DEWALT 20V (Model No: DCD791D2 )


Put this Lightweight drill for women to use and you would agree with me that it can easily be the best cordless drill you have used. The metal 1/2″ ratcheting chuck in this Ladies drill set would make you doubt some other drills you have used.  It’s very precise, smooth and grips firmly. The chuck literally makes anything else you have used feel like a joke. lol. This Ladies drill set has 2 speeds and supplies about 620 in-lbs of torque. The variable speed function works well, and can hold a constant low speed if desired. The clutch has 15 settings, with the lowest setting providing enough torque for pretty though tasks.


This Lightweight drill for women is powered by a Li-Ion battery. When you purchase this tool, you would receive 2 batteries alongside the tool. (this is contained in the package). You would love that the battery has an indicator button to show how much power is left. The battery’s charging time is also fast and lasts very long. It takes about 1½ hour to charge each battery, and when the battery is fully charged, the light blinks. These batteries make this tools great and you would like them. You cannot go wrong with a combo kit that includes a case and two batteries!


This Lightweight drill for women weighs just 3.5 pounds, that’s equivalent to 1¼ liter of water in a water bottle. With this weight, you can hold this tool above head level for as long as possible. If you seek a very Lightweight drill for women that can deliver all above average tasks, then this definitely your drill.


You would certainly love the metal clip on the side of this Lightweight electric drill. To easily attach it to your pants or a ladder when you need a free hand.

The speed, power, and torque mechanism are all exceptional. We would recommend this Lightweight electric drill to anybody who does small crafts or to the full-time contractor.


 The drill supplies such a great power that if you have a weak wrist, you might not be able to hold it steady and that could hurt. A lot of drills with this kind of power, have an extra handle. Whereas this one, because it is lightweight, was meant to be used one handed.

NO PROBLEMThe truth be told, this is actually a goog thing because basically, more torque = more qualityright?

Part No.DCD791D2
Tool Weight3.5 pounds
Tool Dimensions16.2″ x 4.5″ x 10.1″
Tool model no,DCD791D2
SizePack of 1
Power SourceBattery
Voltage20 volts
Tool Package Quantity1
Components IcludedBare-Tool
Is a Battery Required?Yes
Is a Battey Included?Yes
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Warranty Description3 years warranty

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