Simple Ways To Live An Environmentally-Friendly Life

Simple Ways To Live An Environmentally-Friendly Life

So many people are talking about going green but so little are actually “going green”. Thanks to the governments, individuals, and organizations that are beginning to actually take actions in this cause. From going for renewable energies such as solar panels, eco-friend hydro and wind system to switching to lower combustion motor options, and from actively growing their own edibles to planning/effecting recycle/reuse. If you take a thorough look at it, gearing the world towards environmentally-friendliness makes so much sense.

Let’s say our everyday activities become more environment-friendly, we would not only be helping the environment, but we can really benefit from it. This could be physically, medically, financially, or mentally. Not to speak of the psychologically benefit, I mean the sense of fulfillment that comes with it. Here is a good example, getting rid of hazardous chemicals in your house and opting for natural cleaners will cost less which is a financial benefit, it will also bring about a cut down on the toxins your household is exposed to and it will have a positive impact on your environment air quality. This could go on and on but to be more explicit, here are simple methods let me give you 50 simple ways you can make your day-to-day life more environmentally-friendly:


  1. Start growing your own food.
  2. Eat more veggies less meat.
  3. Cut down (if not drop entirely) on processed foods.
  4. Stay away eat edibles sold in BPA-lined containers.
  5. Allow proper ventilation, if you don’t have enough fresh air get an air-conditioner.
  6. Open window blinds to allow in natural light.
  7. Promote cleanliness
  8. Use energy-efficient electronics.
  9. Take regular showers.
  10. Do laundry using cold water.
  11. Dry clothes on an outdoor clothesline to dry.
  12. After bathing, use leftover water to water plants.
  13. Turn off lights which are not in use.
  14. Turn off faucet when not in use.
  15. Don’t let sink water waste
  16. Run the dishwasher only when there is a full load.
  17. For washing your car, use a waterless car wash.
  18. Use more of public transportation.
  19. Walk, run or ride your bike when possible.
  20. Drive with a fuel additive
  21. Smartly combine errands into a single trip.
  22. Do away with chemical cleaners.
  23. Clean with natural materials.
  24. Learn to make natural shampoo and use them.
  25. Learn to make natural lotion, skin masks, cleansers and use them too.
  26. Get some fresh air and sunlight frequently.
  27. Do not print when you can.
  28. Recycle and reuse stuff.
  29. Gather items you don’t use anymore and donate them.
  30. Make use reusable bags.
  31. Make use of reusable.
  32. Manage leftovers meals.
  33. Preserve foods properly.
  34. Put a total to food wastage.
  35. Engage in compost.
  36. Grow a plant or even a tree.
  37. Start a community garden.
  38. Naturalized your yard with native plants.
  39. Buy more used less new.
  40. Set lower thermostat 1-2 degrees.
  41. Get and use a recycled water bottle.
  42. Go for paperless billing.
  43. Handle bills electronically.
  44. Audit your home energy.
  45. Ensure leaky faucets are fixed on time.
  46. Turn old wear to new rags.
  47. Use disposable items once and dispose of them.
  48. Subscribe to magazines publications, newspapers etc on great websites like BBCh.
  49. Unsubscribe to all forms of junk/spam/unwanted emails.
  50. Disconnect from all forms of artificial stuff for a while and enjoy a completely natural environment.

Just remember “We do not inherit the earth for our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”