Pink Power Drill PP121LI

Pink Power Drill PP121LI

Pink Power PP121LI 12V *** Ladies drill set | Lightweight electric drill | Lightweight drill for women ***SEE PRICE

    Pink Power 12V (Model No: PP121LI)

  • The PinkPower (Model No: PP121LI) has 160 in-lbs of torque and delivers up to 350rpms. The “Torque” refers to the ability of a force to move/rotate an object around an axis, pivot, or fulcrum. This drill supplies this high level of torque ensure you get the right amount of force to bring about a steady spinning of the motor when the trigger is pulled.
  • It also has a forward and a reverse rotation. You can push in the black button above the trigger  for reverse and pushed out for a forward rotation. This feature makes this drill a big yes for me. It enables extra tasks like “unfastening tasks”
  • A drill like PINK POWER PP121LI may not have been able to succeed this much in the technology industry if not for the power source behind it. This great lightweight drill for women is powered by a Lithium Ion battery that supplies a great voltage of 12v. At full charge, this tools is capable of delivering competently and performing at optimum level for over 20 hours non stop. And if this drill is not used for a long period of time, say 18 months, it is able to retain it charge unlike other Ni-Cad battery powered drills. The lithium ion 12volts battery is powerful enough to get your job done. LIthium-ion battery or Li-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging. These batteries commonly found in electronics. Electric drills inclusive.
  • This lightweight electric drill weighs just a little over 2lbs with the battery. This makes it loved by women. This Ladies drill set is very light-weight so ladies would not have a problem holding it above head level. You would also love the pink tool case which is fashionable and sturdy. This case is specifically designed to carry the tools safely to work locations and site. With this, Ladies always wants stuff to be kept in the right place, you know.
  • This Lightweight drill for women features a LED light. This light activates when the drill trigger is pulled making low lit task points and tight or dark spaces easier to work on. This is quite ideal for installing your car electronic equipment when there is no light.
  • The PinkPower ladies drill set also has an in Built battery power gauge. Have you ever experienced battery running out while you work? Well with this tool that will never happen. Because you can monitor how much battery power your drill has left while it still supplies great power for the task at hand.
  • The lightweight electric drill offers keyless chuck to hold the bit firmly while working. It also features 18 different torque settings and 2-speed settings. Changing the chuck is also very easy.

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