There are many benefits in making use of a small washer dryer combo. One big benefit is the fascinating compact, efficient and versatile attribute. Now you do not have to use the normal separate drying and washing machine or make time-consuming and stressful trips to the laundromat. Since the washer and dryer are combined, you have that extra space for other things you need to keep in your home. I am sure you have varying needs regarding your laundry and that’s why there are different options available for you to choose from. This makes it quite easy for you to find a small washer and dryer combo kits that take care of your specific needs as they come in different load capacities and have distinct functions that are tailored to your particular needs. Now let’s check out the top rated washer dryer combinations guaranteed to suit your specific needs.



Giantex Mini Compact Washing Machine

Giantex Mini Compact small washer dryer combo 

This small washer dryer combo is a sure way to relieve yourself from washing with your hands and because of the small size you can keep it in a tiny laundry room or anywhere you want in your apartment since it does not take up space. You can use it in motor homes, condos or even take it camping!

I found that the spinner dryer can take half of the washing capacity which is 11lbs, then you can take your clothes out of the extractor for hanging to complete the drying.


  • This unit is great for small loads and because it is very light, it is easily moveable.
  • The washing power is 300w which means the wash motor is really powerful while the spinner power is 110w.
  • This small washer dryer combo has a gravity drain that allows you carry it off the floor to a drain outlet in order to work properly.
  • Its washing timer is fifteen minutes while the spin tier is five minutes but you can choose a suitable time for the washing as it does not have a rigid preprogrammed setting.
  • It has a filter net on the washing barrel side which can be used to store the dirt when cleaning and it is super easy to pull off when you need to clean the tube.
  • Its transparent lid makes it easy for you to see the washing and drying operation is carried out.


  • The water hose is quite short so it has to be close to the water faucet when in use.
  • The drain hoses are also short so you have to be close to the drain so it does not cause a big mess.
  • The electric cord is not really long so if you want to use it, you have to be near the switch.



Best Choice Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

Best Choice Mini Twin Tub small washer dryer combo 

This machine is portable and lightweight as it only weighs 30 pounds. I admire the fact that it can perform with the ability of a professional grade washing and spinning combination machine even with its small size. It allows you to wash and also spin at the same time and the fifteen-minute timer, water hose, and drain hose make your operation hassle-free. It has a large capacity for a portable spinner which can take eight pounds while the washer can take twelve to help you finish your laundry speedily.


  • This small washer dryer combo can handle any type of clothing at all and is perfect for dorm rooms, apartments, and small families.
  • It does not require any additional assembling and it’s cord, drain hose and water hose are long enough to reach your faucets, switches or drain.
  • This unit is a very high quality and its top load and twin tub have a compact design which aids portability.
  • It comes with different timer settings control for washing and spinning operations.
  • This small washer dryer combo is quite easy to operate as it allows you to just load your clothes, add water and set the timer to your preference that’s all.
  • It has a drainage tube that makes it really easy to drain out the dirty water.
  • It is very light and easy to carry as the washer and spinner combination just weighs thirty pounds but it still performs extremely well.
  • You can spin and wash clothes at the same time and still have time for other tasks. Its timer, water, and drain hose make washing a walk in the park for you.
  • This small washer dryer combo can accommodate from ten to twelve pounds of clothes at the same time to help you swiftly finish your laundry and move on to other things.
  • It comes with a sixty-day warranty.


  • The only thing I noticed was that the spin cycle might take a little time to work.
  • The spinner shakes the washer sometimes but it does not happen often.



Costway Compact Twin Tub

Costway Compact Twin Tub small washer dryer combo 

This unit is perfect for apartments that are quite small. It runs on 120v power and it can take up to ten lbs capacity for washing and six for spinning. Its drainage tube makes it easy for you to drain dirty water out. If you like environmentally friendly and also energy saving machines, this is perfect for you. It has different control settings for the spinning and washing operation so you don’t have to wait for it at all.


  • This small washer dryer combo will be very useful for you as it can be used in RV’s, condos and apartments.
  • This unit is not heavy at all and because of its small size can be used in confined spaces.
  • The overall capacity of this washer/spinner is sixteen lbs. Ten for the washer and six for the spinner.
  • This washing machine does not use the same timer control for both the spinner and the washer. All you need to begin washing is put in your clothes, fill it with water and then set the timer.
  • This machine has a drainage tube that enables you to get the dirty water out of it easily.
  • This small washer dryer combo is user-friendly, capable of saving energy, and it is also friendly to the environment.


  • I discovered that it does not stop the water by itself so you have to stay and watch it when you turn the water on.



Best Choice Compact Mini Washing Machine

Best Choice Compact small washer dryer combo 

This machine was designed to enable you to move your clothes from the water into the spinner or just use the both of them at the same time. Because of its powerful performance, your clothes will be cleaned and dried more effectively than ever before. Its condensed load size is eight pounds for the washing and five pounds per spin. It comes with an RPM motor of 13000 which is really effective but also quiet which is something I am very particular about and it ensures that your clothing is well washed and spun. You don’t have to endure doing your laundry by yourself anymore because, at just twenty-four pounds, you can take this small washer dryer combo anywhere you need it, either to your home, school dormitory or even on a road trip!


  • The washer is capable of running for fifteen minutes and the dryer can work in just five minutes. It is time-saving, compact and effective.
  • Apart from the portability of this machine, it’s cleaning power mirrors that of a larger machine.
  • They are designed for easy storage and are lightweight enough to be taken camping or on road trips.
  • It has a lot of options like its twelve-pound washer and eight-pound spin cycle which can guarantee speedy washing and are suitable for every living space.
  • This small washer dryer combo is made of a very durable plastic which makes it easy for you to carry around your living space.
  • It has a silent motor with a frequency of 60Hz with gives you the convenience of spinning and washing thirteen overall pounds of laundry.
  • For a fast clean, the washer has an inlet with an attached hose draining and adding water and an extra option of pouring water into the bucket directly if you choose.


  • There are two lids to open on the spinner and it can make it a bit tiresome to use
  • If you do not close the lid on the inside first the spinner won’t close at all and it might break if you are not paying attention.



Even though your living space is unlimited, which is unlikely, it is still important for you to explore new ways to be able to conserve space. Getting a small washer dryer combo is great because it is almost dishwasher size so you can keep it under your kitchen counter or somewhere else. They also use less water and are generally energy saving than most dryer units which require two times more water and electricity to work. They are not heavy so you can store them in a cupboard and bring out when you need to do laundry.