A chest of drawers is a very important piece of furniture which is often placed next to the bed. While the chest is most often used in the bedroom, people can place a chest anywhere they need storage. Whether you call it a chest of drawers, a dresser or a bureau, this extremely functional piece of furniture has been made and invented for storage purposes, regardless of what people have been doing with it throughout the years. Nowadays, tall chest of drawers is mostly used for storing clothes which do not require hanging in a wardrobe. These pieces of furniture are generally wider than taller in design. They are ideal if you are looking for a way of storing plenty of clothes but you do not have too much space in the bedroom.

This household item has been reinvented and designed to adapt to various interiors and uses since it was first created. Whether it has been transformed into a chifforobe, which is a combination of a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, or simply given different proportions to store more or less items, or has been converted into a Welsh dresser, which has shelves used to store tableware, the chest of drawers has and always will be used for the storage of numerous items.

Function of a tall Chest of Drawers

You can find various uses for a used chest of drawers in your home, with the most popular of them being storing clothing and accessories, and keep toys tidy and organized in a children’s bedroom. These pieces of furniture vary in style and size, and they often feature a combination of smaller drawers on top of larger drawers.

The smaller drawers are usually intended for underwear, socks, or make-up accessories. You can also choose to get a piece of furniture with all the drawers in the same size. The choice of drawers depends on your preferences and personal needs.

When choosing a used tall chest of drawers, you need to make a list of the things you would like to store in it. By doing this, you can get a better idea of the number of drawers you need as well as their size. You may need large drawers only for storing jumpers and T-shirts, or you may want a combination of small and large drawers to stock your underwear as well.

Size and Style of a Chest of Drawers

Size is another important thing to take into account when shopping for a tall chest of drawers. You need to measure the space in order to make sure the chest of drawers fits and allows for enough space to open the drawers as well.

The style of the chest of drawers should match the existing decor of your home and, to achieve this, you need to consider the type of design you have in the bedroom. For instance, an oak chest of drawers may look great in a contemporary decor, while a pine chest of drawers can enhance the look of a rustic bedroom. Let us check out the four most beautiful tall chest of drawers.


Black Sonoma Tall 6 Drawer Chest

Black Sonoma tall chest of drawers

The Black Sonoma Chest has six drawers and is black espresso which gives it that extra aesthetic appeal. With six drawers’ worth of storage, you’ll have room for your clothing, and you’ll save floor space, too because it is quite narrow. This tall chest of drawers is space saving and slender, making this popular style a great addition to any room. Features include side moldings, a profiled top, and an arched kick plate. It also features solid brushed nickel firm knobs and drawers the run on smooth, all-metal roller, that has built-in safety stops.

This slender little number has lots to offer in the looks department, too: with subtle details like a scalloped base panel, this is one chest that truly has it all. Liven up your bedroom’s décor by coordinating it with other members of the Monterey Bedroom Collection.


● Detailed with curved top edges, and side moldings, this is no ordinary chest
● It has a scalloped base panel and solid dark pewter knobs which ensure that the colour does not clash with the rest of the chest
● The drawers run smoothly on metal glides with built-in safety stops which makes it easy to use as it doesn’t snag or require super human strength to open
● It is sturdy, made from solid pine wood and the drawer sides includes a tipping restraint
● It is constructed from non-toxic, laminated composite woods with a sturdy MDF backer
● It is ready to Assemble, includes an instruction booklet for easy assembling so you cannot possibly make a mistake
● It has a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on parts so in case you need to return anything, you have no problems

● Though it is very easy to assemble, it might take a little bit of time if you haven’t assembled a tall chest of drawers before as there are quite a number of parts to put together.




ChestStork Craft Kenton 5 Drawer Universal Dresser, Espresso

ChestStork Craft Kenton 5 Drawer Universal Dresser, Espresso tall chest of drawers

This Stork Craft Kenton 5 Drawer Dresser is just the perfect pick to store all of your kid’s belongings and more. It is designed to combine classic design and styling with vital functionalities that will aid tidy up your home. This tall chest of drawers features 5 spacious swift drawers with cool euro-glide drawer tracks and a high-quality steel hardware design. This very easy to assemble Stork Craft Kenton drawer/ dresser will give you years of enjoyment and usefulness and would make a really great decor addition to your intended space. It also features a small safety attachment kit to help prevent it from tipping. This attachment is designed to be attached to the wall.


This tall chest drawer has five spacious drawers to fit clothes and accessories
Made with high-quality wood and composites in a safe, non-toxic finish
Easy to assemble with steel hardware construction
Sturdy and well constructed, easy to assemble
Available in white, cherry, espresso, black, gray and dove brown finishes




Southern Enterprises 5 Drawer Storage Unit with Wicker Baskets, Black and Caramel Finish

Southern Enterprises 5 Drawer Storage Unit with Wicker Baskets, Black and Caramel Finish tall chest of drawers

This beautiful southern enterprise 5-drawer wicker storage unit accents any traditional décor. The black frame and oak top are enhanced by the abundant wicker baskets. On the bottom, two larger baskets provide storage for larger items like bed sheets, toilet paper or dishes while the three smaller drawers above are perfect for magazines, silverware and spices. This soft country style unit also features a spacious countertop and wrought iron scrollwork details that add visual appeal. Slender enough for almost any space, this wicker storage unit is sure to add a creative storage solution to any room. The materials used in making this tall chest of drawers include: MDF, veneer, wicker, round pipe.

This beautiful wicker storage unit has five drawers and a spacious countertop, this versatile storage tower keeps essentials handy in the kitchen, dining room, or living room. The tall chest of drawers measures 18 inches wide x 13.25 inches deep x 52.25 inches high.





International Concepts Lingerie Chest with 5 Drawers, Unfinished

International Concepts Lingerie Chest with 5 Drawers, Unfinished tall chest of drawers

This beautiful International concept solid wood furniture from international concepts makes a perfect addition to your home and complements any home décor. Made from solid parawood with a butcher block surface. Each drawer has euro glides. The distance from the floor to bottom of the apron is 3.9 inches.
This tall chest of drawers has 5 drawers with euro glides, its distance from the floor to bottom of apron: 3.9″. The Inner drawer dimensions are 10.68″l X 10.87″w X 4.65″d and the distance between each shelf is 10.52 inches. It’s sturdy. The drawer is easy to assemble, easy to move around.