There are various kinds of air compressors and they vary based on use and applications. These kinds range from the small air compressor that can handle household needs to the very advanced industrial air compressors designed for more complex applications.

This review will compare and contrast the top 4 small and portable air compressor tools available in the market, we will be looking at features that make each of these air compressors stand out. Features like sound, strength, & tolerance to extreme weather conditions will influence a person’s purchase decision. For instance, a noisy air compressor won’t be environment-friendly in a home when compared to an ultra-quiet small air compressor, this and many more factors will be discussed in this review.



DEWALT DWFP55126 6-Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor 

DEWALT DWFP55126 6-Gallon 165 PSI Pancake small air compressor

Like all DeWalt products, this small DEWALT DWFP55126 6-Gallon compressor unit is well built, it features a high-efficiency motor which enhances easy start-up in a very cold weather or extension cord application. It also gives a 165 max PSI and a 6.0-gallon tank, which is quite ideal for its purpose.

The small air compressor unit is one of the best you can get for household use and other small outdoor tasks such as spraying, nailing, pumping vehicle tyres etc. Unlike Air compressors with Lower PSIs, this 165 max psi the DEWALT 6- Gallon small and portable air compressor can fill up tyres of a trailer real quick.  This unit supplies a soft noise level of 75.5 dBA for a quiet work environment, and it runs on electricity.  This unit also comes with 2 universal couplers that enable this small air compressor to support two users at the same time. Another good thing to love about this guy is that it approx. 32.2lbs and it is sold quite affordable on Amazon at $$.

The DEWALT DWFP55126 6-Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor is equipped with protective rubber legs to prevent wear and tear/marring

Considering its weight, it is easy to move and store

It also comes with convenient cord/ extension wire wrap for better storage.

During the check, we decided to see how this small air compressor fares when pressurized so high. It performed well, however, at the limit, I noticed the hose fittings leak air.  We are stating this because this is a thorough review. Ideally, no one would be pressurized a compressor that much. So this is still a great compressor.


PORTER-CABLE C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor

PORTER-CABLE C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake small air compressor

This great and low priced and compact PORTER-CABLE C2002 Oil-Free small air compressor is built with a pancake tank design for optimal stability. It features a water drain valve, a rubber feet and also a 150 PSI.

This compressor is portable, electric powered and very easy to use. It is perfect for everything you need from firing nailers to filling tires. This compressor is built with an induction motor that supports a longer life while giving an optimum performance. One great thing you would love to know is that this efficient compressor runs on normal house circuits and offers oil-free and mess-free operation, unlike many air compressors we came across during this review. For as fair as $$ on Amazon, I think this small air compressor is a great deal.

The PORTER-CABLE C2002 oil-free pancake small and portable air compressor is relatively cheap and affordable.
With a PSI of 150 and a 6-gallon tank, this compressor is very convenient for use in the home.

The DEWALT DWFP55126 6-Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor review as ITEM 1 on the page has a lower noise level than this PORTER-CABLE C2002 small air compressor.

Bostitch BTFP02012 150-PSI 6-Gallon Oil-Free Compressor

Bostitch BTFP02012 6 Gallon 150 PSI Oil-Free small air compressor

This Bostitch BTFP02012 6 Gallon 150 PSI Oil-Free Compressor is portable and lightweight at only 29 lbs weight. The unit is also very easy to carry and store. It is mess-free and oil-free, and features a maintenance-free pump that delivers 2.6 SCFM* @ 90PSI and a maximum storage tank of 150 PSI for long tool run time and quick recovery.

The 78.5 DBA rating is ideal for a quiet work environment. It features a high-efficiency motor that makes it really easy to start up during cold weather. It’s almost half the price of a DEWALT DWFP55126 6-Gallon 165 PSI pancake small air compressor selling at $$ on Amazon.

Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak, 1/2 hp running 1-Gallon Compressor

Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak, 1/2 hp running 1-Gallon small air compressor

With all of the low priced portable compressors reviewed, this Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak, 1/2 hp running 1-Gallon 20 pounds small air compressor doesn’t oversell itself as being anything than it really is. From my check, it may not be perfect for a professional maximum use. Los, I found this tool to be portable and have a 73 dBA; making it a lot quieter than the other air compressors on the list, especially the pancake models. This is due to its lower air volume feature.

I have also noticed this compressor is easily balanced adjacent to the body when lifted. I would give credit to the manufacturer for designing the handle with the comfort of the carrier in mind. In as much as this tool has one of the best performance I have seen, being the tool with the least power in this small air compressor review gives quite an unhappy stomach, however, there times when performance is needed more power and if that is your situation, then this ultra-portable unit stands the best chance to serve you better than others in this review.

