It is very important to do your daily activities properly. However, it can be hard if you have a toddler around. You will need to watch your toddler and still carry out your daily activities. With the advent of the lightweight stroller for toddlers the exact solution to this challenge has been provided. Toddler strollers are quite easy to move about, fold & carry, and travel with too. Therefore, it gives you a great method to care for your child. It gives you the freedom to spend quality time with your child and you can carry your child with you to run errands instead of leaving him/her at home.

You do not need any skill or training to be able to use a stroller. In addition, your child will be comfortable enough because of the padded seats and safe, soft, top quality materials used in making them. If you need a lightweight stroller for toddlers, the best have been outlined below.




 Black Umbrella Stroller ZOE XLT DELUXE

ZOE XLT DELUXE Full-Sized Lightweight Travel & Everyday Umbrella Stroller System (Black) lightweight stroller for toddlers

This lightweight stroller for your toddler is superbly full-sized and suitable for any means of transportation.I noticed that it weighs just 16 lbs so it is not heavy at all and you do not have to feel like you’re lugging dead weight around. It doesn’t hurt that it comes with a lifetime warranty and guarantee for the wheels which means that if anything happens to the wheels, the manufacturer will fix it for you if you want or replace it. It is deep enough to keep your child comfortable and with 175° recline and double side pillows, your little one will have no reason to fret. It is easy to fold with one hand for fast storage on airplanes and even public transportation.


  • This lightweight stroller for toddlers has a cup holder for your child, a snack cup and a padded belly bar in front.
  • It has a cup holder for the parent too and a comfortable deluxe seat pad.
  • It has a large 4-Panel canopy and an extendable four-panel sunshade.
  • It has a peekaboo magnetic window and a pocket for your keys and phone.
  • Its reclining seat is 18 kilograms and is tested for a capacity of 50lbs and it has a 5-Point Harness.
  • This lightweight stroller for toddlers has a big storage basket for things you need to carry around.



  • The shoulder straps are not removable so you can’t get them out of the way.
  • There is no baby bar or a compartment for small items.



 Baby Stroller Awesome Black Deluxe

Black Deluxe Dual-Brake Single Baby Stroller, Portable Light Weight Travel Pram, Large Water Resistant Umbrella Canopy For Infant Toddler, Boys, Girls Unisex 3 Month, 1, 2 lightweight stroller for toddlers.

This lightweight stroller for toddlers has two brakes to keep your precious child safe at all times which is extremely important. The canopy is large enough for ample coverage, is unisex and can be used for three months old upwards.

From my experience, it comes with a mosquito net which is able to keep out pesky insects that might harm your child.The customer service is 24/7 responsive, you get a thirty-day money back and twelve-month guarantee. You can even get a stressfree replacement if you want. It is very easy to manage with one hand while holding your child with the other and you get one storage bag, one strap, one mosquito net, one mat, one hook and a cup holder for you too!


  • The frame of this lightweight stroller for toddlers is comfortable, it is convenient, durable and stylish with a large cotton seat.
  • The wheels can rotate 360 degrees, it has an adjustable canopy, a mosquito net, and a safety bar.
  • The seat can be removed to allow you wash it properly.
  • It is ideal for any kind of weather, autumn, summer, spring and even winter.
  • This lightweight stroller for toddlers has a five-point safety seat belt and is small enough to fit into an overhead locker in an airplane.
  • It has a three position reclining seat which allows your child sit, recline or sleep peacefully.



  • It does not have a complete rain hoof, this one is just for light drizzles.
  • After about three months of usage, one of the wheels can wobble a bit.
  • The travel cover is small and is a bit difficult to attach and detach from the stroller.



 Black Stroller Graco Verb Sapphire

Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller, Sapphire lightweight stroller for toddlers

This car seats your child with a firm, one-step attachment which helps create your own customizable travel system. I found that it takes just two seconds to connect the stroller on the go! It also weighs 20 lbs for easy portability.

It gives your darling a smooth and enjoyable ride on bumpy roads because of Its built-in suspension. Its front-swivel wheels can be locked to give you complete control and maneuverability while strolling with your baby.

It also saves time as it lets you fold it with just one hand leaving the other free for other duties. It even has a carry strap if you are in a hurry.


  • Savvy parents like you will appreciate the convenient essentials that come with this lightweight stroller for toddlers.
  • It comes with a parent tray with 2 cup holders for your coffee, juice or water.
  • To help you move all your gear, this stroller comes with a big storage basket under the seat.
  • Its child tray comes with an inbuilt cup holder that does not get in the way of your child.
  • This lightweight stroller for toddlers has a three position convertible reclining seat and a stable five-point harness.


  • It does not come with an easy front lift up to put your toddler into.
  • The leg rest cannot be lifted up which can be quite annoying.
  • The hood is short so if you need a bigger one you’d have to get an extra one.



 Stroller Britax Black B-Agile

Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller, Black lightweight stroller for toddlers

This lightweight stroller for toddlers is one of the easiest maneuverable strollers which gives you the liberty to get to your destination without stress.

Even though its frame is made of aluminum, it won’t weigh you down at all. My height is average and it is still light enough for me for emergency lugging. It was engineered for busy, multi-tasking parents and allows you to close it very quickly with just one hand while you are doing something else.

Its three-wheel configuration along with swivel front wheels endeared me to it because it still gives a very smooth ultra turning radius to help you glide easily through thin aisles, crowds and tight spaces.



  • This lightweight stroller for toddlers is travel ready and can be combined with any Britax car seat.
  • It allows you to fold it with one hand and close it in a matter of seconds.
  • It has a light aluminum frame that makes it easy for carriage and transport.
  • It has a system called click and go which lets you connect it to any Britax car seat.
  • This lightweight stroller for toddlers has a three-wheel design that gives you tight and smooth turning.


  • The buckles fasten the opposite way which is a minor error but still annoying all the same.
  • You cannot remove the back where your baby sits to wash it properly.


A lightweight stroller for toddlers is a durable product that can last for years so you so not have to worry about getting more than one except you have twins. The above strollers reach the high safety standards and also use quality materials in the production of the strollers.The wheels can be locked for extra safety and the point harness can keep your baby stable to prevent her or him from falling on bumpy roads. They are also suspended to reduce the bumping too, which ensures that your toddler will have a jar free ride.

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