Are you tired of plastic and metal clothes rack that are unattractive, bend and even change shape when you pile on your clothes? Bended racks affect how presentable and attractive your clothes look so if you need something that serves you better you should consider getting wooden clothes rack.
It is ideal for the heavy clothing items that you want to hang and also distributes the weight evenly. Unlike other racks, they are not slippery and keep your clothes from sliding to the floor. They are retro and professional looking, durable with a sheeny finish and perfect for all kinds of clothes. If you need a wooden clothes rack, check out the painstakingly gathered and reviewed overall best below.




Pennsylvania Woodworks Clothes Rack

Pennsylvania Woodworks Extra Large Wooden Clothes Drying Rack wooden clothes rack

This clothes rack is made of hundred percent hardwood. It is sixty inches tall when it is expanded and it is ideal for hanging clothes, towels, sweaters, blankets and other materials. I noticed it is collapsible and can fit into tight corners and spaces. It allows your clothes air dry for that extra freshness so you can put it outside or on a patio or deck to dry your clothes. If you like the clean and fresh smell that comes with sun drying rather than machine drying then I am sure you will enjoy this wooden clothes rack.


● Why would you want to settle for plywood when you can get this heavy duty hardwood? This one also comes in maple which is famous for Its durability.

● It is tightened with 3/4-inch dowels to give it that wobble-free stability.

● It is great for all kinds of clothing, whether towels, jeans, towels, and shirts.

● When expanded this large rack gives you 42 ft of extra drying space.

● It is smooth-grained as well so it’s good for delicate clothes and can hang blouses, bedspreads & many more.

● This wooden clothes rack can collapse to compact size for storage and even though it is large when expanded when files you can keep it in any laundry room, closet or corner.

● It was hand-built in America so it features that original American craftsmanship so you can expect it to last for a long time.



● It is quite heavy so a small person cannot handle it at all.

● It is extra large so I advise that you check the dimensions if your space is not enough.



Segarty Multi-Purpose Wooden Clothes Rack.

Segarty Multi-Purpose Bamboo Clothing Garment Rack Heavy Duty –Portable Coat & Shoe Clothes Rack -Clothes Hanger Stand with 2 Tier Shoe Shelves and Laundry Basket, Easy to Assemble wooden clothes rack

Is your house running out of enough space for large wardrobes? Are you trying to find ample space to dry your washed clothes? If you are wondering how and where you can begin organizing your clothing, shoes & other accessories, and even how to do so smartly with your when limited space then I recommend this rack because it is quite a practical solution to your problems. Apart from giving you more space, It is suitable for bedrooms, dorm rooms, apartments and laundry rooms with small storage space.


● This wooden clothes rack was designed to give you stability, even when it is loaded with clothes.

● It is easily assembled and all the tools and accessories and provided.

● It can help you reduce clutter and find your belongings quite easily.

● It has a laundry basket that is able to store lots of laundries and can also be used as a storage organizer multipurpose rack.

● It is made of natural bamboo which is friendly to your environment and can help your closet look beautiful and organized.

● This wooden clothes rack is portable and can allow you move it from room to room or even outside.

● It has a 2 tier shoe rack that allows you store your bags, shoes, boxes, and other accessories.


● If you put it in wet areas the bamboo will get moldy and not look pleasant.

● The laundry basket is too small and cannot keep many things.

● Its top hanger might sway slightly if you overload it as a result of its assembly.



 Prince Hanger Wood Colour Coated Steel Rack.

Prince Hanger Premium Wood 2tier Hanger / Wood Color Coated Steel wooden clothes rack

Designed to be strong and break-proof, this wooden clothes rack feature metallic stands but wood color coated. It is designed to very strong while giving the feel of a wooden rack. It is very easy for you to install and unlike some others, this one does not require any tool at all so if you are not the handy kind you will love it. It is sturdy and organizes your clothed well, it is light and easy to move so you can move it around your house and I noticed that you can customize it to suit your taste and it is good for your floors and carpet so you do not have to worry about it snagging it or giving it marks.

● This rack is ideal for many kinds of clothing, whether it is your towels, jeans or towels.

● It is quite smoothly grained which means that your fragile clothes will be safe to hang with it.

● It is constructed to give you complete stability, even when overloaded with garments.

● This wooden clothes rack is portable and can allow you move it from room to room or even outside.

● It is easy to assemble and does not require any tools at all for assembling.

● It helps you to reduce clothing clutter and also find your garments quite easily.


● It kind of takes time to get it assembled and sturdy enough to overload.

● They are not great for floors that can snag or for delicate carpets.




IRIS Metal Rack with Wooden Shelf.

IRIS Metal Garment Rack with Wood Shelves, White and Light Brown wooden clothes rack

Just like “PRINCE RACK” above, this clothes rack is built with metal frames for durability, and designed to look and feel like wood. It also features a wooden shelf. The wooden clothes rack /shelf gives you a satisfactory closet solution for confined spaces. The inbuilt wooden shelf located at the bottom is ideal for keeping your shoes or folded clothes and the 2-foot wide space provides ample space to keep your clothes. From my experience, it is available in a white frame and lights brown wood even a black frame and dark brown wood. You can even match and mix the clothing racks to customize your closet organization. It is easy to assemble and it weighs 22 pounds.


● Because of its portability, this wooden clothes rack allows you move it around or even take it outside.

● This efficient clothing rack gives you an easy remedy to clothing storage in tiny spaces.

● The wooden shelf on the bottom of the rack is great for storing shoes, folded clothes, accessories, and more.

● It is created to give you sturdy stability, even when filled with clothes.

● It has an angled frame which keeps your clothes from continuously hitting the wall, and also gives a strong base so your rack will not tip over.

● This wooden clothes rack is easy to assemble and it comes with all included parts.


● You need to know how to use a screwdriver to be able to assemble it.

● Be careful when tightening the screws or they will spoil.

● Attach the shelves with care or risk frustration.

Wooden garments rack extends the longevity of your clothing as unsightly points and creases are eliminated. When other racks get out of shape, it stretches and disfigures your clothes but a wooden rack will not do that. They do not bend under weight so no stress will be placed on the material of your clothes and will make them look presentable. A wooden clothes rack gives your room a polished and sleek look to make it refined and classy.