A small table saw to most professional woodworkers is the workhorse of a workshop especially if the workshop has limited space. Table saws, as a matter of fact, are the most productive and versatile among woodworking machines. They are perfect for ripping, cross-cutting, square cutting, miter cutting, dado, applying for shapes to wood-stock edges and even rabbit. The availability of the small table saw has made this tool’s usefulness more appreciated.  They come in different brands and models to suit your woodworking needs. In this article, we will be looking at the top rated saws out there and the incredible features that make them the best. You need to consider these features when choosing a small table saw.



DEWALT Compact Job-Site mini-sized Table Saw

DEWALT Compact Job-Site small Table Saw

This small table saw is consistent and has the capability to perform powerfully. Because of the high torque motor which 15 amp, this is able to deliver the kind of power you require for difficult jobs like cutting of hardwood and also cutting pressure treated lumber. I noticed that this saw has a 10-inch blade that spins at a speed of 3,850 rpm for fast, clean cuts, no matter the application.


  • This DeWalt small table saw has pinion and rack telescoping rail fence which enables fence adjustments to be smooth, accurate and fast.
  • It is able to easily cut a number of large trim and shelving materials.
  • Its modular guarding system is site-pro and allows you to adjust the components with the use of any tools.
  • Its 15 amp motor is able to rip easily through hardwoods.
  • Its onboard storage gives fast access when inactive to the guarding components even the push stick.
  • Its cage base is Metal and offers more durability than plastic cases.
  • It weighs just 48 lbs and this compact small table saw can be moved off and on the job easily.
  • Its rear feet can be adjusted to work well on uneven floors.
  • Its dust port is easy for a vacuum to hook up and reduces clean up.
  • It has a carbide blade that enhances the blade life and cut quality and the table coating also reduces friction.
  • It comes with a 3-year limited warranty, ninety-days money-back guarantee and 1-year service, free.


  • The adjustable crosscut miter tool plastic body is small and the aluminum slide is not a precise fit on the table slot which makes it wobble a little.



SKIL Wet Tile mini-sized table saw

SKIL Wet Tile small table saw

If you are looking to install or replace any kind of tile floor, this saw is for you. This saw has a seven-inch diamond blade, one blade guard, and blade wrench. From my experience, the table top is stainless steel and capable of resisting corrosion after many uses. This Skil small table saw has a miter gauge with a rip fence which is adjustable and capable of making accurate miter cuts.

It is able to tackle intricate designs for end pieces from 0-45 degree and give flexibility for different cut types.


  • It has a reservoir for blade cooling which stops the blade from heating and helps reduce the dust while cutting.
  • The top is stainless steel and easily resists corrosion and the top fence is adjustable.
  • Its straight miter cuts are ensured by the miter gauge.
  • This Skil Wet small table saw has a seven-in diamond blade that gives you smooth cutting.
  • Its stainless steel top can support tiles like 12 x 12-in.
  • Its bevel can cut tile from 0 – 45 degrees.
  • It has a cross-cut with a capacity of 7.75-in and a diagonal cut with a capacity of 7.25-in.


  • This mini-sized table saw uses the water really quickly and if you are in front of it you might be sprayed with water and debris.



ShopSeries mini-sized table saw

  • ShopSeries small table saw

This Shopseries small table saw is reliable, easy to use and has many innovative solutions for aiding you to complete your projects in no time at all. This saw has a stand and comes with a 13-amp motor, which makes it good for powering a number of jobs like cutting out wood for frames, cabinet doors, and other projects. When I found it, I figured It has an aluminum die-cast table that has 400 inches of space and also a strong metal stand. It is also really easy to transport. It has a 10-inch depth blade bevel which is adjustable to forty-five degrees.


  • It comes with a two year limited warranty.
  • It has a 13-amp motor which makes it perfect for lots of woodworking jobs.
  • This mini-sized / small table saw is spacious and rugged, lightweight and sturdy.
  • It can cut up to three inches at 90 degrees and 2-½ inches at forty-five degrees.
  • It has a rip fence which is easy to release. it also has a miter gauge and push stick to help you cut perfectly.
  • The on/off switch gives you operator safety and enhanced control.This small table saw also has a dust collection port integrated for easy clean up.



