In a world where the value of things either decreases or increases each moment, the need to gear the value of our properties to the latter just cannot be over-emphasized. I personally would love my property to worth over triple its value every 2 months. I don’t know about you. hehehe. A smart person would definitely look out for some diy projects for home improvements.

A friend of mine, whose story happens to be the inspiration behind this post, just sold his house in January 2017, for over double the amount it was worth as at September 2016. What happened? What changed? Did he sweet-talk the Property Management Company into purchasing at a high price? No, No, No.

He did something must people don’t really consider doing. He worked towards appreciating the value of his property. He took on some DIY projects and built some amazing things in his home, by himself!

You too can upgrade your house and make it worth more with some “good & simple” DIY projects.

10 Diy Projects For Home Improvements 

#1 Impressive Front door

The first impression they say matters a whole lot. When it comes to appreciating the value of your home, you would need to have a great door first as that is what your visitors see when they are about to behold the magnificence of your home.

You need not do a lot to achieve this. It’s all about style, finishing, and painting. Homedit has a great guide on how you achieve a great front door.

#2 Multi-Paneled Mirror and Mantle

Having this at a corner in your house will definitely go a long way in upgrading your house for more value. The good part is, this can be made from easily accessible and cheap materials and you don’t have to be a professional engineer to put this up. This project has been discussed on and a clear direction has been shared on how this can be built.

#3 Automated Curtains

How about an automated curtain??? Trust me, this is awesome! How cool would it be not having to go to the curtain to shift it when you want to, you just stay where you are and clap or press a remote, and swiftly the curtain goes to the right or left. That, my friend, is my definition of value. And… No, this is not hard to put up. Just follow the step by step tutorial showed on All you would need have been listed also.

#4 Stenciled Walls

Those bare walls of your house can be stenciled to look like this or even better. This kind of simple DIY project can’t help but appreciate the value of your house. All you have to do is learn what tools would be needed and Learn the steps to put this up. You can quickly see final results of stenciled walls projects by FamilyEverAfter.

#5 Artificial Pond

This beautiful DIY project is trending really fast today. A man-made pond! You can build this to be as big as you want or as small as want, it all depends on the space available to you. I find this to be amazing the more because you don’t have to spend a lot to maintain it. The older they get the better and more authentic they look. Just decide if it is a pond for aquatic life or maybe an ordinary pond. Then get right on your game and keep appreciate the value of your house. This Professional in artificial ponds has guided thousands of people in building this. They would guide you right to the point where you put your beautiful goldfishes in. Great site, I must say!

#6 Sunset Garden Swing

Another great idea to add value to your house and appreciate its worth. When it comes to homes, the value can be measured by how welcoming the environment is and how “homey” it feels. You can build this swing-sit to provide a good place to sit and relax at your house. I personally would not get up from this yellow beauty until I remember I have got bills to pay. And that was not a joke.

You would love that what would be needed to put this up are just some regular materials we see every day. You can learn to build this at

#7 Plant Fountain

Did I just hear someone say “Awwww”?  Well, I guess you know what a valuable house looks like too.

Stepping into a landed property and seeing one of these, beautifully standing at a strategic place would instantly give a sense of value on the property, to the beholder. No doubt about that. This can be in any shape or color. It’s just a matter of what you like and what you don’t like. See more about this on

#8 Cinder Block Birdhouse


If you are a kind of person that loves nature and loves feeling at peace with nature, then this cinder block birdhouse would do a lot for you. You don’t have to do any molding to put this up. A piece of cinder block, a piece of wood, a piece of rope, and a metal hook are all you need. See how to put this together on

#9 Kids Play Spot

A placed for the kids would definitely be an amazing idea. A good and valuable home should have a place created for the kids to play around. This kind of play spot can easily get your friends envious of your house as their kid would always want to come play at your home. Learn more about this on this playground professional site. You would also find other kid’s DIY projects for home improvements at their place.

#10 Upgrade Your Kitchen

This would definitely put your home right on the spot! You do not need to have a huge budget to successfully upgrade your kitchen. Just some minor but important re-do would get you right where you need to be. Good lightening, glass drawers, Smart spacing etc.
see how to successfully upgrade your kitchen at HGTV, the kitchen upgrade professional. Kitchen upgrade is definitely one of the best DIY projects for home improvements.


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