Anyways, to sum things up, as long as you don’t expect too much power from this small and portable air compressor, you won’t be disappointed. Sold on for as cheap as $$ on Amazon.

This small and portable air compressor is really handy and portable weighing roughly 20 lbs. it’s pretty light and can be moved around easily. Also, the quieter small air compressor models are environment-friendly which would make this air compressor rank top because of its low Environmental impacts.


Tcisa Air Compressor Pump


This is not any run-off-the-mill tyre inflator. This is capable of supporting inflation of tyres on cars, compact/midsize Sedan SUV, bikes, etc. I noticed it comes with 3 adapters used to inflate balls, PVC boats, inflatables, etc. With its super 3-in-1 function, it boasts of a really smart tyre inflator, a tyre pressure monitor which can be checked with its bright LCD backlit screen in BAR, KPA, PSI and Kg/cm².

It also has four pieces of LED lights ideal for lighting up the dark. Its efficient light switch lets you use only the LED lights after you’ve connected the DC 12 volts cigarette light.


  • This small air compressor is portable and durable. It has quality rubber protector which guards the display screen.
  • It has a strong metal body which is grounded by its anti-vibration rubber feet which is used to forestall unwanted movement.
  • The components include one air compressor, an adapter for PVC boats and inflatables, one ball needle, one backup fuse, one carry bag and one user guide.
  • Its efficient 140 watts automobile tyre pump can deliver inflating air at a rate of 35 L/minute.
  • Apart from inflating air, the built-in air gauge can also monitor tyre pressure with LCD backlit display.


  • The sensor of the pump pressure may not match your different pressure gage.
  • If you do not follow the laid down steps to inflate the tyre, it can blow out the fuse.


Campbell RP410099AV Inflation System

This Campbell small air compressor is a DIY expert. It makes finishing your projects easier and enables you to handle them like a pro. This 120-volt inflator delivers about 150 PSI of large power and can be used to inflate soccer balls, beach balls, bike tyres, cars and other different sporting equipment. I found that the inbuilt pressure gauge can allow quick monitoring of the air pressure when you are inflating to get consistent results. A nice cooling fan assists to prolong the inflator life and also its reliability.


  • With a strategically placed gauge, you can always ensure proper inflation of up to 150 PSI.
  • This RP410099AV Campbell small air compressor was designed with portability in mind and gives correct results.
  • With 150 PSI, handle all inflation needs and get back to work quickly.
  • You can’t misplace your accessories or even have to untangle the power cord because of its easy storage feature.
  • Its universal adapter facilitates quick connection to every tyre valve.



  • After making use of the compressor, probably even on an infrequent basis, its motor may not be long-lasting enough.


This Porter-Cable small air compressor can run a 2.0 SCFM at ninety psi allowing fast compressor recovery time which is per ISO1217. I realized that its 1.5-gallon tank comes fully shrouded and it is quite easy to carry. It has rubber feet and a water drain valve. The 150 psi maximum tank pressure can store more air for long tool runtimes and its strong oil-free pump gives long life and almost no maintenance. The low Amp 120volts motor can start easily in the cold weather or even with an extension cord and it is just 20-Pounds for easy portability.



  • This small air compressor has a decreased noise motor at seventy-nine dBA for a quiet work environment.
  • Its fully enclosed design gives you protection from heated-up or moving parts.
  • It comes with a twenty five-feet coil hose for easy operation.
  • It has an eight pieces accessory kit which can facilitate various inflation tasks.
  • It Includes a one year warranty on Its compressor components.


  • After a while of usage, the noise level of this porter cable small air compressor may increase a little.
  • It may try to fall over during transportation as it’s rubber feet are smaller.


Digital Tyre Air Compressor

This Digital small air compressor is very easy to use. The tyre pump will stop when the preset pressure is reached. Its 150 PSI capacity enables fast inflating which gets you back on track in five minutes. I particularly like that it is convenient as it stops you from spending extra money just to air at the gas station when you can always fill your tyres in your house anytime you like. It helps you travel safe and assists in protecting your family from unforseen roadside emergencies. It is easy for you to take it along without taking up ample trunk space.



  • To handle this Digital tyre small air compressor, you do not require any technical knowledge.
  • Now you can blow up your inflatables and tyres for exciting summer parties.
  • It comes with an added bonus like three nozzle adaptors and four self monitoring caps.
  • Its self monitoring caps come with a color display system.
  • It has a carry bag and also a spare fuse to be used for its cigarette lighter plug.


