It can be really difficult and stressful for nursing parents to carry out everyday activities without a convenient carrier for their baby. From experience, a functional and small stroller helps in a big way to carry children with ease wherever there is a need to and I am quite sure any nursing mother would find these small-sized strollers helpful. A small-sized Stroller can be easily locked, folded and stored without additional stress.

As a matter of fact, a small stroller can help you spend quality time with your baby without getting stressed. It gives you and your baby the chance to freely enjoy fresh air while strolling through the park. The best mini-sized strollers are also great for long trips as they can serve as both a stroller and a child car seat too! As your children become older, they get heavier and you can’t carry them around all the time.

A small stroller is the best way to carry your children, keep them close to you without exhausting yourself. So to get the best of these mini-sized strollers, I had to do a thorough review of quite a number of great strollers and my result is worth sharing.





Black summer Infant 3D lite Stroller

Black summer Infant 3D lite Small stroller

I love this small stroller because of this 5 point safety harness and large seat that keeps babies comfortable and secure. It is Durable and also stylish. The front wheels are Anti-shock and the rear wheels are lockable. You would love that it has a multi-position recline feature to aid keep your darling comfortable in even on a sloppy ground.

This small stroller has a large storage basket, it also has a removable and adjustable canopy with a durable sun visor. It has a storage pocket at the back, an easy 3D fold, and a carry strap. The mini-sized stroller has an air-light frame which makes it easy to push and carry and still strong enough to last for a long time. SEE ON AMAZON


  • Because of the open design you can access the storage basket easily and also the recline which is almost flat and great for naps or even diaper changes
  • It is perfect for sunny strolls as the canopy has a pop out visor that keeps your baby protected from the sun
  • A cup holder is included and you can keep your water or even iced coffee safely
  • This small stroller is Available in six beautiful fun fashions so you can choose
  • It weighs less than 13 pounds and it is one of the lightest out there. All you have to do is lift the back handle, use your foot to push the lever, fold it down and voila! Ready to go.
  • It has an auto-lock and a carry strap and good for subways or airports
  • It can be adjusted to three height positions as your child grows and it still remains comfortable
  • Plenty of Storage: The large basket has plenty space for storing diapers, purses and the back storage pocket can be used for cellphones and keys.


  • I did a check to see how good it is when folded. I noticed it doesn’t stand when folded.



Pockit lightweight stroller

Pockit lightweight small stroller

I must admit, I picked this small stroller because it is the most compact stroller in the 2014 Guinness world records. The smallest in the world! When I folded it, it turned out to be really small. If you are the kind that travels a lot, this small stroller is perfect for you.

I think you would love the fact that it switches very fast from carrying to pushing. So it is perfect for exploring, ideal for train or plane trips and practically everywhere you need to go.

It is padded with Polyester to ensure durability. It weighs just 9.5 pounds which makes it very lightweight.


  • This small stroller has a really creative 2 step folding design and it is really small when folded.
  • It is small but durable. It can hold up to 66 pounds, 11 in its basket and a 55-pound child.
  • If you travel a lot or you are frequently on the go, this stroller is for you. it can be kept in a train or plane bin and in your car
  • This small stroller has a strong safety belt, comfortable pads with different heights setting which can be loosened or tightened as your child grows.
  • It is really Easy to use, can be steered with one hand, the torso length is adjustable, the front wheels are lockable, it had an overhead canopy, a back wheel brake, and the handlebars are padded.


  • It might take a while to get used to folding and unfolding it



Princeton baby stroller

Princeton baby small stroller

I think you would love the Reclining Seat in this small stroller. It will keep your baby comfy everywhere you go.
I like the Parent Organizer in particular. It has two cup holders and even a pocket for small necessities. It can be folded so it’s great for travel or storage.

It was really easy for me to assemble and I love the height. I am 6’1 and I can comfortably push the stroller without slouching. The handles are padded and soft, it is big and with the 5ft harness, it has the features of a full-size stroller.


  • The Comfort-grip Handle is perfect and allows me to navigate without stress
  • The parent organizer tray is roomy and can keep loads of stuff
  • It has a two-foot parking brake and two cup holders for water and juice
  • The canopy is really Large and it protected my baby from the sun
  • This small stroller can be Compact folded for storage and travel
  • It has a great 5 point harness which is really safe for restraining your baby
  • Its brakes can be locked on the two back wheels and it weighs just 12.5 pounds


  • I realized that the basket is pretty Small



Black Jeep Brand North Star Stroller

Black Jeep Brand North Star small stroller

This small stroller is really great for trips. Particularly, It has exceptional comfort, it is super convenient and pays important details to safety which I am strict about. This is the first time I’m encountering a detachable parent organizer as roomy as this and it hangs securely at the back.

The extendable canopy is really Large and has a sun visor that can protect your baby from harsh elements. This small stroller has a 3-point safety harness, it supports your calf and it has a footrest. I like the versatility, the way the front wheels turn and the suspension system that will give you complete control.

You can roll the padded seat up during hot days into the headrest that exposed a mesh exterior that allows air flow enabling you to be prepared for anything. SEE ON AMAZON


  • It has a storage basket under it which helps keep your essentials.
  • It can carry up to 40 lbs, it’s parent organizer is removable and the padded backseat can be rolled up.
  • The umbrella fold is really friendly and the grip is easy.
  • The canopy can be lengthened or shortened along with the sun visor.
  • This small stroller has long foam handles and a parent cup holder.
  • extra-long foam handles; parent cup holder Storage basket holds.
  • The suspension system for the front wheels is reliable and amazing.
  • It is very light, strong and really portable. Every safety standard was attended to.


  • The rubber grip looked incomplete to me


Baby strollers are made to last for a long time, unlike diapers. You can use them for as many years as you like. My picks of the best small strollers have been found to adhere strictly to safety standards and they are really strong. They are among the few strollers that feature side impact safety systems to keep your baby well protected from fall and even other unprecedented elements. They are stress-free and can even be easily locked away when not in use to avoid problems. If you have a modular stroller, it can even be used as a car seat for your child. Get a small stroller and cruise with ease.