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Over the years, we have watched power tools manufacturers have come up with different innovations for consumers convenience and ease of operation- one of such innovations being the introduction of wireless drilling machines which are not only easy to use but are also portable & rechargeable. At first, the power source was the Ni-Cad batteries, today it’s the Lithium-Ion batteries.
This is a great improvement as contractors no longer worry about carrying extension cords to job-sites. Specific wireless hand drills have been designed with enough power to complete a given task.
In this article, I have given an advanced technical review of the best rechargeable cordless drills I have come across over my years on experience with power tools.
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 In this review we showed:

The best wireless drill

The best rechargeable drill

The best rechargeable drills sale

The best wireless drilling machine for Home use

The best wireless hand drill for screw driving

Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit

Featuring a combo kit of an M18 lithium-ion 1/2-inch compact drill/driver as well as an M18 lithium-ion 1/4-inch hex compact impact driver, this tool gives off a lot of precision, power, and superior performance. Built to be lightweight and quite durable, this Milwaukee product sports a built-in LED light, as well as variable speed trigger and battery fuel gauges. The Lithium Ion battery ensures that it delivers more power. Add this power to the great torque supplied by this drill and you would get an efficient and powerful drill with a longer run time. It weighs about 4lbs, and features an all-metal gear case and chuck which provides for maximum impact and shock durability.

PROS- (Milwaukee 2691-22)

• Battery charges really quick charge
• Good size and light weight
• Easy to use, compact and ergonomic
• Durable

CONS- (Milwaukee 2691-22)

• Drill bit slips and a little extra noise comes from the chuck part.
• Its battery does not last for a very long time so it may not be the best drill for industrial use. Check out our best battery operated drills review.
• The drill is costly.

Why this may not be a problem
Although it is a bit pricey, I believe the tool is just worth its price. While this may not be the best battery powered drill of 18V for industrial use due to its battery, it is still a great drill that would complete basic home projects without issues. However, this issue is countered by a fast charger that recharges the battery very quickly.

Dewalt DCD771C2

One of the best rechargeable drills leading the market today, the DCD771C2 Dewalt model is a compact and light weight wireless drilling machine that is fit for drilling in tight spaces over a long period of time. the drill delivers a high torque power for different applications. Its ½ inch chuck size is really good at bit retention and it is fit for even distribution of the torque power over the task at hand. It delivers a no load dual sped of 0-450/0-1500rpm for different drill applications. The kit contains a drill driver, a compact charger, 2 Li-ion battery packs, and a contractor bag.

PROS- (Dewalt DCD771C2)

• It is compact and lightweight for convenient use.
• It has a very easy-to-use trigger that releases the exact amount of rpm needed.
• The chuck provides a firm bit grip and retention when tightened firmly.

CONS- (Dewalt DCD771C2)

• Has a rapid braking system that makes the chuck overrun and loosen when the brake is released

Why this may not be a problem
The chuck can be held firmly in place to withstand the brake force by tightening firmly it before use and ensuring that the chuck clicks into place. You may need some muscles here.

WORX WX916L 20V LI Combo Kit with Drill and Impact Driver

This is one of the best wireless drill combo kits you can get at the price it is sold. Not just for the price, but the standards and originality of this pair make it a tool worth having. The combo kit consists of a drll driver and an impact driver each powered with rechargeable 20volts Li-on batteries with plenty of torque power and speed to carry out a project effectively. Both tools are compact and lightweight and can easily fit into cramped holes without any hindrance to their performances. The kit includes the combo tools, 2 batteries, a charger, belt hook and a carrying bag.


• The combo tool has a long battery life for the best performance
• The batteries can be easily used on any other Worx tool
• They are quite affordable to own


• The tool can only serve as a backup tool

Why this may not be a problem
While some other wireless drills do not have enough power to perform some major tasks, this Worx model fits as an intermediate tool with enough speed and power to complete the tasks that smaller drills can’t do effectively while the difficult ones are left to the big machines.

DEWALT DCD950KX 18-Volt XRP 1/2-Inch Drill/Driver/Hammer Kit

An ½ inch 18volt battery powered drill with a hammer drill function, this wireless drilling machine has been ranked among the best rechargeable drills for its high performance, speed and drilling precision. Not only that, as with most Dewalt products, this model has a heavy duty build to work without any limitations even for difficult tasks. It operates on a high power motor and delivers three speeds variation which allows a user to set different levels for a particular application. The all metal ½ inch chuck allows for easy and firm bit retention while it has 22-position adjustable clutch for each drilling level and application. Other features include a LED work-light, a side handle for drilling precision and accuracy even in tight corners and an 18volt rechargeable battery that provides a longer tool runtime. The kit includes a drill driver, 2 XRP batteries, 1-hour charger, a 360⁰ side handle and a kit box for portability.