  • The digital display may only be read when you are in a shadow not under a blinding sun.
  • You may need professional help to replace a burnt fuse.


Master Flow Air Compressor

The Master Flow small air compressor is a compact and portable air compressor that can be powered by your car’s 12-V socket which is why I was drawn to it because of its superb convenience. It is ideal for emergency tyre inflation, inflating sports and boating equipment, and all other light activities. This compressor can inflate about 150 PSI and also deliver thirty litres of air/per minute. It has an air pressure gauge which is integrated, a coil hose that comes with an inflating screw-on nozzle, and an effective rubber handle for quick transportation. It can also be changed to suit the permanent installation.



  • It’s power cord which is in cigarette lighter form can be altered for permanent installation.
  • Its package also has a convenient and strong storage bag.
  • This portable small air compressor can be powered by your car’s 12-Volt socket
  • It can inflate about 150 PSI and also deliver thirty litres of air to you per minute.
  • It has an integrated pressure gauge and a coil hose that comes with an inflating nozzle.



  • You may need to get some expert help to change a fuse.
  • It may not be quite as quiet after some time of usage.


California CAT-1P1060S Air Compressor

This small air compressor has been created to among the quietest air compressors out there as it has just fifty six decibels of sound. The motor which is .6 HP motor can operate at just 1680 RPM which emits less noise and even lesser wear. It’s amazing Oil-Free motor which has one piston pump design is designed for high durability and performance. The 1.0 still gallon air tank is quite lightweight at just 29 lbs makes it quite easy to move around. The pump is made to posess a life cycle of three thousand plus hours when compared to other air compressors have low life cycles of about 250 hours or even less.


  • This California CAT-1P1060S small air compressor is just 56 Decibels which is quieter than an average conversation and is great for working indoors where noise can be a major issue.
  • Its Oil-Free feature means less servicing and cleaner air for more effective tool operation.
  • It is engineered for optimum use in chilly temperatures.
  • It can be moved easily to wherever you want as it is just 20 Pounds.
  • This 1P1060S can produce about 1. 2 CFM @ ninety PSI which allows usage of airbrushes, staple guns, finish nail guns, brad nail guns, nail guns, and blow guns.


  • This California CAT-1P1060S small air compressor may come with steel beads in its tank so apply caution before hooking up to things like nail guns.


Campbell FP209499AV Compressor

This completely equipped compressor was made with convenience in mind. Its three gallon  compressor comes with a ten piece accessory kit which helps you get started on DIY projects as soon as possible. At 0.36 CFM at ninety PSI and 110 max PSI, I realized that it is perfect for your painting, stapling, and inflation needs. This unit also has a lightweight design of 21 lbs and a sturdy handle for easy portability. It is also powered with electricity so it can be charged easily and its accessory kit is well stocked.


  • This Campbell FP209499AV small air compressor is electric powered and comes completely equipped with a twenty five ft recoil hose.
  • It has an air chuck, a blow gun, and many more to assist you to get started immediately.
  • Its power is reliable and the compressor has 0.5 CFM at forty PSI, 0.36 CFM at ninety PSI.
  • It has a user friendly design with 21 lbs lightweight construction.
  • Its gauges are quite easy to read which makes for very fast pressure control.



  • The current version of this Campbell FP209499AV small air compressor may not come with a handle.
  • It may not also have a covered space to keep accessories, and may be 15 decibels louder than the previous version.



This compressor is a practical solution to your household and mobile inflation needs. Its brightly lit pressure gauge which I always recommend can give you accurate control, with a self shut off feature which makes inflation easy. It can be powered by any home outlet or even your car’s lighter socket which means you can use it anywhere you need it. You can also plug it into wall sockets at home, work or wherever you need it for versatility. It can meet a variety of needs and comes with inflation power of about 160 PSI and the ASI300 can still tackle many inflation tasks. You can pump up any air mattress for your impromptu guest in your room, top your bike tyres off for a lengthy, stress-free trail ride.



  • At only 6 pounds, it is lightweight and enables carraige from your home to your car or boat.
  • It can conveniently powers with any outlet or even your car’s lighter socket.
  • This BLACK&DECKER Inflator small air compressor is backed by a 2-year warranty.
  • It comprises of an air station inflator, needle inflator, 120-v cord&plug, standard nozzle,12-v cord and plug extension nozzle.
  • This inflator is convenient to keep in your boat, car, or garage-meaning it will be available whenever you need it.


  • You might not be able to change a blown fuse without help from professionals.

