DEWALT DCK281D2 COMBO Expert Review

DEWALT DCK281D2 COMBO Expert Review

Specifications of DEWALT DCK281D2 Combo Kit

Impact driverDrill
Weight: 2.1pounds

Variable speed: No

Impact driving capacity: Yes

impacts per minute:3200

Torque: 1500in.lbs

Inbuilt LED light: Yes

Belt hook: Yes

Brushless motor: Yes

Double battery: Yes

Durability rate: Good

Warranty: 3 year
• Weight: 2.6 pounds

• Variable speed: No

• Hammer drilling capacity: Yes

• Revolutions per minute: 0-600/0-2000rpm

• Power: 360 UWO

• Inbuilt LED light: Yes

• Belt hook: Yes

• Brushless motor: Yes

• Double battery: Yes

• Durability rate: Good

• Warranty: 3 year

DEWALT DCK281D2 Overview

Dewalt DCK281D2 is a combo kit that includes a drill and an impact driver. These tools are both battery powered and they operate on brushless motors for high efficiency. Brushless tools are more preferred because they run cooler, thus reducing the rate of power and energy consumption of the tool.

This, in turn, gives an enhanced tool and battery life. The Dewalt DCK281D2 combo kit (drill and impact driver) has a compact build that allows for easy use in tight areas without affecting their operator’s performance,  just like the Dewalt DCD790D2.

Dewalt DCK281D2 impact driver also has a feature common to all Dewalt tools which is the safety lock that is ensured when the tool is not in use. The lock is triggered by the forward/reverse speed button. The tool uses one-inch hex bit on its quick release chuck.

This chuck is perfect for easy bit change even when on top of a ladder. The impact driver that comes with DEWALT DCK281D2 delivers a maximum torque speed of 1500 in.lbs and a top speed of 3200 impacts per minute. It is strong enough to drive in fasteners into steels, concretes, woods or metals. Surprisingly, this high performance is delivered by a very lightweight tool weighing 2.1pounds and a compact size of 5.55inches.

The drill, on the other hand, gives a power of 380UWO and two-speed transmission between 0-600/2000rpm. The drill has 15 clutch settings for the user to select from and it weighs 2.6pounds, about 0.5pounds more than the impact driver in this DEWALT DCK281D2 kit.

Both tools have LED light and are powered by 2.0Ah XR batteries which provide a longer tool runtime on a single charge.


Dewalt DCK281D2 is a highly professional combo kit, which means it saves cost. Having the combo kit will save you a lot of stress as you go about your daily activities. The combo kits also boast of strong batteries to reduce downtime occurrences at work. In other words, you get to finish a job before recharging, and in case the juice left will not do, there is a fast charger to fix up a quick recharge for your tools.


There isn’t any noticeable fault on this DEWALT DCK281D2, except for the wobbly chucks on the drill which can be fixed by tightening the chuck a bit harder till you hear the cick sound.

Why this is not a problem
The combo kit offers the best experience you can expect from your tools. They are reliable and tough tools for small to medium tasks around the home and workshop. DEWALT DCK281D2 is good tool kit to own.

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