
• Warranty: 3 years Limited

Dewalt DCD791D2 Overview

The Dewalt DCD791D2 is one of the 20V max series from Dewalt known for its compact build and high efficiency in most drilling operations. As a new tool version, Dewalt ensured that the tool is built to have all you can expect to get from a drill.

We are very sure that they carefully considered the customer reviews from other tools before designing a tool as the Dewalt DCD791D2 to match with user’s expectation. One of the new innovation introduced being the brushless motor on which the tool operates.

In addition to this, Dewalt DCD791D2 is capable of drilling through steel, aluminum and wood as many as possible without break. You can’t be wrong in your choice of tool especially when what you want is much power and long battery life.

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There are certain features built into the DCD791D2 power tool to ensure user’s comfort and convenience:

It compact build allows for ease of use in tight spaces. Unlike other bigger tools, this tool is not restricted by how small or cramped up the work area is, but can fit conveniently for a perfect job. The power tool is Lightweight at 3.4lbs, which means you can use for as long as you can go without fatigue.

This feature also makes it convenient to easily carry the tool around the home or job sites. Working on a brushless motor is a feature that spells efficiency. Unlike brushed motor tools, DCD791D2’s brushless motor provides more runtime (up to 57%) for a more efficient output.

Dewalt DCD791D2 also features a 3-mode built-in LED light with which you can work into the night without worry as the bright light provides the illumination you need.

Its two speed setting allows you to switch between speeds for the perfect speed you need for a good job. With a battery indicator, you can get to monitor the charge level of your tool as you work, which allows you to work for as long as you intend without break.


Dewalt DCD791D2 is compact, comfortable and with high torque power to drill into any work surface conveniently. It is super-light with a thin grip handle that allows its user to hold the tool firmly while working. This power tool also offers plenty of power (torque), speed and long battery life to get your work done in time. The chuck is all metal and offers a firm bit grip for the perfect drilling operation.


The only shortcomings we think we have seen in this particular Dewalt product is that the drill bit tends to snag a bit when used at a high torque and high speed same time, which could be quite risky especially for its user. Also, the LED light placement may not be convenient for everybody as it is somewhat off-placed. This makes the light ray shadowed while working at night.

Why this is not a problem
Despite all these, Dewalt DCD791D2 remains unbeatable in strength and performance, without a drop in its comfort level.

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