  • It might not level to ninety degrees and the legs are a little wobbly.



Rockwell mini-sized table saw

Rockwell small table saw

Are you tired of getting different saws for different functions like inside cuts, scroll, rip and miter? Then this small table saw is for you as it can perform these cuts. All you need to do is change the blades! It has five Blades that have three seconds for many functions. It can cut metal, wood, aluminum and ceramic tile and it takes just three seconds to change.


  • This Rockwell small table saw is compact size yet it can hold a large rip fence and hold down splitter and hard for wider cuts and improved control.
  • The table top handle is made for portability and its splitter can cut wider material and its big rip fence gives you more control.
  • It has a good jigsaw blade with immediate tool free changes which help you switch from one to another easily.
  • This table saw allows you to control the material being cut with two hands.
  • Its splitter and guard system is traditional and allows you unlimited power for rip and cross cuts.
  • The traditional guard and splitter system allows for unlimited capacity for cross and rip cuts.
  • This Rockwell small table saw allows easy portability because of its carry handle.
  • It has a vacuum port that facilitates easy cleanup and a compartment for blade holding.


  • The metal plate is not really flush with the rest of the plastic table and it might not lie flat.


A small table saw is one of the best tools you can get for woodworking. If well-tuned, it can cut smoothly and easily a variety of things like ceramic, wood, aluminum and so on which need different kinds of equipment to cut. It does these jobs quickly, neatly and without any exhaustive efforts on your part.


Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw

The Hitachi C10RJ small table saw is capable of supporting thirty five inches ripping capacity to its right and twenty two inches of ripping capacity to its left. It has a bevel range of 0° to 45 degrees and for cuts which range from 3-1/8 inches at zero degree to 2-1/4 inches at 45°. I noticed that it has a large power switch equipped with emergency off and cover for safety. It was made to reach the knee level for quick shut down as an extra safety feature. It is durable and stable and has a roll and fold stand. It guarantees accurate cuts with minimized wobble and enables easy transportation.


  • This Hitachi C10RJ small table saw has a high powered fifteen amp motor which generates about 4,500 RPM which can rip through hardwood swiftly and with ease.
  • It has an adjustable rip fence which is quick, smooth and precise and also allows up to about 35 inch rip to the right capacity.
  • It also has a direct drive universal effective motor which packs enough power for tougher ripping applications.
  • It has a ten inch, forty-tooth blade tipped in carbide for increased cutting capacity.
  • The components include one table saw, two blade change wrenches, one twenty four tooth saw blade, one push stick, one miter gauge and one rip fence.


  • After a while of usage, this small table saw’s loudness may begin to increase.



Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw

This Bosch GTS1031 small table saw gives you excellent durability and portability in one package which provides a balanced carry handle requiring only one hand and a lightweight, all-steel base. It comes with Bosch’s efficient smart guard system with a modular blade guard plus a SquareLock fence for effective trueness. This table saw can allow you to deliver those cuts faster. The table has an on-tool storage which is underneath the table, for storing all your accessories. The components include one push stick,two blade change wrenches, one miter gauge, one tip fence, one twenty four saw blade and one table saw.


  • The GTS1031 small table saw was created for mobility, all thanks to its one-handle carry structure for a nicely-balanced lift.
  • The ergonomic handle has a soft-grip and enhanced center of gravity to help make movement easy.
  • It has two-side handles which are properly positioned to enable ease of loading the saw or setting it up on a work platform.
  • The base of the table saw stacks well on the side for stable storage.
  • It has a tough build and generous storage and has a sturdy base designed to weather jobsite abuse.


  • The saw can be a little bit noisier than usual.
  • The full kick of the five thousand rpms when you begin may be a bit strong.