• Fast charging and long lasting XRP batteries
• Convenient, comfortable and ergonomic build
• High performing motor for efficient runtime
• 3-year product warranty offer with a 90-day money back guarantee


• It is slightly heavy

Why this may not be a problem
The wireless drilling machine is built with heavy duty materials just to ensure it lasts for a long time before being replaced hence the heavy weight. But the weight can be overlooked as the drill yields a very high performance that brings a productive result at the end of the drilling process. So we can say it is one of the best rechargeable drills that’s worth its weight.

Festool CXS Compact Drill Set Li 2.6Ah 564535 Compact Drill Set

The Festool CXS 564535 model is an ultra-compact wireless hand drill with three chucks in one tool for fast drilling and fastening operations. The wireless drill is very lightweight at less than 2lbs and consists of a Centrotec chuck, a keyless chuck and a right angle chuck that allows easy access to cramped and confined spaces.

Though with a simple build that could make users doubt its durability, I observed this CXS drill features high-end electronics for protection against overheating, current fluctuation and low voltage, while its battery which is smaller than previous models has enough power to accomplish a task, and a short time to be fully recharged. The battery is also compatible with all other Festool CXS model drills while it can also use theirs, which is a plus to a user who previously owns one.

The uniqueness of this wireless hand drill doesn’t stop there as it also features an integrated fuel gauge that helps monitor the energy level, a magnetic bit holder, a belt clip for easy access while working and an Ultra LED work-light for bright illumination in dark work areas. The drill uses an electronic clutch for easy adjustment and consistency while it has a dual speed of 0-400/0-1200rpm. The CXS kit includes a CXS drill, 2 Li-Ion batteries, a charger, centrotec chuck, right angle chuck, 3/8 keyless chuck and a T-LOC sustainer. It is one of the best wireless drills we recommend for professional tool users.

PROS- (Festool CXS)

• It is very light and compact
• Very handy and functional
• Features a very effective chuck that allows for 0% bit drop.
• It yields a high performance despite its small size
• The rechargeable drill charges up fast to give a longer tool run-time
• It has a three-year warranty offer

CONS- (Festool CXS)

• This is not a cheap drill

Why this may not be a problem
This CXS model has a great value for its price and does not in anyway disappoint its user. It is handy, efficient, high performing and durable and at the same time has a warranty offer that covers the whole tool. It is indeed the best for the cost.

Metabo SB18 LTX 4.0 Cordless, Drill, Driver, 18-volt, Li-Ion Battery

The Metabo SB18 LTX wireless hand drill is an 18volts battery powered drill that delivers a maximum torque of 885in.lbs for an effective drilling and fastening performance. It drills with a ½ inch keyless chuck and is steered with a 360⁰ side handle for precision and ease of use in cramped spaces. The drill has a light indicator that shows the battery level and when to recharge and it also doubles as a hammer drill for a faster drilling process. Its clutch-like stop lets the drill stop as you let go of the trigger, this allows the user to drill only as far as intended. The Metabo SB18 comes with a 3-year battery warranty offer for a longer battery life and that’s one reason why it is ranked among the best rechargeable drills in the market today.

PROS- (Metabo SB18)

• It is sturdily built and durable
• It helps to get a good drilling precision
• It is a rechargeable drill with a strong battery power.

CONS- (Metabo SB18)

• It is heavier than most wireless hand drills
• The drill tends to get a bit hot when used for long

Why this may not be a problem
The weight of the drill does not in anyway affect its performance while the heat from the tool is only as a result of the consistent use and would not cause the drill to burn. I felt I should point this out as some people may not like this.

Bosch DDS183-02 18V EC Brushless Compact Tough 1/2″ Drill/Driver Kit

This is an 18volt battery powered rechargeable drill with a brushless motor for efficiency and durability. The drill has a strong ½ inch keyless chuck that gives a firm bit control and easy torque transfer. It has a high power output of up to 531in.lbs and a dual drilling speed of 0-600/0-1900rpm. The wireless drill features a kick back control that automatically shut down the tool in case of a dangerous torque reaction especially in its bind up state. Bosch DDS183-02 kit includes the drill, 2 slim pack batteries, a charger, a magnetic bit holder, 4 bit tips, a belt clip and a carrying bag. The drill also features a safety ECP/EMP to protect the brushless motor and battery from overheating or overload that could easily lead to the breakdown of the drill.