Portable 12V Air Compressor

The tools of this Portable 12V small air compressor are not complicated to use and you need no prior technical knowledge or extra expenses for professional help to make use of this air compressor. It can blow up inflatables at your house or office and even bike and vehicle tyres. I think you would love the freebies which it comes with just the way I did. It’s not everyday that an air compressor comes with a one year warranty, a spare fuse in case anything happens to the other one, a strong carry bag so you do not need to get another one and spend extra cash. It also comes with a number of automatic monitoring caps and also a colour display system.



  • This Portable 12V small air compressor comes with three nozzles for your convenience.
  • One remarkable feature is that the tyre pump will stop whenever the pressure you set is reached.
  • Its one hundred and fifty PSI capacity can allow quick inflating which helps you to be raring to go.
  • In just five minutes you can fill your own tyres without spending extra cash.
  • It helps you with inter state movements without worry or fear of flats.



  • It may be quite a hassle to find out the exact spot where its fuse is located.
  • You will need to unscrew two plastic pieces on the side to be able to reach some screws that connect the bottom to the top piece.


Campbell Hausfeld DC010500 Compressor

This CH DC010500 small air compressor has alot of features & benefits. It has a revolutionary streamlined suitcase design which attracted me to it at first. It weighs just twenty nine pounds, the compressor is lightweight and easy to carry which enables seamless storage with a small footprint. This air compressor is made to very quiet and easily rivals any out there in the industry. It’s low sound decibel at sixty eight is capable of offering a silent work or home environment that’s perfect in a place where noise is prohibited. So if you live in an area with an aversion to noise, this air compressor is right for you.


  • The DC010500 makes your day easier and stress free while keeping your tyres strong.
  • This is a small but mighty air compressor which is the perfect unit for all your DIY needs.
  • With this CH DC010500 small air compressor, you can tackle your fastening jobs without worry.
  • This particular one has half the noise level and its ultra quiet compressor can measure at 68 dBa.
  • Its primary components last four times longer than some comparable units.



  • It can hold a twenty five foot hose but if put on more, you may not be able to use the control knob.


DEWALT D55140 Compressor

With its 1.0 gallon tank&135 maximum PSI, this D55140 small air compressor enables you to fire more nails with quicker recovery time. It has a durable oil free pump which provides long lasting maintenance-free operation. Its draw motor which is as low as 2.6 amp provides quick start-up and still reduces breaker tripping. It has a low seventy one decibel which allows for a nice and quiet operation. Its roll cage and easy to use control panel is able to protect key compressor components. At just twenty four lbs, it is lightweight, thin (9.0″) and its compact design facilitates easy carraige and storage. Its drain (ball all valve) facilitates quick tank draining.




  • For easy storage, it comes with a convenient cord wrap.
  • This D55140 small air compressor has an effective high-flow regulator which grants optimum performance.
  • This one-gallon maximum 35-PSI compressor is a tool that can give you dependability.
  • This efficient hand-carry compressor has a compact and lightweight design.
  • It is great woodworkers and for finish carpenters and woodworkers as it can be used for remodeling.


  • The tank of this Dewalt D55140 small air compressor charges well but the air may bleed out of the rear of the regulator if you turn the knob to pressurize the primary line which may be stuck at zero after a long while of use.


Senco PC1010N Compressor

This one gallon finish and trim small air compressor is made with the expert contractor in mind. It is warrantied, requires just minor hassle free maintenance, has a low twenty seven second recovery time which is lower than most and caught my eye, it has a one hundred and two second pump up time which is so fast you don’t have to Sally around waiting for it to fill up, it is oil free which means no need to spend extra cash on oil, it is strong, compact, powerful and with all its attributes it is still light enough for hand carraige. The gauges on its control panel are quite easy to read and its integrated control panel is made for straightforward operation.



  • This Senco PC1010N small air compressor is quieter than a standard garbage disposal.
  • It has a rust resistant, rugged, and aluminum design.
  • Every DIY enthusiast or contractor and DIY enthusiast will agree that its ¼” effective coupler is a nice universal design.
  • It is compatible with many air tools from quality manufacturers.
  • The durable induction motor& oil free pump remove the need for regular maintenance.



  • It may become less efficient if set below fifty psi and you may need a reduced setting to airbrush.




Whether you’re a dedicated do-it-yourselfer, or you just see yourself capable enough to handle small tasks around your house, owning a small air compressor can definitely make many tasks possible and easier. These mini-sized air compressors come in different types and various capacities which I have explored above to enable you to make the right choice.