Makita 2705 Table Saw

This saw has a Powerful fifteen AMP motor which delivers 4,800 RPM. It has a tool-less blade guard system plus an adjustable spreader blade guard/riving knife assembly and cam lock which provides quick installation or removal. I realized that the above mentioned can also be done without tools. This Makita 2705 small table saw is tough, durable and its well designed all-steel base lets it handle hard jobsite work. The all-steel bottom is made to withstand hard impact and give you long-lasting performance.
It is precise and designed for accurate performance and its cutting consistency is superb and allows you slide along its saw rails easily.



  • The all-steel bottom is durable and assists the saw to withstand impacts and every heavy-duty job.
  • The SquareLock fence helps to reduce waste by enhancing cutting precision and increasing output.
  • With secondary fence slots and also a T-slot kind of miter gauge, its fence has been made to be accurate for your business.
  • It is capable of gliding easily along its rail for fast operation and quick locking.
  • Its riving knife stops material from over pinching the blade. It also positions for complete upright, non-thru cutting and splitting.


  • The grease which it is coated with might be over the top.
  • The saw blade might be misaligned but it can be corrected.
  • The dado insert which is made available is likely to be from a third party.


Craftsman 28461 Table Saw

This Craftman 28461 small table saw is easy to carry around, well balanced and has a compact design which enables you take it to any jobsite. The package includes a table saw, hex keys, push stick,

a twenty four-T blade, anti-kickback pawls, a stand, some blade wrenches rip fence, blade guard assembly, miter gauge, and operator’s manual. This table saw posesses a sheer table top for clean cuts every time and its effective fifteen amp motor can power through hard materials easily. I found that its quick to adjust miter gauge assures a fast, precise control for unusually tight corners and bevels.


  • The pinion and rack blade height control of this small table saw delivers smooth, precise adjustment on the setup.
  • The guides & Instructions in the owner’s manual are simple and easy to follow.
  • The advanced guarding system can deliver superior blade coverage and versatility.
  • It comes in a secure package with upper guarding assembly.
  • The latching action spreader swiftly and easily repositions to enable you lower the riving knife position.



  • Its table is not deep enough for cuts with wider widths.
  • Some blade assembly is required.
  • It can be quite hard to get the square off by some degrees.

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Table Saw

This skill saw is the world’s first worm drive small table saw, and it was created for ripping. SKILSAW’s legendary gearing gives you maximum torque and rich power for ripping through the materials you want without bogging down. I am particularly interested in the powerful fifteen amp double field motor that not only powers but also keeps the motor cool all through continuous cuts. You can rip complete sheets of plywood, up to 4x of material and make precise cuts with its rip fence which is self aligning. The saw has a 25 inches rip capacity, a 3-½” depth of cut. The bevel is easy to adjust and can go from -1 degree to 46 degrees for true cutting.


  • Along with the SPT70WT-01 comes a 24-tooth Carbide-tipped blade used for ripping.
  • This small table saw has a self-aligning fence, insert plate, guard system, anti-kick back device and wrench.
  • It is made to withstand the harsh demands within a jobsite and the table saw posesses a sturdy all-steel cage and an aluminum top.
  • The mechanisms that lower and raise the blade are created from metal to stand extreme temperatures.
  • It has on-tool features that are convenient and protect the accessories.



  • When out of the pack, the saw may be out of adjustment.
  • The fence might also need to be adjusted to enable mounting on the table.
  • The zero degree bevel stop may not have ample adjustment range.


Jet JBTS-10MJS Table Saw

The assembly of the Jet JBTS-10MJS small table saw ensures the anti-kickback pawl is easy to use and secure. The fence is quick to release and mounted for swift rip adjustment. I realized that it has a large 25 inch x 17 inch steel table top which support various materials whether big or small. The Push stick table is easy to access and helps to keep the work surface clutter free. The strong steel stand can deliver a sturdy working height which is also comfortable. It has a big flip off/on switch which delivers fast access. It is a powerful and portable, table saw with a nice rolling stand.


