Hanging space is an important part of an effective closet system and the right metal clothes rack aids you to display and store your clothes, scarves and even handbags. Previously most clothes racks incorporated just one rod but now there are various kinds of racks that come with more than one rod and can be adjusted to the height you want.

There are clothes racks that have space for items like shirts and jackets which are short and still have space for long items like robes and dresses. Why do you need one? Racks were formerly made with wood but wooden racks get weak over time and can even break and sometimes your clothes even get dented by them after a while.

We did a check to find the best metal clothes rack and in this article, we have shared our results. So let’s check out the top rated metal garments racks out there.



LANGRIA Black Garment Rack

LANGRIA Black metal clothes Rack

If you are looking for open metal clothes rack to arrange your everyday outfits this one is great for you.
It is static and it has stoppers on the two ends of the top rod to stop your hangers from falling down. I like the fact that it had 7 bars on the bottom for you to arrange your bags, shoes, boxes and other items.

It has an individually adjusted 4 leveling feet to help your metal clothes rack stay stable on uneven floors. This clothes rack comes with two wrenches which make it easy for you to assemble while following the included instruction sheet.


  • I fancy the minimalist style of this rack and because it’s black it can fit any decor in your home or workplace.
  • This metal clothes rack is coated with powder to prevent it from rusting easily.
  • It has enough space for your clothes and even has space under it for other items which you want to store.
  • It is very solid because of the premium metal and can hold a weight of 88.2lbs.
  • This metal clothes rack has 4 leveling feet so it is quite stable and they can also be adjusted to fit your floor.
  • It is very easy to assemble as the instructions and tools required for assembling are included.


  • It had a strong smell of chemical when it first arrived.



Whitmor silver metal Double Rod garments rack

Whitmor silver metal Double Rod metal clothes rack

This metal clothes rack has Customizable Rods! You can use the both rods or even just the top bar depending on how short or long your clothes are. The design is open, allows clear visibility and allows you access what you need easily. It has 5 wire shelves that give you enough space for folded clothes, hats, bags or shoes.

It is made from steel and it has resin connectors that are strong enough to hold your belongings and still light enough for you to move it. SEE ON AMAZON


  • It’s wire shelves are strong and can be used for hanging and can support folded clothes.
  • It even has a Top Shelf where you can store extra belongings.
  • This metal clothes rack doesn’t need any tool for assembling and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • The steel frame is Silver coated which makes the rack strong and it can be kept in your closet.
  • It has 2 hanging bars and five wire shelves. You can remove the center bar if you wish.
  • The bottom rod is removable to accommodate long clothes.
  • This metal clothes rack is perfect for cramped closets and the Whitmor service is quick and efficient.


  • You might need to push really hard to get the rods in very well.



MyGift double rod metal garments rack

MyGift double rod metal clothes rack

This clothes rack gives your room a fashionably modern look. It is made of sturdy iron and it has proved very durable during my checks. If you go to your closest department store you can see what inspired this modern metal clothes rack. This clothes rack has two steel rods which are perfect for long and short clothing items like coats, shirts, pants, jackets, vests and other clothing items. It can be kept in your wardrobe or even outside as it is perfect for organizing cluttered areas. SEE ON AMAZON


  • It requires assembling which will help you familiarize yourself with its function and even repair it when anything is amiss
  • All the equipment and tools for assembling come with the package
  • This Department store-inspired clothes rack aids in keeping your room stylish and tidy
  • It comes with 2 stainless steel rods great for hanging your apparel
  • This metal clothes rack has a frame with a black classic finish. black finish.


  • The twelve screws used for assembling might be a little corroded



SimpleHouseware metal garments rack

SimpleHouseware metal clothes rack

This metal clothes rack has really small footprints so it can fit perfectly in your laundry room so it fits in the laundry room well. It can hold an impressive number of clothes and it is a really Simple solution for added garment storage. I noticed that this rack is really easy to assemble and when it is put together, it is really sturdy even with the wheels. It can carry the weight of a lot of clothes without bending, getting misshapen or even tipping. SEE ON AMAZON


  • It is perfect for areas with small space and great need for organization.
  • It has black plastic heavy duty end connectors to stop your clothes from slipping.
  • It has wheels to enable easy portability.
  • The wheels are perfect for all kinds of floors.
  • It comes with two bars at the bottom for extra luggage like bags, shoes and even hats.
  • It does not rust easily because of the chrome finish.
  • This metal clothes rack is easy to assemble so it can be used in dormitories.


  • It might be Wobbly if not well assembled.


A metal clothes Rack will offer you storage with super easy access and keep your belongings off the floor with its additional rods and compartments. They allow air circulation so you can keep damp flip flops or shoes, towels and even sweat crusted clothes to allow the dry. If you keep it in your laundry room, it can help keep your ironing board away when you are not using it.