PROS- (Bosch DDS183-02)

• It is fast, powerful and reliable
• It has an anti-kickback feature that makes it safe to use
• It is compact and durable

CONS- (Bosch DDS183-02)

• It is heavy

Why this may not be a problem
It is very strong and gives a high performance that removes the heavy feel.

Makita 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Hammer Driver-Drill Kit

This wireless hand drill operates on a Makita-built four-pole motor that has the capacity to deliver up to 480in.lbs power needed for a drilling operation along with its variable dual speed design that allows a user to perform effective drilling, fastening and hammer applications at speeds fit for each use between 0-600/0-1900rpm. The wireless drill is battery powered and runs efficiently on a 2.oAh Lithium ion battery that recharges fast in about 25minutes. The impact rate of this drill per minute based on its dual speed is up to 0-9000/0-28500bpm just to give the best performance needed to get a task done. Other features of the drill include a LED work-light which makes it easy to work in dim or dark areas, an extreme protection technology built in to protect the drill from harsh site conditions, an all metal gear and a belt clip for easy access while working on high grounds. The XPH10R drill kit includes a drill, 2 Li-ion battery packs, a rapid optimum charger, a belt clip and a tool case.

PROS- (Makita XPH10R)

• It is built for comfort and convenience
• It delivers a high torque power needed to conveniently finish a project
• It has enough speed for high drilling performance
• The battery has a charge indicator and recharges in less than 25 minutes to provide a longer tool operation runtime

CONS- (Makita XPH10R)

• The chuck does not fit tightly

Why this may not be a problem
Most products are perfect with only a minor flaw, this being the chuck. But this is not a problem as it does not hinder the performance of the drill in any way once you can spare the time to hand tighten it perfectly before the start of a drilling process. Otherwise, the drill is one of the best wireless drills we highly recommend.

Ingersoll Rand D1130-K2 3/8″ 12V Li-Ion Drill/Driver Kit

This is a compact built rechargeable drill ideal for metal and wood work to deliver precision and high performance in any drilling operation it is used for. It has a dual speed mode and 15-position adjustable clutch settings for efficiency and versatility of operation which implies that a tool can perform different operations such as fastening, screwing and drilling itself while its variable speed switch with brake gives a user a total control of the drill. Its 3/8 inches keyless chuck allows for bit retention and control while it operates on a high-power and durable motor for an outstanding result. The tool has up to 1600rpm free speed and a maximum torque of 205in.lbs. The kit includes a screw driver, 2 batteries, a charger and a tool bag.

PROS- (Ingersoll Rand D1130-K2)

• The tool is built for comfort, performance, and durability
• It is compact and lightweight enough to fit into tight corners
• It has a durable and impact-resistant build to endure harsh handling

CONS- (Ingersoll Rand D1130-K2)

• The Chuck only takes 3/8 bits and does not allow the use of other bigger bits

Why this may not be a problem
This would not be a problem if a user only uses 3/8 bits.

Rockwell RK2853K2 Li-ion Brushless Hammer Drill, 20V

Wireless hand drill couldn’t be much better than this Rockwell brushless motor version with more runtime than what a brushed motor can deliver. Its ½ inch metal chuck is made to hold bits firmly in place for as long as the drilling gets and can get through even the most difficult operations. It also features among others a LED light for visibility, lightweight design to ease stress and battery for life replacement program that assures you of a never dying drill charge. Additionally, the drill has 18+1 clutch settings that can be adjusted to fit the drilling speed and a no-load speed of 2000rpm. It gives up to 24000 impacts per minutes and delivers 531in.lbs torque power for efficiency and high performance. One of the features that rank this product among the best wireless drill is its 10years motor warranty which is so much value for its worth.

PROS- (Rockwell RK2853K2)

• Operates on brushless motor for high performance
• The 20volts drill is loaded with so much power and speed for different drilling operations
• The chuck allows users to easily use round and hex bits
• Has a battery for life replacement program and a 10year motor warranty which assures users of its durability.

CONS- (Rockwell RK2853K2)

It is slightly heavy and not well balanced

Why this may not be a problem
The weight of the drill does not in any way compromise its efficiency and performance. Though users might be worried about handling it for so long, as long as it has the capacity to handle a job flawlessly, the weight may not really matter.


Since wireless drilling machines have gained so much ground and have become the prized possession of most tool users, we hope you get the one that best fits your work specification and go for it. Remember, it is not about how small it looks or how expensive it is, good drills are good drills, and these are our top choices.

Hope this review would help you make a better choice of a wireless drill, rechargeable drills sale, rechargeable drill, wireless drilling machine, best wireless drill, wireless hand drill, best rechargeable drill

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