  • It weighs about 100-pounds and gives the stability of even a stationary table saw.
  • The JBTS-10MJS small table saw features a wheeled, easy-folding stand for storage, fast set-up and portability.
  • It has a riving knife along with some anti-kickback pawls for security.
  • It helps keep your site free with full on-tool storage which is under the table.
  • It has a heavy-duty fifteen-Amp motor with a nice soft-start.


  • The process to get this small table saw warrantied is kind of stressful.
  • The fence may not be quite secure and the saw dust may dump on the top of the motor.


WEN 3720 Table Saw

The WEN 3720 small table saw gives you portability and even precision to satisfy your needs – whether you are a contractor or hobbyist. Just fold the table saw then roll it to your preferred destination. I like the fact that it packs an impressive twenty six-inch ripping capacity, its attack boards are up to 3-9/16” thick with ease. The fifteen-amp motor can rotate the 10” forty-tooth blade which is carbide tipped up to 4400 times/minute, making smooth work of the hardest of woods. This saw  has 2 table extensions which are used to adjust the length and also the width of your table’s size, therefore creating a space of about 40 x 35-⅞”.



  • This WEN small table saw has a beveling blade which can be used for angled cuts.
  • The height and even the angle of its blade can be adjusted using its adjustment tracking knob which is located on the front of the saw.
  • You can keep your rip stick,adjustment wrenches, miter gauge, and others by mounting them up in their various inbuilt storage locations.
  • You can swiftly swap the included blade then replace it with a blade of your preference.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty and a responsive customer help line.



  • The blade angle may change about a half degree when you try to elevate or lower the saw blade height.
  • The assembly of the saw stand may take up to an hour.


Delta Power 36-6020 Table Saw

The folding stand of the DELTA POWER 36-6020 small table saw makes storing it at a job site a walk in the park. All you need to do is unlock the stand using your foot then raise the saw to a standing position whether in your garage, or a storage building.
I found that you can easily keep record of your accessories even while you are on the move. The On-board storage is above standard and the fence can be safely stored on a side of the saw to avoid misplacement. The rip capacity has a maximum right rip blade of 30 in and it is great for handling heavier rip cut projects.



  • This DP 36-6020 small table saw is ideal for both the contractor and the Do-It-Yourself enthuiast.
  • The fence can quickly slide out for fast adjustment and precise cuts.
  • This combination includes one miter gauge, one push stick, one ten inch blade and one blade guard.
  • It has an aluminum table surface with an RH table extension.
  • Its quick to access OFF/ON switch is large enough.


  • The rip fence may clamp in front with a different one at the back.


SawStop Jobsite Saw

This Sawstop small table saw is one of the safest out there as it perfectly combines compact portability with pioneering innovation. With this, you possess the accuracy, quality and security wherever your job takes you. Even extra cautious woodworkers risk being involved in accidents. When that happens, the repercussions are traumatic, painful, expensive and disheartening. I noticed that this saw has a blade which carries a tiny electrical signal so when skin touches the blade, the signal transforms because of the conductivity of the human body. The signal change puts on the safety system immediately.


  • Its efficient elevation system lowers or raises the blade with a twist of the handwheel while other kinds of saws need over 25 turns.
  • Tilting the blade to your preferred angle is easy and fast in one degree increments and can be fine tuned with the endlessly-adjustable tilt system.
  • The T-Glide fence moves smoothly and can lock firmly with the effective ErgoLock.
  • You can keep your accessories safe and protected in its inbuilt storage drawer.
  • After the blade stops, the blade’s momentum drives it under the table, therefore removing the danger of subsequent contact.



  • To make use of a dado stack, you have to purchase a different dado brake.
  • The brake on this sawstop small table saw is not adjustable.



A table saw includes heavier materials in its construction which leads to more stability and safer operation amongst other benefits above. A small table saw offers high performance and safety benefits as a result of its induction belt driven motors and is ideal for DIY construction projects and on-site jobs. I have taken the liberty to scrounge up and identity the best. Hope you found this review helpful.

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