Tips And Tricks For The Best Yoga Relaxation

Tips And Tricks For The Best Yoga Relaxation

Though I’ve been a serious yogi for some years now, I’m not embarrassed to say I’m still at the “okay” level when it comes to yoga. Even with my great efforts, I’m really inflexible, that means instructors are never-ending adjusting even my primary Downward Dog. I, however, struggle with Vinyasa Flow every week in part as everyone knows yoga can offer really impressive health benefits. This could be the form of relieving anxiety and stress or making one more flexible. But mostly, my main reason form always coming back is my love for Savasana.

I really love Savasana session under a very cool atmosphere, fresh air or a mildly tuned air conditioner. Like everyone knows excessive heat or cold during Yoga is not advisable. This is because while in Yoga sessions, our body generates ‘Ushna’ heat. So if you are right under a fan or A/C blower at that moment, it can trigger an alternate heat-and-cold side-effect in your body system, which could lead to some cold-related health problems. If you be interested in better ventilation for your yoga space, be sure to check the best brand of the gadget before spending you more on it.

In case you didn’t know, Savasana which is also known as the corpse pose, is the main restorative pose in almost all yoga classes, as long as the class involves lying flat on your back and having your palms facing up. It may seem like the easist pose in the world lol. No guys, it is not!

Savasana can easily be the most difficult and challenging practice of your yoga sessions because you’d be required to do absolutely nothing but just breathe. Savasana is not like any other pose because it requires you to be on the quietest state of mind possible. That means no thinking about what to eat later or how many new mail would be their in your work emails. You just have to relax your whole body and mind.

From my wide experience, a great Savasana is the main key to leaving class with that internal fulfilment and blissed-out feeling, and that floating-with-the-cloud feeling all yogis are talking about always.

Want to experience these? Well here are some vital mental tips and tricks and some physical adjustments that would aid you to relax more deeply when it comes to yoga.


  1. First things first, get really comfortable
  2. Let your hair go
  3. Let go of the practice
  4. Relax the whole body
  5. Keep your eyes open if you want to
  6. Consider an eye pillow if have to
  7. Find the place of calm and eace
  8. Take some deep breaths and lengthening exhalation
  9. Monitor the bodily sensation of less tension and just let your breath run freely.
  10. At intervals, scan your entire muscles to be sure they are relaxed.
  11. Go internally and picture something that really calms you
  12. Make an adjustment and dont lose focus
  13. Stay in the moment
  14. At the end of the session, just before breaking the moment, form the intention to hold the relaxed feeling for as long as possible.