A generator is a very important equipment that has served as an alternative source of power for more than a hundred years. If your power is not stable you really need electricity then you have to get a generator. If you then happen to be my type that easily gets irritated by noise, then you might want to consider a quiet portable generator. Portable generators are designed for household uses like to power a moderate sized refrigerator, power ac, and for outdoor use like to generate light when camping in the woods. With its portability and size, it can help when there are emergencies or disasters. These generators can practically give electricity anywhere, anytime and have been on a really high demand lately.

So we decided to do a check on the best brands and here we have presented our result. Let’s see the top-rated quiet generators out there.



Champion Power silent generator

Champion Power quiet portable generator

The champion quiet portable generator unit is super easy to use. After connecting the battery and flipping the power button, it fires right up without any stress. From my experience, it can be put into energy saving mode to conserve power. I loved that this quiet portable generator even with its size can power the regular household items like an air conditioner, electric griddle and even central heating without any issues! The noise level is so low that it is barely audible over the television and you can even take it out to hunt. It comes with a wireless remote to give you that trouble-free experience. You can charge the batteries with a converter and it conserves gas really well.


  • This quiet portable generator can allow you to stop and start it from up to eighty feet away.
  • This unit has a three position switch and a really effective electric start.
  • It has a durable battery and a quick touch access panel that helps you with all your controls in one spot.
  • It has clean power for your sensitive electronics.
  • It comes with a dual USB adapter.
  • Its operation is ultra-quiet.
  • This quiet portable generator can run up to eight hours on a 25% load.
  • It comes with a three-year limited warranty and technical support (lifetime) from experts.
  • It weighs 95 pounds so should be easy to cart around.


  • This generator does not have a reset button or even a control device that can reset an overload of 30mp.



Westinghouse silent generator

Westinghouse quiet portable generator

This Westinghouse quiet portable generator is really easy to use and its dependability is exemplary. It can be used for tailgating, emergencies or even projects around the house. It is lightweight and has a nice plug and playability. I noticed that it has built-in USB and 2 120V power outlets designed to give you all the power you require to use your electronics.


  • This generator has a 3-year warranty and technical support for a lifetime.
  • It weighs just 46 pounds so it is really light.
  • It has an inbuilt suitcase handle for easy carriage.
  • This quiet portable generator is very quiet and can be used in sound sensitive situations.
  • This inverter generator can produce stable and quality safe for your expensive electronics.
  • You can combine two of this kind of generator to increase your wattage with a parallel inverter cord.
  • It can auto adjust the engine speed to meet the demand placed on it.


  • The heat shield is not strong enough so do not overload.



Briggs & Stratton silent generator

Briggs & Stratton quiet portable generator

On this Briggs and Stratton quiet portable generator, just flip the switch and this generator will adjust its speed to save fuel, run longer and reduce noise. I realized that it is typically quieter than a conversation, even at 58 decibels on a 25% load! It can be carried or wheeled around your campsite, property or tailgate with its telescoping handle and sturdy wheels. This silent portable generator has an LCD display that provides enough visibility for performance metrics.


  • This generator comes with a 2-year limited warranty.
  • The screen is quite easy to read and it displays the maintenance reminders, amount of power in use, spark plug, oil and air filter changes.
  • It has a connector port that allows you to connect two generators of this kind together for more power.
  • It has instant power which keeps appliances running effectively and its engine is really quiet.
  • Its fuel tank can operate for ten hours at a 25% load on a full tank.
  • This quiet portable generator has a USB port and a charging outlet also.


  • The luggage style handle is sometimes not included if you do not state what you want specifically.



Yamaha very portable and silent Inverter

Yamaha Portable Inverter quiet portable generator

This generator can power your applications for a long period while remaining retro cool and portable.

I adore this generator because it is less than forty-five pounds which makes it very easy to carry and store. This generator gives quality power as clean as public utility power. New controller powers more tasks. It has a smart throttle, an RPM control that gives greater fuel effectiveness and also noise reduction. A full tank of gas can give you 11 hours tops.


  • If you require extra power, all you need to do is connect another generator of this kind and it can give you up to 30mp.
  • It has a spark arrestor that is so quiet you may not know its there.
  • This quiet portable generator has a vibration isolation rubber feet to ensure smooth operation.
  • It has an oil watch system that helps prevent damage by low oil and minimizes downtime.
  • It has an overload breaker that prevents damage when an electrical overload occurs.
  • It has a Smart throttle that can change the engine speed according to the load.
  • Its fuel gauge allows you to see it at a glance and it’s petcock allows you turn the gas off to prevent problems.
  • Its engine has a steel shaft that aids heat dissipation.


  • You have to fill the oil anytime you fill the gas because it starts consuming oil after you use it for a while.


These quiet portable generator sets listed above are as quiet as they come and the noise factor is one of the things to consider when getting a portable generator. If you are going camping you don’t need a loud generator either do you need one when at home because it can be really annoying for your neighbors and you would not want to spoil a nice outdoor family relaxation with noise all over the place. This is why you need a silent and portable generator which can serve you in any situation imaginable.