Our phones accompany us almost everywhere, even to the toilet and are exposed to germs from your own hands and the hands of others, sweat, dirt and all manner of things and this can make them seriously dirty over a period of time. Now you can get rid of all that dirt by getting a Samsung waterproof phone and which can allow you wash your phone with water and clean it with a microfiber cloth to improve your personal hygiene and health. They can also allow you to pick your calls while you are having your bath, read your ebooks in the shower and even listen to music without any fear of endangering your phone. Samsung waterproof phones allow you access your content anytime, anywhere with loads of other incredible content which have been laid out below for your selection.



Samsung Water-resistant smartphone S7 Galaxy

Samsung SM-G930UZKAXAA S7 Galaxy Smartphone Unlocked-32Gb, Water-resistant up to 5 Feet, US Warranty samsung waterproof phone

This Samsung waterproof phone is slim in a large way. With Its Quad HD AMOLED display, it has an eye-catching picture that you’d always expect from Samsung. What’s even more impressive which I particularly find interesting is that the large screen fits in an exceptionally slim design. It allows you to completely immerse yourself in your games, movies, games, and concerts. Gone are the days when water coming in contact with your phone means the end of it. You need water and you need your phone so with this IP68 rated phone, water is repelled so you do not have to drown your phone in a bowl of rice. All you need to do is take it up, wipe it and continue with your life.


  • With this Samsung waterproof phone, you can post day or night and it is the first phone with dual pixel fast technology that has quick automatic focus so your pictures will never be blurry.
  • It has an advanced camera sensor that catches every minor detail, even when the light is low.
  • With Its super durable battery, it gives you more power and more play time without long waiting hours.
  • With Its quick wireless charging feature, this Samsung waterproof phone can power from 0 to 100 percent very quickly.
  • You can forget a hard drive or cloud with Its memory that can allow an extra 200GB.
  • It has a user manual, durable battery, comes with a battery cover, has a SIM ejector, one USB cable, a travel adapter, QRM, safety and health guide.



  • You might need to get a case because it is kind of slick and very sensitive to unintentional touches particularly the navigation buttons.
  • The launcher is quite annoying but can be remedied by using another launcher.
  • It might be too big if you are used to smaller and slimmer phones.



Samsung Water-resistant smartphone Galaxy S7 G891A

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active G891A 32GB Unlocked GSM Shatter,Dust and Water Resistant Smartphone w/ 12MP Camera - Titanium Gray samsung waterproof phone

You cannot get a Samsung waterproof phone tougher than this one because it was built with extreme conditions in mind. It resists dust so you can use it in a dusty environment without fuss,  it is water resistant and even shatter resistant as a result of the tough glass used in Its construction. I am sure you would like the battery as much as I do because inasmuch as it performs its functions effectively, its battery does not run down easily at giving you ample power to get you through your day. It has more protection even at Its corners which in turn adds internal defense against scratching and breakage giving you the confidence to take it anywhere at all.


  • This Samsung waterproof phone has a super 5.1-inch capacitive touchscreen of about 1440×2560 pixels an LED Flash and is capable of making dual video calls.
  • It has a front mounted fingerprint, accelerometer, compass, heart rate check, and barometer.
  • It is made to be shatter-resistant, and it gives you ample protection so you don’t have to worry about dropping it.
  • All of its features still work perfectly without sacrificing your screen quality so you can immerse yourself in games, movies and more.
  • You cannot run out of memory with this Samsung waterproof phone because it has 32GB space and can take an SD card of 200GB.
  • Now you can forget about the cloud or searching for hard drives because all your 4K videos and photos are right in your hands.



  • It does not have FM radio as shown in the specifications.
  • The charger plug might be a bit loose and can be annoying when you need to charge.



Samsung water-resistant smartphone Galaxy S4 I537

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active I537 16GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Water-Resistant Smartphone w/ 13MP Camera - Urban Gray samsung waterproof phone

You can take this Samsung waterproof phone anywhere you want to without worry because it is not only water resistant, I noticed that it is also dust resistant! Cool right? Its screen is constructed from gorilla glass which makes it very tough and even scratch resistant. You can put it in your camping or gym bag without fretting about it getting dirty or wet. Now you can enjoy its advanced camera user interface that has a zero shutter lag. The camera is very sharp and it blurs the barrier between professional photography and smartphones. It has a 1080p display which is 5 inches and an eight-megapixel advanced camera specs to share, view and take awesome pictures.



  • This Samsung waterproof phone has an aqua mode that allows you to take underwater pictures so if you want to go swimming, take this with you.
  • It also has a drama shot mode that tracks every inch of your high dive with amazing results.
  • It has an eraser lets you remove strangers who wander by mistake into your picture frame.
  • This Samsung waterproof phone has live filters that accentuate the beautiful mood of your photos with lots of treatments.
  • The screen of this phone has advanced camera specs in a premium user interface with no shutter lag.
  • When you have finished taking pictures you can use your story album to turn your pictures into a photo book or even share them for printing.



  • It takes quite a long time to call out and there is a message window that incessantly pops out to tell you to plug in your charging port protector whenever you remove the unit.
  • You cannot install applications on your SD card only on your phone.



Samsung water-resistant smartphone Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8+ 64GB Unlocked Phone - 6.2" Screen - International Version (Midnight Black) samsung waterproof phone

This Samsung waterproof phone has an outstanding infinity display. Its revolutionary design begins from the interior to the exterior. Every single part of Its layout has been rethought to exceed the confines of Its screen making sure that you can see is content, not the bezel. From my experience, this is the most immersive and biggest Samsung galaxy phone which is still very easy for you to hold in one hand

If you are looking for a Samsung waterproof phone that is sleek all around which compliments the front which equally smooth, then this is perfect for you. The back camera is flush with the surface giving it an exceptionally tranquil profile.



  • This waterproof phone has a big screen that still feels small in your hand. The smooth curves have a comfortable grip that lets you hold it easily while watching your favorite content.
  • Your valuable shortcuts are just a swipe away because of the edge screen which makes them easy to access.
  • Whatever it is you like to watch be it sports or movies you will get drawn irresistibly into the action on your screen and because of Its 18.5:9 ratio display, you can get the entire scene easily on your screen.
  • The big screen also helps you multitask effectively as you can just make your choice by resizing the windows then when something grabs your attention it allows you to see more of it without too much scrolling.
  • The navigation keys in this Samsung waterproof phone is so inconspicuous until you want to use them. It is almost invisible but more than effective.



  • This waterproof phone kind of malfunctions a lot as the sensors come on and off.
  • The headphones might not be as effective as you would want it to be.


One remarkable thing about Samsung waterproof phones is the peace of mind and safety they offer. You can’t tell when rain will decide to start falling when you go out just to get fresh air, you can unintentional spill a cup of water or coffee on it or even drop it into a toilet. The point is our phones are in danger of liquid threats every time, in any aspect of our life. With Samsung waterproof phones, you can finally relax and stop worrying.




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