It’s a really awesome experience to ride a good mountain bike. One great thing I like about using mountain bikes for solitary and even group mountain rides is really obvious, no Cars. If you are like me and you do not like riding on noisy and crowded streets filled with hazardous hunks of monoxide emitting metal, you probably like mountain riding, then you need a great mountain bike.
Not only is Mountain Biking better for your health, it is extremely better for your lungs because you do not need to inhale CO2 from vehicles. You also get the extra support a good mountain bike gives and the pleasant view you get rolling down a trail with the wind in your face, rushing through lots of trees.

So I did a thorough check to find the best mountain bikes today and my result was fascinating. Let’s check out the best mountain bikes out there.


Raleigh Tekoa Comp Mountain Bike

Raleigh Tekoa Comp good Mountain Bike

I found out that when you order this Raleigh Tekoa bike, it arrives at your home partially assembled which will give you the chance to do some checks on the bike and also learn how it works so you do not have to pay for the repair if anything little happens to it. It just takes about 30 minutes (if you are skilled) to assemble and 2 hours and if you are bit slower. But you can always get help if you don’t fancy the work. I also found some really great pros about this bike that makes it a good mountain bike just like other Raleigh bike models.

● This bike is light and is made of alloy frame and has a tapered headtube so it’s really durable
● It has a wide range cassette and a narrow chainring if you like that sort of thing
● The Suntour fork has about 100mm travel which helps you ride on bumpy roads
● It has 29″ wheels which are designed to help you navigate over roots and rocks easily
● It’s Hydraulic Disc Brakes give you an efficient stopping power which works in all kinds of weather conditions
● This good mountain bike is 85% assembled which gives you the liberty to get to know how it works during the 15% installation.

● It is quite heavy for beginners



Diamondback Fat Mountain Bike

Diamondback Fat Mountain good mountain Bike

Even though this bike was partially assembled I realized it was really easy to put it together so don’t spend any extra money getting an expert to assemble it for you. This good mountain bike is shipped with a 15 mm wrench and a really effective torque(Allen) wrench so that is more than I bargained for. All you just need to do is slip on the handlebars, put the seat on, add the front tire and screw the pedals in. Voila! All done.

● The disk brakes do not need any retouching because they are really effective
● The derailleurs are well tuned and the tires are really strong and it is not necessary to pump it up to 20 PSI
● Even though it says it was partially assembled, you require such little work that is it is almost complete
● This good mountain bike was wonderfully built. The Tires practically float over everything on a trail
● One remarkable thing is that it sticks incredibly on the climbs.
● This great mountain bike also Shifts perfectly and the other components and specifications are terrific.


● The front mech spacer is not really big so you need to hit it hard to get it into the ring



Kaluo Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Kaluo Folding Electric good Mountain Bike

This good Mountain Bike’s aluminum was surprisingly lightweight when I tried it. It is quite durable and is an entry level 3-speed electric bicycle and the mainstream components are seriously high tech. It has a really slim and stylish design and it is capable of adapting to your lifestyle perfectly. You will enjoy the 36V lithium cell battery that can last up to 50 kilometers and since it can be folded is it super easy to store. This great Kaluo electric mountain bike has a rare disc hydraulic brake which stops smoothly without a sound. I think it is a great transportation solution for people like you who like mountain bikes and adventure

● This good mountain bike was made of aluminum alloy which makes it durable and it is also coated with an anti-rust paint.
● It features a good steel damping fork that makes your ride as smooth as possible
● It’s max capacity is 150 kilograms and its bead spoke wheels are 26 inches and its tire is thick and anti-slip resistant.
● This good mountain bike is completely suitable for any kind of trial despite the weather
● It has ergonomic grips and the seat is fully adjustable seat
● It’s LED front light is really bright and it has a horn for night riding
● Its lithium-ion battery has been upgraded from the previous I used and this new one – 36V 250W lasts for a long time
● The battery charger is lithium and the port system make it charge in 4-6 hours
● It conserved energy and is delivered pretty quickly.
● Note that when you order the bike from Amazon, it comes with a really smart 3 speed Meter button.


● This is a cool mountain bike but the seat is quite small, however, a bigger seat can be purchased to replace this one. People have done that a lot of time so no problem here.




Prodeco Storm 300 Folding Electric Bike

Prodeco Storm 300 Folding Electric good mountain Bike

What I loved about this bike when I first found it was the edginess and efficiently attractive attributes. The Prodeco Storm 300 electric bike has a metallic finish with pewter. Its motor is free spinning and 300 watts which can also give you 500 watts at best. It is a remarkable blend of beauty and efficiency and ensures that your ride is long and stress-free. You would like the hub motor which is freewheeling and minimizes drag because of the compact design. This definitely is a good mountain bike.


● The battery lasts for quite a long time and can put in about 35 miles per charge
● To activate the propulsion system (power on demand) all you need to do is twist the throttle and it gives you a speed of 18 mph
● The shifter which is a Twist 8-speed enables you to shift smoothly between gears
● The Avid disc brakes are seriously effective and the rotors shed excess heat
● What’s more, you can just pedal as you do on a non-electric bike and with its 8 gears you can find your perfect speed
● This good mountain bike was designed for versatility and the lightweight frame is aircraft aluminum
● This bike is foldable to enable portability and maximize pleasure riding. SEE ON AMAZON



● The one I checked out had an initial problem with the battery not lasting, but it was replaced and I found the problem was with the battery and not the bike.

If you love peace and solitude along with a healthy dose of exercise, mountain bikes are for you. Mountain bike trails are excellent for rejuvenation and meditation. Enjoy nature and life by using mountain bikes which you hardly get the opportunity to do by using normal bikes. Also, road biking can get really competitive but mountain biking is all about the experience and fun. Get a good mountain bike today.

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